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Best Cheap Hoverboards 2019 – The Ultimate Guide

This is one of the new great pieces of technology that has come around in the past few months or so. These things called hoverboards are really fun to ride around and they make for a great mode of personal transportation too; they are convenient, fun, look good, and don’t have to be expensive either. We are here to talk about some of the different hoverboards for sale.

Now, let’s get something straight though, as cool as it would be if there was an authentic and real hoverboard for sale to the public. The only real hover technology is owned by the military and really high-end technology companies, otherwise, it’s just way too expensive for the average Joe to buy. That being said there are some really cool gadgets with wheels that are being called hoverboards, maybe in the hopes that someday they will actually be able to hover around. The point is that these things are more like a mix between a Segway and a skateboard, and we are here to tell you where you can get some of the best Segway boards cheap.

These wheeled contraptions have also been known by the name of a self-balancing scooter; they’re fun and can be quite affordable too because we’re here to tell you about some of the cheapest self-balancing scooters out there. And not only are they cheap but they actually function really great too.

What is a hoverboard?

For those of you that may not know let’s just talk about exactly what these hoverboards are in case you are unfamiliar; they are actually pretty neat and innovative. The hoverboard or self-balancing scooter is like a sideways skateboard where you stand with your feet at shoulder-width apart and face forward, it also has 2 wheels, one on each side. You can see why it’s kind of like a Segway in the way that it looks; it just doesn’t have the pole in the middle with the hand-operated controls. The hoverboards are operated by leaning and the user’s feet.

The history of the hoverboard

Ok, so like we’ve said these hoverboards technically don’t hover so using the words History of the HoverBoard may be a little misleading but with this we are also implying that the hoverboard has a definite future, it’s just a matter of time until really expensive fantasies become real and the boards actually begin to lift off of the ground.

The hoverboards that exist for the consumer market today got their beginnings just a few years ago when a number of small tech start-ups began producing these neat little personal transportation machines and they have just begun to really take off in the world of men. I guess you could also credit the Segway as well as the makers of the original skateboard with being inspirations for what is now known as the hoverboard.

The only other history that the hoverboard really has are the fantasies of movies like Back to The Future where the mad but loveable scientist create a working hoverboard that Marty McFly used to help save the day. Don’t worry though because these horribly animated sci-fi movie fantasies won’t be fantasies for much longer! For now, we are here to review some hoverboards and help you find a cheap Segway board.

A quick hoverboard tutorial

Let’s quickly just go over how a hoverboard works and what to generally expect when you get one. These things are often battery-powered that can be recharged with an automated voice that will tell you when the battery is low. Most of them can run for about an hour depending on the battery and will take a few hours to fully charge. One of the things you will definitely want to look out for is what kind of battery you get because the power can vary quite greatly.

Most of them can go anywhere from 15-30 km per hour, and they are operated by leaning and shifting one’s body weight in the direction that you want to go. These things may seem like a toy but don’t be fooled, you should probably wear a helmet and if you enjoy a drink you should be aware that riding one of them under the influence can definitely get you a DUI. So, while getting yourself a cheap hands-free Segway just keeps in mind that you still always need to be safe, even when you’re having some gold old fun!

Where to get the cheapest hoverboards

The hoverboard price is, of course, something that you will be looking for because unless you fell back into a pile of money you do have bills and rent to pay after all. Everybody wants to have fun but finding a decently priced hoverboard for sale is always great, not to mention when they are the hoverboards we are going to be talking about because they look great too and they function even better. Now, it’s going to be hard to find a good, reliable and most of all cheap hoverboard in any old store in your local downtown area; one of the best places to go is, in fact, Amazon.com; they have everything and that includes great and cheap hoverboard Segways.

Best Cheap Hoverboards

So, here we are finally, now it’s time to talk about a few hoverboards that are out there on the market and just what exactly they can do. There are many great choices to go with that are very affordable and still, work really well too. We are here to review some cheap hoverboards that are the best possible options for you to buy, let’s get started!

Cheap hoverboards reviews

Two Wheels Smart Self Balance Drifting Scooter Board Electronic Mini Unicycle

This is the first of the hoverboards with wheels for sale that is quite affordable and still works really well too. Like I said these things are really fun to zip around on and are actually a lot easier to get the hand of then you would think. Trust me, I’ve never been good with skateboards or balancing my weight in general but these things are surprisingly easy to master. This product is very affordable and still works really well too. It looks fantastic as well! The sleek white paint with black accents makes it look very modern and stylish indeed.

It may not look too big, strong and sturdy, but it actually is because the whole thing weighs 27 pounds so you know it has some weight and stability to it. Not to mention that it can actually carry 120 kg or just over 250 pounds; it can actually handle some serious weight! And like we said, something to pay attention to is the type of battery that you get, in this case, there is a 36-volt Lithium-ion battery which will ensure quick charging and very long-lasting battery life.

The only downside to this cheap hoverboard is that it can only go 10 km per hour which means that it’s obviously not one of the fastest models out there. However, it does have a really great tilt radius which makes its maneuverability really outstanding and the LED lights light up the ground around the hoverboard to make the obstacles really stand out. Overall this is a great choice for anybody looking for a cheap hoverboard for sale.

Mini Smart Self-balancing Two-wheel Electric Scooter

This is another great option for people that want to get one of these hoverboards for an affordable price. The Mini Smart Self-balancing Electric Scooter with LED Light can hold quite as much weight as the previous model, only 110 kg or 220 pounds, on the other hand, it is actually quite a bit faster than the previous model. This thing can go up to 15 km with the speed contain on for a bit of safety. And without the speed contain on it can actually reach up to 20 km per hour on a full battery charge. And as the name of the item describes it also has built-in LED lights which add a bit of safety for the rider because it lights up the ground around the Mini Smart Scooter so the rider can see the obstacles in the way.

