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Swagtron Twist Hoverboard – Review

Swagtron Twist Self -Balancing Scooter – Best for Kids

If you’re looking for an easy movement around your home, factory or floor, then self-balancing scooter known as hoverboard would be an awesome gadget for your use. Nowadays, these electronic gadgets are becoming common and faster you grab on for your use the better.

What is the best budget hoverboard? What you need to is that the well-known brands that make affordable hoverboards. Never buy the gadgets offered by the un-known producers, not only the product costs you more because it is more like to break soon. Moreover, gimcrack hoverboards are like to pose firs hazards and you may end up your ride with serious injuries.

Another considering factor is power. Hoverboard models that equipped with dual motors provide high-performance. Then look at the speed and how many miles it travels in one hour. The modern hoverboard can gain a speed of up to 15 mph. but these models are quite expensive.

So, if you’re not a professional rider or if you want to purchase it for your kid, then slower models will be a more reliable and durable option for you. generally, 7 mph speed is the golden mean. Therefore we believed that Swagtron Twist Hoverboard for kids meets this criterion.

In this post, we bring you the best Swagtron hoverboard model called Swagtron Twist remix.


The Swagtron Twist hoverboard is a self-balancing scooter powered by dual 250W powerful motors enveloped by 6.5” wheels. During the start-up, the hoverboard’s automatic wheels make it easy to mount. Apart from its classic design, the Swagtron hoverboard is certified with UL2272 to ensure electrical performance and quality charging.

Riders up to 200 pounds can glide over small cracks along the road and travel up to 4.8 miles per hour. And if love riding at night, then switch on the headlights to illuminate your path. With this Swagtron Twist, you can glide to class, cruise around with friends. Swagtron Twist hoverboard is a very sturdy and quality product. It works great.No charging issues, really well made and feels solid. This model is awesome to ride.initially you felt hard to ride and control it. But with a little bit of practice, you can ride it easily.

  • Max speed: 7mph
  • Travel range: 4.8 miles
  • Incline angle: 20 degrees
  • Device weight: 20lbs
  • Max Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Safety certification: UL 2272 approved
  • Lithium free battery
  • Learning mode
  • Startup self-balancing
  • Patended trademark battery protection system
  • Low speed
  • Short travel range
  • Not app-enabled
  • No Bluetooth