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Best Hoverboards 2019 – Buying Guide & Reviews

So if you’ve managed to make your way here then it’s probably because you want to buy a hoverboard with wheels, and nobody can blame you because they are really cool. They are a really new invention even though they have existed for a long time in the minds of sci-fi fans. Although the best mini segways are rare and hard to find without guidance.

We are here to give you some info on the long awaited hoverboard the history, what they are, and where to buy one. We even have some reviews of the best hoverboards that you can get today. This is a really cool topic because it’s one of those new and innovative things that some genius is trying to create and let me tell you this; these geniuses are definitely on to something fantastic! Let’s get right into the journey of finding the best hoverboard – for your needs! Let’s jump right into it!

What is a Hoverboard?

The first thing we are going to be talking about is just what exactly a hoverboard is. I mean we’ve all seen “Back To The Future 2” where the hoverboard is a main staple. Ever since that movie came out people have been trying to come up with their very own hoverboards but up until just very recently no one has really been able to make them work. There are a few reasons for this and one of the main reasons is that it’s just really hard! It’s really expensive to make a personal transportation device that flies off of the ground; like the only other place you find that kind of technology is in the military with their hovercrafts and Harrier Jets.

Even though a hoverboard can be considered a personal transportation device many people may still be wondering about one little thing; Are hoverboards real? And the answer to this is YES, they are definitely real, hoverboards are as real as apple pie or bicycles. In simplest terms a hover board would work or does work in theory by taking in air through the top or the sides and projecting it out the bottom hard enough at a controlled level to keep the board afloat for a sustained period of time, and all of this while also being able to move forward and steer.

The thing is that hoverhoards are very exclusive and the hover boards that everybody pictures in their mind like from back to the future are hardly available to the public yet, and if they were they would be quite expensive. However there are some special little peeks into the future that are available to the public. Such things like hoverboard scooter, smart balance scooter, mini segway, two wheel self balancing scooter, and hands free segway are as close as we get a Back To The Future hoverboard as of now.

History of the hoverboard

I know that the idea of a hoverboard still seems a little or even extremely far-fetched to most but based on how far technology has come in the past 25 years it’s not at all unbelievable and there are definitely real life hoverboards. To be honest there isn’t really that much history behind the hoverboard aside from the stuff that has come out of science fiction movies and children’s cartoons such as Back To The Future and other movies that are set in the future.

However about 1 year ago there was actually a Kickstarter campaign launched by Hendo, a new age technology company. The Hendo Hover Board is still in its early days but the technology is there for sure, it’s only a matter of time before a genuine Back To The Future Hoverboard comes out and is affordable for the public. For now the public will have to be content with some other very cool options that we’re going to talk about here in just a little bit.

So… Where can I buy the best hoverboard?

Well, right now the best place you could get the best hoverboard would be at a high tech store or even better would be to go online on Amazon or other websites like that. One thing that can be said is that your best bet for something like a scooter would be to buy the hover online to get it quickly. It should be noted that they aren’t as easy to ride as they look and the price is about the same. You also might be wondering “How Much Does A Hoverboard Cost?”; they aren’t cheap but once you get the technique down it’s a great ride. For a couple hundred bucks it’s a really smart personal transportation device investment for anybody to make.

What are the Best Hoverboards?

Alright, so we’re here to actually review some of these items we’ve been talking about and it is time to get to just that. We have a great selection of 5 different self balancing scooter (also known as a mini segway, hands free electric scooter, hoverboard segway, and balancing scooter, two wheel electric scooter and much more). Let’s get to it! 

Best Hoverboard Reviews

RioRand Two Wheels Mini Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter Review

This is today’s theme and these little things are great they are self balancing scooters that require no hands to operate and they are really fun to use too. The 2 Wheels Smart Self Balance Scooter is a really great thing to get any kid for a birthday or Christmas present and I’m pretty sure that older folks will love this too because it’s not only fun, it’s really convenient too.

Let’s talk about it a little bit. The 2 Wheels Hoverboard has self balancing technology so that you no longer have to do the work; it balances for you and is very easy to handle, just lean in the direction that you want to go!

If you think that these things might be slow or clumsy then think again because it actually has a top speed of 15 km per hour, and that’s only with the container on! Without the containment tool it can reach a top speed of 20 km per hour. The same goes for the power output; without the container it reaches 1000W power output.

Just for safety there is also a Power Switch that turns on LED lights that stay on the whole time and shine under the bottom of the hoverboard and out of the front just to ensure passenger safety. It of course comes with a charger for when the battery gets low and it comes with a manual too. This is a great gift to get anybody or even for yourself so you can just have some fun with it! Most definitely one of the best hoverboards out there!

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Outtop Two Wheels Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard Review

If you want to have an adventure but you don’t really want to walk around too much then you can always get yourself the Outtop Two Wheels Hoverboard and have a really fun time by yourself or with other people too.

