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Phunkeeduck self-balancing scooter review

Nowadays it is very difficult to find safe,original and certified hoverboards on the market. In the past, many hoverboards may cause the fire and some unwanted manners. Therefore the customers and authorized dealers are careful to sell and buy certified products. Due to these problems the US govt take action and warned to hoverboard manufacturing industries to certified their products under UL 2272 electrical system for self-balancing scooters. Phunckeeduck self-balancing scooter is one of them wich certified under UL 2272.

Phunkeeduck Self-balancing scooter review

An american(new york) based company Phunkee Tree provide phunkeeduck which was started by two youngsters phone accessories providers. This is one of the most advanced and unique self-balancing scooter on the market which makes a big impact in the evaluation of self- balancing scooters. Many stars, actors, athletes and popular personalities like phunkeeduck and riding on it, due to its high certified materials which used to invent the phunkeeduck. It is the best invent for self-transportation purposes to save money and time.

Features and specifications

The inventor added some cool features to make it unique from others in competition. Its cool feature is to carry about 300 lbs high weight, the phunkeeduk device weight is about 18 lbs which are lightweight than traditional hoverboards. Phunkeeduck can run with a high speed up to 12 mph and cover 10 miles long distance until the battery goes die. Included UL certified 4.4 AH powerful battery and full tested UL certified best charger which can charge the battery in two-three hours. The battery life is about 6 to 7 hours which is the greatest feature in phunkeduck because many peoples are disliked less battery life of boards. Included remote for lock-unlock and 20 degrees climbing capability which make it easy to use. Phunkeeduck has a powerful feet pad in which included gyroscope sensor system. The sensor helps to sense the load and balance. Lean forward and Lean backward are also the best feature in phunkeeduck. Available in eight rainbow colors wao amazing buy it and make it your Christmas gift.


  • device weight = 18 lbs
  • supported weight = 300 lbs
  • max speed = 12 miles p/h
  • long distance = 10 miles on a single charge
  • battery power = 4.4 ah
  • battery life = 6-7 hours
  • charging duration = 2-3 hours
  • climbing capability = 20 degrees
  • ul certified=yes
  • available in 8 rainbow colors=yes
  • light weight=yes

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