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Best Hoverboards for Kids 2020

For many parents, all parents, a child’s happiness means a lot. Parents always look for different and effective ways to keep their children happy. One of the many ways to keep your child smiling is to purchase for them the best hoverboards for kids. Kids love the outdoors especially when they are on holiday such summer or winter holidays. You can also make kids enjoy their weekends by getting them a hoverboard that they can ride and showcase to other kids.

In this review, I will give you the best guide ever of how to choose a kid’s hoverboard that will excite your kids as well as keep you happy. The review will focus on how well prepared you should be before hitting the market for the best hoverboard for kids. Two products have caught my eye from the many available in the market and I will be telling you just how amazing they are. If you find my review of these products helpful then you should head straight out and purchase them.

Things to consider before buying hoverboards for kids

I chose to include this part before reviewing the products because it is very crucial to go out there fully aware of some of the important factors to bear in mind before buying hoverboards for kids.

1. Children safety

This is the most crucial thing for your child! Before letting your child go out there to enjoy themselves, it’s always important to keep in mind their safety. This also applies when you are trying to get them the best hoverboards. In as much as they might enjoy these rides, it’s also imperative that their safety is guaranteed. Therefore, look out for a hoverboard that meets all safety standards and comes with safety gear like helmets and kneepads.

2. Age specifics

Some hoverboards will specify the right age for a particular product and it’s very important as a parent to identify with this specification. If however an age limit is not specified, it’s your duty as a parent or guardian to put your common sense to the task and choose a hoverboard that meets the age of your child.

3. Maximum Speed

If your child has never been a rider before it is very important to note the speed at which they ride. The best hoverboard for kids should have a maximum speed of 10-12km/h. Of course for very young kids 5km/h will do the trick. You can increase the speed according to your kid’s experience but, you only should decide on this matter, not your child.

4. Tires

Just like in motorbikes and adult two-wheel electric scooters, rubber tires offer smoother rides and do not wear out quickly. When shopping online for the best hoverboards for kids go for the ones with big rubber tires. This will ensure your children enjoy their ride in different terrains without problems. Rubber tires will also last longer than the plastic ones.

5. Dimensions

Proportions of the kid’s hoverboards are essential for the comfort your child will experience while enjoying their ride. These dimensions will play a crucial role especially when your kid is going around a bend or down a slope. The dimensions also dictate the weight that can be supported by a given hoverboard.

6. Battery life

One of the things that will make your child’s hoverboard ride enjoyable is the battery life. Long battery life means your child will have a lot more fun. It also means the difference between going for a long ride and just using the hoverboard at home. Look for hoverboards with long battery life.

7. Other items

Other parts included with the hoverboards are also very important to consider. A kids hoverboard especially the two-wheeled products should at least come with helmets and kneepads. There are also other features like the long-lasting battery charger, and assembly tools if there are any.

8. Overall quality and brand

It’s important to look out for the quality of the materials used to fabricate the hoverboard. Quality brands have quality products that will ensure maximum fun and durability. If you are looking to find the best brand then you can head over to Amazon and find out what customers say about the many different brands.

9. Budget

Consider your financial situation before trying to purchase a hoverboard. Generally, kids, hoverboards may cost up to $600 a unit. You, therefore, need to have at least a minimum amount. Shipping services are great if you decide to shop online. Alternatively, you can wait for holiday offers especially on Thanksgiving or Christmas to get the best available offers and deals.

All these factors mentioned here are worth having a look at twice before you go into the market for a kid’s hoverboard. Remember not to confuse the adult units with the kid’s products. The adult two-wheelers are much heavier than the smaller kids’ units.

Hoverboards for Kids Reviews

This review will only cover two products for now. Many different hoverboards will work just fine for your children but, before then these two will give you a hint of what you are looking for, and perhaps you can also choose to go with them.

Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooter  Drifting Board Kids Hoverboard Review



This is a strong two-wheel scooter for kids that can also double as an adult transporter. Besides its somewhat lucrative look, this unit gives you and your child more than just an enjoyable ride. It has many positive reviews due to its ability to perfectly stand up against the stiff market competition.

This unit weighs in at just around 12kg and small children may find it hard to lift from one place to another. You may need to have this unit for much-grown teenagers who will not have a problem transporting it to the desired ground. But perhaps the weight does not mean anything negative if you can share this unit with the whole family. It’s not only limited to small children and adults in the family can enjoy the ride as well. You should not worry about breakages.

Its strong build also means it can carry up to a maximum of 120kg—that is the weight of a very well-built man. Caution should, however, be exercised on the maximum amount of weight exerted on the unit. Too much weight may mean the unit starts to rattle and may not move.

I love that the maximum speed is only 15km/h considering kids are sometimes thrilled with higher speeds which often result in accidents. It has a tilt angle of 15-30 degrees which makes going over hills very easy and comfortable. This also means that you do not have to worry about safety when the speed is that low. The turning radius is zero and makes it quite fun to ride in tight spaces. All you have to do is move your body like you are making a turn and the hoverboard will respond perfectly. It is very easy to learn if your kid is an amateur.

Apart from the slow speed limit another thing that makes this unit safe is the fact that it has a double balancing system that will keep your child in balance at all times and prevent them from falling—occurs especially when a kid cannot quickly grasp the riding techniques. The unit has LED lights at the front that come on when you switch it on. The lights are bright blue but may turn red if the battery is low and requires charging. The footpads are fitted with sensitive and intelligent motors underneath that respond to pressure to engage forward motion.

