Hoverboards Reviews

XPRIT SBW – 666 Hoverboard W/Bluetooth Speaker

Head out with the family adventure with the SBW – 666 hoverboards. The SBW – 666 has a minimum weight requirement of 45lbs which is ideal for the kids of age 7. And maximum weight requirement of 165lbs which is ideal for adults. Everyone can easily master the hoverboard and easily ride within just minutes of practice.
It also provides the facility of built-in Bluetooth. So, pair up your phone and blast your favorite tunes through the built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker.

To ensure a more joyful and safe trip we recommended you to wear safety gear at all-time when riding.

Hoverboard parts:

Vibrant LED lights:

Long-lasting bright LED flashing lights are equipped on the wheels and fenders for more fun and a safe ride.

Solid-Rubber Wheels:

6.5″ inches non-slip rubber tires ensure you a long-lasting and safe ride in your home or outdoor adventures.

Classic Style:

Pick up your favorite color. The classic sharp design is available in five different colors.

UL2272 – Certified:

All of our electric scooters are made up of top quality materials that have passed stringent testing to validate the authenticity and secure operation.

  • Max Speed: 6mph; last about 45 – 75 mins
  • Battery charge Timing: 2 – 3 hours until fully charged.
  • Max Weight is 165lbs; Minimum weight is 45lbs.
  • UL 2272 certified.
  • Quick and easy hoverboard

It has a nice look, great quality, the right amount of sensitivity and great speakers with built-in Bluetooth features. You love playing music on it as you ride it around the house. Lights are great, the tread is great. This hoverboard is so easy to ride that anyone can learn how to ride it within minutes.

SBW – 666 hoverboard is extremely fast, that everyone couldn’t ride without supervision or a helmet. Its speed is so fast and the battery lasts a long time. This hoverboard is ideal for kids because of its speed. It’s not chrome so you don’t have to worry about the paint chipping easily. The Bluetooth connected immediately and it’s very loud. Let’s not forget about the LED lights OMG soo beautiful.

This is a fun and cool hoverboard. It’s so easy for us to play this product at once. After some practice, you can control it. The sound of built-in Bluetooth is very good and laud, very easy to connect with your cell phone. This hoverboard is so awesome. The colorful wheels and sharp design makes it more stylish to use.


Does it come charged?

Yes! It did come charged, lasted about 1 or ½ hour.

Will it blow up when charging it?

I left it on the charger for a long time, about a month, since it was not being used had no issues.

How do we connect Bluetooth?

Hold down the power button of your hoverboard for a few seconds.

Does it run well on the carpet?

This hoverboard runs well on any surface. My 9 year old loves it!!!

How long does it last?

About 4 hours without any break.