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Best Self-Balancing Scooter & Hoverboards in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Self-Balancing Scooter & Hoverboards in 2020

After a wide-frame of self-balancing scooter or hovers, a lot of people are complaining about the batteries getting short-circuited. Initially, it seemed like an isolated issue. but it becomes really common in an awful lot of hoverboards.
In early 2019, things got so out of the hands that CPSC announced the “Official recall of hoverboards”. CPSC is basically the Customer Product Safety Commission Of the United States.
The recall basically meant a half-million hoverboards units going back until they are fixed and sent back. This was recall was for the 8 main and famous manufacturers. And a combined number of 15 different models that were affected.

Top 5 hoverboards 2020 [Reviews Updated]

The boards that are present in the market now come with a message that these are safe and secure. And can be used without any issues.
For an average customer, finding the best hoverboard in the market can be very difficult, and considering how famous and popular hoverboards become. To solve that issue, we are going to talk about the best self-balancing electric scooter or hoverboards that are currently available in the market. These hoverboards are available from different companies that have different models. We have been told that choosing the best hoverboard has been a difficult task. because there is a wide variety of hoverboards is available in the market. As the early controversy surrounding these hoverboards, but we can assure that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the hoverboards that are available right now.

Halo Rover X – best Hoverboard in 2020


The most capable hoverboard on our list. We have the halo Rover all-terrain hoverboard. With high-density aluminum fender wings, large all-terrain tires, max weight of 265lbs. It comes packed with every feature and you would want into an amazing looking hoverboard. It even features No fall technology in the form of ride-assist which keeps the hoverboard upright and balanced at all times while it’s turned on. This hoverboard has the highest-rated customer reviews in the industry. It comes with a 1-year warranty and seller customer service. So not only you get superb quality Ul2272 certified hoverboard, but you can also back a great company that is willing to help you when you need it.

  • UL2272 certified
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Max speed of 10mph and range of 10miles
  • Dual 400watts motors
  • Water resistance.
  • Powerful LED headlights
  • No!cons

SWAGTRON T580 – Best in Terms of Features



Hoverboards are still very popular despite many people claiming that the fad is over. But we have something like SWAGTRON T580 in the market. This lightweight hoverboard is made with care. And ensuring that the user has the best possible experience while riding it. During my time with this hoverboard, I had a great time with it. The construction of the hoverboard was solid and I did not feel like it was going to break. Moreover, I love the fact that the user has access to hoverboard through the mobile app.
This hoverboard offers a very eco-friendly mechanism that means there’s no carbon emission and the buyer will get a smart and effective battery management system thanks to the patented Sentry Shield technology that ensures that the battery is managed properly and does not discharge unnecessarily. The following technology also ensures that the battery remains protected against fire or heat that was the case in some earlier models of hoverboards.
SWAGTRON T580 supports a weight of up to 220 pounds. Moreover, this hoverboard also comes with Bluetooth speakers so you can connect your device to play music. Not to forget, you can even connect your hoverboard with an app, that allows you to check the navigation, battery life and control the music while riding.

As far as the design and build quality of this hoverboard is concerned, the hoverboard can cover a distance of 8 miles on a single charge. In conclusion, the SWAGTRON T580 is really great hoverboard that does not let the minor inconvenience such as lower travel distance to hold down.

  • The eco-friendly mechanism provides no carbon emissions.
  • UL2272 certified
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Sentry Sheild ensures the battery is managed properly.
  • It offers IPX4 water protection.
  • Covers a distance of 8miles which is lesser than some other models available in the market.

SWAGTRON T6 – Best off-road hoverboard


SWAGTRON has been the leading company to make hoverboards for a while now. Seriously, I have not seen the same level of impressive hoverboards from any other company so far. And today, we are looking at the SWAGTRON T6, one of the very few hoverboards that are made for different types of terrains.
You will know that the company paid extra attention to detail. The hoverboard is made using quality material and looks very rugged. The hoverboard supports up to 420 pounds which is great.
This hoverboard comes with a built-in carrying handle, which allows you to take it anywhere you want. This hoverboard can speeds up to 12 mph and covers a distance of 6 – 8 mph. Users also get safety features as certified with UL2272 and Sentry Shield battery protection.

  • Speeds up to 12 mph.
  • Great for off-road.
  • Certified with UL2272
  • Sentry Shield Protection.
  • The price tag might concern some buyers.

Gyroor Warrior – Best Hoverboard for the families


Gyroor sells several models of hoverboards. The Gyroor warrior is one of the highest top rated hoverboard brands in the market right now. As the name suggests, this hoverboard is very powerful and can achieve an incredible speed even on rough and hilly roads. Moreover, it is available at affordable prices.

Gyroor has a lot of fantastic features. One of the most pronounced features is a sturdy and durable construction. It measures 8.5” inches and is design as an off-road device. It is Ul2272 certified and uses 700 watts motors which are quite strong and delivers a smooth ride on any type of terrain.

  • Powerful motors.
  • UL2272 certified
  • All-weather wheels
  • Robust materials
  • No! cons

XtremepowerUS hoverboard – Best for Kids


While the name of the hoverboard is certainly an odd one, but the good thing is that XtremepowerUS has been in the business for some time. And build some great models of hoverboard ineffective price range.
This board focuses on being very efficient and allows you to travel up to 6 miles on a single charge. And supports a maximum load of 200lbs. This hoverboard does not come with basic safety certification. But the surprising thing is the inclusion of LED lights. This is not a feature that you often saw in cheaper hoverboards.
The hoverboards really suffer on rough terrains which can be an issue for the people living in areas that are slightly rough. This is a great hoverboard if you want to buy it for your younger sibling or kid. It would be a great gift for him/her. The basic functionality is here, and it does not come with advance features such as water protection. This is not a bad hoverboard by any means. It’s just basic.

  • Less expensive
  • Range up to 7.5 to 9. Miles
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • LED lights
  • UL2272 certified
  • No water protection
  • Max weight is 200lbs
  • Not suitable for rough terrains