If you are looking to have fun with your kid over a long ride, then this hoverboard is for you. The battery charge lasts for an awesomely longer time. The fact that the unit charges for just about 2 hours are a real bonus especially when it can last for up to 30 miles. Your kid will love you for purchasing them this unit. The dimensions are well suited to the functions; measurements are given as 6.6 x 7 x 23 inches. Slightly large rubber tires provide the grip needed and mean you can go over small bumps. Burps may, however, prove tough to maneuver.

If this product fits your taste and you would like to purchase, I recommend you do it on Amazon because you will not only have numerous advantages like a money-back guarantee but the price is very fair. You can check out for Christmas deals later to purchase at a much lower rate.


  • Top Speed: 15 km/h
  • Max Travel Range: 30 miles
  • Max weight limit: 120kg
  • Climbing angle: 15-30 degree
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Device weight: 12 kg


  • Built-in LED lights
  • Sensor pads
  • Attractive look


  • No cons yet!

Mini Smart Self-balancing Two-wheel Electric Scooter Review   

This unit has quite a bright and impertinent look that will excite any kid. Kids love units that make them look cool and if your kid is one of those, then you have yourself covered with this slick electric scooter. You can also use this unit together with your kids under considered circumstances as you’ll see below.

This hoverboard weighs just over 29 pounds and maybe heavy for the toddlers. You can carry them yourself. But your 16-year-old son or daughter should not find this unit too heavy to handle. You can be of help on days that you are home. This unit has a lithium battery that charges for only 2 hours. The battery can last as long as 10 miles per charge.

The unit measures 26 x 10.6 x 10.6 inches which makes it large enough for a grown-up kid to ride comfortably. The maximum speed is about 15km/h and you can tilt it up to an angle of 15 degrees. However, this can only happen depending on the kid’s weight. Heavyweights can make maneuvering hard especially when making turns. The motors are very sensitive to force and make riding this unit easy and fun. Learning how to ride this unit is as easy as you can imagine and your kid will be good to go after just a few hours of learning.

The fire frame color makes this unit look amazing apart from what it can do for you. The price is quite reasonable if you buy it through Amazon. You can look out for holiday deals if you are looking to save a few bucks but I cannot stop you from shopping for your kid now!

                                      Check Price and Customer Reviews on Amazon


  • Top speed: 15 km/h
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Climbing angle: 15 degree
  • Device weight: 27 pounds


  • Safe to ride
  • Best for kids
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Less expensive


  • No cons yet!

JSROBOT Little Bear Smart Self Balancing 2 Wheels Electric Scooter For Kids Review

This is a typical two-wheel self-balancing scooter for kids that comes with safety gear to insist on child safety. However, besides cushioning your child from injury in case of an accident, it comes with s much more amazing features that make it worth having.

Because the role of any kids hoverboards is to maximize the riding fun and minimizing accidents, this unit has several features that will persuade you to buy it. For instance, your kids will love the little bear animation drawn on this unit. The color of the unit if you were to check on Amazon is currently yellow but you can get as many as 4 different colors. Small kids love a variety of colors and this unit gives that luxury to them.

The maximum speed is only 5km/h; typical for kids. This is a reasonable speed for small children that are yet to learn how to maneuver with electric hoverboards. This unit weighs 9.9 pounds making it very light for small children to carry it from one place to another. If your child faces any difficulties lifting the unit, then there is always a choice of buying them a much lighter scooter.

If you have a kid who loves the outdoors and is somewhat impatient you can charge the unit in just 2 hours and they will be out there once more enjoying their ride. The battery is 80WH thereby making this unit perfect for use around the compound. This way you can worry less about kids wandering far away from the safety of their home. Even with this, it’s never a bad idea to take your kids for a long ride since sometimes if fully charged, the battery can last up to a 10km range. The unit’s charger is standard and you shouldn’t worry if breakages occur since you can easily find a quick replacement.

Do not encourage heavier kids to hop on this hoverboard since it can only carry up to a maximum of 60kg—any normal kid under the age of 10 should be bellow this weight otherwise you may be dealing with an obese kid in which case you should see a pediatrician. The output power is 300w and there shouldn’t be any cases of electric shocks circuit blows.

The motors are sensitive and intelligent (Brushless DC) and respond to light weight pressure quickly and effectively prompting the unit to move forward. You should be always present to monitor the first learning steps for your children to avoid accidents. However, if you have an experienced child then it’s even easier for them to learn. The unit comes with a JC robot control system that makes it easy and safe to balance and control; especially for toddlers.

You should purchase your unit on Amazon to avoid delays and counterfeit products. The pricing per unit on Amazon is also very fair. You can check out for Christmas deals and offers if you want to get this unit for a much lower price. But if you can get it now, why wait?


  • Top speed: 5 km
  • Max Distance: 10 km
  • Max weight limit: 60 kg
  • Device weight: 9.9 pounds
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Battery: 80WH
  • Power: 300W


  • Made with high-quality material
  • Power casing
  • Comes with own JC robot system
  • Available in 4 different colors


  • No cons yet!


These three units reviewed here is what the best hoverboards for kids look like. I hope this guide becomes an inspiration to make your kids happy this coming Christmas by purchasing for them the best riding machines ever!

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