Airwheel AirBoard 1.0 Self-Balancing Board Review


The Airwheel Airboard 1.0 self balancing board is an incredible piece of art built with futuristic design. It is a joy to ride and makes maneuvering a cup of tea for anyone. This Airboard is not just for hitting the gym or riding in parks, it’s meant for full scale transportation and can take you anywhere in a dime while making the ride as enjoyable as possible.

This electric Airboard will change the way you travel to work, attend gym classes or even go to dates. It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that will ensure you never walk or jog to places you could go riding on an awesome self balancing vehicle. It offers so much for a very reasonable price range. In fact you will be surprised at just how cool the Airboard price is compared to what you are getting. It’s conveniently transported and carrying it around should not be a problem to any grown up.

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The Airboard 1.0 cheap self balancing board has a variety of amazing features that will attract anyone to buy it. With an inbuilt rechargeable 36V 4400mAh battery there is no limit to what you can do when onboard this electric vehicle. The unit weighs just a little below 10 kilograms and measures 22.9 x 7.3 x 7 inches. The futuristic design comes with LED display lights that come alive whenever you are onboard or while the unity is charging. The wheel diameter measures 6.6 inches.


This Airboard self balancing scooter has loads of fun for a wide range of riders. The age range is 10 plus years and can carry up to 140kg weight. This means that you and your whole family can ride on this unit anytime anywhere. No need to restrict children to small units that they don’t like and that they will eventually overgrow. The unit charges fast and within just an hour you will be up and running.

There is no limit to the fun since the fully charged battery can take you as far as 15 kilometers while riding on a speed of up to 16km/h. Don’t worry about falling off the Airboard since the pressure pad recognition lets you ride it just using your body. You can move forward by simply inclining your body forward and pressing your toes for maximum speed. Reversing is also very easy; just lean backwards slightly and the Airboard will reverse. To brake, simply incline further backward while adding a little more pressure with your heels.

With this hoverboard Airboard you can turn up to 360 degrees at the same spot without even fidgeting. It takes you just 5 minutes to get familiar with the board and start maneuvering around the neighborhood. Provided the laws of your town allow you to move on the streets, you can take this unit along with you to the mall for shopping. You can also use cycle paths or play around with the unit in parks and pavements.

With just a single full charge, you can take your fun ride with you for 10 miles before you may need to charge the unit again. The amount of time you can take with a single charge is approximately 1 hour although if you read a different Airboard 1.0 review (on Amazon for example) the time is slightly below the hour mark. The unit can easily be carried with one hand if you are an adult although it’s common sense that children under the age of 14 years cannot handle the weight with just one hand and may therefore require help.

Many Airboards in the electronic vehicles market are somehow on the higher side as far as price is concerned. This particular unit is surprisingly  cheap given what it is offering. You can find the Airboard for sale by visiting amazon.com or alternatively buy from the manufacturer’s site and certainly sure the price is not that high. However responsible driving is always encouraged when moving around traffic and if you can, stay away from busy highways to avoid accidents.


Not everyone will love every feature of this Airboard scooter and it’s totally understandable. The Airboard does have one or two shortcomings but nothing detrimental though. For instance, it would be very tough to go over a fairly large bump or even a burp if you encountered one on your path because the tires are just not made for that. The Airboard is therefore limited to certain terrains thereby hugely limiting your ride significantly.

Sometimes the unit may take more than an hour to charge but this is understandable especially if it has been around for quite a while. It also gets easily damaged if you hit a rock or a hard surface which will render the unit useless. You can however make full use of the perks that come with a new unit like warranties. Internal features may not be covered by warranties but then they rarely get damaged. When you want to buy Airboard scooters, it’s advisable to do a thorough research online for the best reviews around the product.


The Airwheel Airboard self balancing electric scooter was built with fun and adventure in mind. It incorporates just about everyone in the family from ten year olds to fully grown individuals. The riding experience is easy and fun. If you’ve heard terrible experiences with other electric Airboards then I want to tell you that this is something else, something made for those looking to get more fun with self balancing scooters. The built is really nice and you won’t feel embarrassed bringing it along in dates or camping adventures. You can get an Airboard for sale on Amazon where you can get a replacement in case of damage and are also assured of money-back guarantee.

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