The Outtop Two Wheels Self Balancing Electric Scooter has some really cool features like the bottom and front lights that glow when the machine is on so that there is a certain measure of safety involved; lights are good so that you can see what’s going on around you. It comes in black and is brand new in the box.

It has a really great tilt from maximum control, tilting from a 10 degree angle to a -30 degree angle. Not only that but with the contain it can go 15 km per hour and without the contain it can go a whopping 20 km per hourso you can feel the wind in your hair. It works great in all weather conditions too, being able to withstand temperatures of up to negative 30 degrees.

The Outtop Two Wheels Mini Segway also comes with a friendly voice that alerts you as to your power level and when your battery gets low you can use the charger that comes included to juice it up again. Looking for the best hoverboard, this might be the perfect pick for you. :)

It’s a really cool item to get and soon enough these items will be just like the real hoverboards in Back To The Future; this version of a hands free segway is really awesome! The only thing they need to come up with is a hovering segway.

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DDLBiz Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooter Review

The next stop on our 2 wheel balancing scooter tour is the DDLBiz Two Wheels Smart Scooter, this hands free electric scooter is one of the best mini segway on the list indeed. It’s fun to play with and convenient to use.

As all of the hands free scooters have this product has excellent handling and maneuverability specially designed for increased versatility and user friendliness. It also has the improved self balancing control so you or even worse your child doesn’t fall off of it and injure themselves; it’s easy to lean too far in one direction but with this safety precaution in place all will be fine.

To make things even better it has an extra-long lasting 158WH Lithium battery that will last for an extra-long time and requires minimal recharging. This battery powers the DDLBiz Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard to go at speeds upwards of 15 km per hour. There is also a special setting which allows you to achieve an even higher top speed of 20 km per hour!

There is also a specially designed power switch LED light that provides a certain level of safety to the rider so that they can see obstacles in your way. Not to mention it has a built in voice alert in case your battery runs low, in which case you can use the included charger to charge it up in a flash; the only thing quicker than charging the DDLBiz Two Wheels Smart Scooter is riding it! And we don’t have to say that it looks really sleek too!

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Swagway Self Balancing Electric Scooter Smart Skateboard Review

Ok, so this is probably my absolute favorite balance scooter or hands free scooter out there; one of the reasons being because the bright red color makes it looks really snazzy, but an even bigger reason is because this particular model is extra customizable and super fast as the title description may imply.

The Swagway Self Balancing Electric Scooter Smart Skateboard is truly amazing because it features 0 degree turning which means that with this fine personal transportation device you can turn on a dime and have absolutely no problems maneuvering in tight spots; it’s built for versatility! And if you think that’s all then think again because it can even climb up a 15 degree incline, something that most others cannot do.

Now, what is really great about this particular 2 wheel balancing scooter is that is much faster than the rest out there; fully charged it goes at a speed of 25 km per hour and that’s only with the container on; without the speed container on it can go up to 32 km per hour and that’s really fast! Don’t worry though because it goes fast but it is very safe too as it has been certified by U.S. brand. FCC, RoHS, CE, WERCs, Prop65, and UN38.3.

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EROVER Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooters Review

This is the last stop on our review train of hands free Segways and scooters and it has been quite a fun journey not to mention quite a colorful journey too; we’ve had white, black, and red too, and now on our final stop the EROVER Self Balancing Electric Scooter is a beautiful bright blue color that is really eye pleasing.

This particular version of the hands free scooter has great versatility and speed as well as with the contain on it can go 15 km and without the contain it can reach a maximum speed of 20 km per hour on a full charge. And speaking of the battery when this EROVER Hoverboard is low on battery the automated feature will tell you so out loud and direct you to get the charger that comes included and plug it into the wall.

Another thing that makes it really great is that it has an amazing tilt from front to back as it can go from 15 degrees to negative 30 degrees so that the rider can go anywhere they; not to mention that it can turn on the spot or on the dime as they speak.

This is a really great and cool toy as well as a transportation device; it can go fast and it looks cool too. The EROVER Two Wheels Hands Free Segway is definite choice for my top 5 list of best hoverboards!

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As you can see while the future or Back to the Future as I should say has not come to pass yet in terms of fully functioning hoverboards that are available to the public but between some of the great hands free segways and 2 wheel balancing scooters out there are a lot of really cool choices. They are soon to be hoverboards and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the future isn’t too far away after all. These nifty machines go fast, are versatile, are fun, and relatively safe as well. It’s a cool investment and I’ve ordered a few for the upcoming christmas, and you should too!

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  • It is no news that some cases of hoverboard explosions marred its use and general productivity when it first came out, cases of hoverboards exploding in different instances both while in use and when being charged. If you want to get a hoverboard, ensure you go for one that has been guaranteed as safe and the best way to do that is to buy from dealers that have some level of credibility. All our hoverboards discussed above have been reviewed and inspected for safety, so you are covered.

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