That being said the Mini Smart Self-balancing Scooter has a great battery because uses a lithium battery with a maximum power of 1000 Watts when the speed contains is off, not to mention it takes very little time to charge; only a couple of hours! This battery also lets this hands-free Segway go pretty far too because depending on the riders weight and ground conditions it can go for an astonishing 20 km before it needs to be recharged! It’s a really neat item to get and it’s affordable too, not to mention the slick red color makes it look really sleek and spiffy; it makes for a great Christmas or birthday present for any person. This product makes for a great way to get around in style and have some fun while you are doing it.

ForTech Two Wheels Mini Smart Self Balancing Scooter  

This very affordable self-balancing personal transportation device will really stick out to anyone who sees it and will make you stand out for sure because the sleek black design makes it look really modern and even futuristic; it looks really cool! Of course, we know that looking cool isn’t the only thing that is important and that’s why we chose this particular model, it doesn’t only look cool but it functions well tool; for the price, it’s really almost a steal! The Adopt High capacity lithium battery lasts for a really long time and provides the motor with 500 Watts of power. It only takes 1 hour to charge which is really fast and that 1 hour gives it the power to do a full 15 km per hour so you can have some real fun!

One of the really great features about the ForTech Two Wheels Mini Smart Self Balancing Scooter is that it has a really long run time as it can go for a full 25 km before it needs to be recharged so you can actually go for a nice long adventure with it; it’s not just a toy it really is a transportation device. And talking about being adventuresome this machine is great because the 8-inch super grip tires make it very easy to traverse all kinds of terrain so some gravel or grass won’t slow you down!

It’s also really good because it’s meant for both children and adults to use because it’s really simple to learn and the rubber foot grips ensure that you won’t just fall off, not to mention that as the title implies it is self-balancing so no one is going to get hurt; as a safety precaution you or at least your children will probably still want to wear a helmet and some knee pads. None the less this is a great option for anybody and it makes a great surprise for anybody to find under the Christmas tree!

MonoRover R2 Electric Mini Two Wheels Scooter

This is the fourth and next hands-free hoverboard that we are going to be reviewing and it’s another great option of course or else it wouldn’t be here; it’s the MonoRover R2 review. If you want to spoil yourself or a special somebody then this is a fantastic option for any occasion or no occasion at all.

One of the first things that need to be mentioned is that this model is very safe because it has a self-balancing system that means even the youngest and most amateur of riders can ride the MonoRover R2 Electric Mini Two Wheels Scooter safely and not get hurt because the technology makes sure that they won’t fall over. Not only is there some great technology in place to keep everybody safe but it also has special anti-slip rubber foot grips to make sure that no feet whether big or small slip off by accident while they are having fun zooming around.

The battery provides some great power too because of this model, the MonoRover R2 Scooter can actually go uphill on an incline up to 15 degrees so you can really take this thing out for a nice adventure. Not only that but it reaches a top speed of 12 km per hour so it can actually go pretty fast. It can even drive for a full 25 km before it needs to be recharged and being able to go far is pretty important when you’re trying to run errands or just getting around for some fun.

Charging the battery is done really quickly by the way; it only takes slightly over an hour before the charging is complete. Even when you aren’t riding it and you just feel like carrying it you can easily hold it in your arms because it has a really lightweight of just over 10 kg or 20 pounds! The MonoRover R2 Hoverboard is really great for anybody of the age 14 and up; girls and boys alike will really love this neat toy and recreational vehicle, even adults will get a real kick out of it.

Smart Balance Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter

This is the fifth and final self-balancing scooter or hoverboard that we will be reviewing today and it’s a really affordable one so you won’t have to empty your bank account to get this; you can buy more than one Christmas present this year! Anyway, this electric self-balancing board is a fantastic model to get. One of the reasons is because it looks especially cool; it has a sleek white design with bright blue accents that really make it stand out and look out of this world!

Something that is also really great about this is that even though you may think that the foot grips may only look good being blue and all, but they are actually special anti-slip foot grips to make sure that the rider stays securely in place.

The whole thing is quite small so it is portable and easy to carry around when you aren’t riding it not to mention that it’s made of a very light rubber metal alloy which is also very durable, scratch resistant, and it’s just very strong overall. It has a very good top speed of 10 km per hour and can carry a very impressive 120 kg or 245 pounds so even the biggest of men can ride the 2 Wheels Smart Balance Wheel Scooter with comfort and ease. It looks good, it can go fast, it holds a lot of weight, and is very durable too; the 2 Wheel Smart Balance Hoverboard is an excellent choice for anybody no doubt!

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a cheap and affordable hoverboard for you or any of your friends and family then any of these 5 choices would make a great gift. They are fun to zip around on, are very useful, convenient and easy to ride, and they make you look really modern and futuristic.

While they aren’t quite as futuristic as the movies like Back to the Future make them seem the concept is just dawning and the real hoverboards aren’t that far off. However, there are many great and affordable choices in terms of cheap self-balancing hands-free Segways so you should try one of them today! Just make sure that you get the one you want and pay attention to the specifications things like the top speed, weight capacity, battery type, battery life, and how long it takes to charge it. Also, pay attention to some of the safety features like the LED lights and special anti-slip foot grips.

And there it is, now you know everything you need to know about hoverboards and you can make an informed decision about the right cheap and affordable hoverboard to get this holiday season! Good luck!

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  • Buying this hoverboard will allow you to get a very fun board that is easy and safe for beginners to use. Even if you aren’t incredibly confident in your balance, you should be able to use this hoverboard to its full potential. You see, this makes use of a special self-balancing technology that helps you stay on the board. This means that you’ll have fewer falls and you’ll just be able to enjoy your time using the board.

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