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Best Cheap Electric Unicycles 2020 – The Ultimate Guide

Are you in love with electric unicycles? Are you looking for an electric unicycle for sale? Do you want a cheap electric unicycle? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then you landed at the right place and at the right time. I’m here to give you an insight on how to find the cheapest electric unicycles. I will also be suggesting a few products here that you can go to.

Electric unicycles have revolutionized the way things are done nowadays. They have changed the way we go shopping, how we attend gym classes, go to school, and most importantly how we enjoy the outdoor experience. However, there has always been a major obstacle when it comes to affording a unit for yourself. These small units are always overpriced making them look like an unaffordable luxury. Well, after reading this article you’ll have a different outlook about single wheel self-balancing scooters. Unlike many cheap electric unicycle reviews, this article will give you detailed reviews of individual products.

So, which is the best cheap electric unicycle?

First, it matters a lot where you buy your cheap balance scooter products. Some companies will sell you the same products at different prices; all they change is the name. You need to be aware of the different features for different products otherwise you risk being duped into buying something that won’t last. This article will attempt to cover each product as detailed as possible to make the process of choosing easy. Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the best electric unicycle cheap products.

New X3 Upgrade Self Balance Electric Unicycle Scooter

This Airwheel X3 unicycle brings you more than just a simplified outdoor ride. It has a nice solid build and comes with a color that would please anyone. It amazes me that we could even be talking about cheap and this unit in the same sentence—after all they say cheap is expensive, to mean that anything cheap is not worth consideration. Before we go deep into what it offers you as the rider, let’s first look at this airwheel X3 specs.

First, the unit comes in a nice package that contains the unicycle itself, a standard charger—one that can be used anywhere and be found easily in case you break the new one—one auxiliary belt, an extended nozzle (you could figure out what that is for once you buy this unit), and 2 training wheels to give you maximum balance if you are an amateur.

This X3 Airwheel weighs in at just 29 pounds and will therefore never give you trouble lifting with one hand. It has a pair of nicely constructed footpads that will respond to proper pressure and move towards the required direction. You don’t have to force anything too hard. The tire is rubber and inflatable, but you can be sure it’s quite strong and will carry you around for a very long time. I certainly think the Airwheel X3 price is flattering considering all these amazing features.

The single tire that will be with you at all times is large enough to help you maneuver through any terrain that doesn’t involve large potholes. You can also maneuver mini-bumps quite easily but burps and heavy bumps might pose a bit of a challenge. You should, however, ensure that you run maintenance practices to the tire as well as any other part of the unit. This will help you avoid unnecessary injuries through accidents. If you are just learning how to use the unit, you can use the two auxiliary wheels that will enhance your balance.

The unit has LED lights and a buzzer. The lights will light up once you turn on your unit and stay on unless this Airwheel unicycle runs out of battery power. The manufacturer of this product gives you very clear details of how the unit behaves when switched on for the first time. For instance, the Airwheel X3 will light up and beep once turned on. The LED light will turn on to indicate the battery level and that the unit is ready for use. When it tilts either backward or forward, just be a little patient until it resumes the upright posture.

The Airwheel X3 battery is one strong feature apart from taking just a few minutes (45 minutes to be exact; 30 minutes will give you an 80% charge) to charge, the battery power will last you 15 miles of an enjoyable ride. The unit has an LED battery level indicator that is demarcated in bars such that each bar represents a certain percentage. As the battery drains, so does each respective bar light go off. When the battery reaches 10% low, the buzzer beeps to warn you. When power completely runs out, the treadle will lower itself and force you to decelerate before the unit comes to a halt.

Apart from the powerful battery, you can never really complain about getting there late with this unit. The unit has a maximum speed of 15km/h. This is faster than walking and you will probably get to school or work faster than planned. However, there’s the little element of speed protection with this device that will hinder you from accelerating beyond 16km/h. This can be safe for people who love a slow-but-steady kind of journey but can be annoying as hell if you are a speed freak like me.

The Airwheel X3 unicycle will also protect you from sudden tilts beyond 45 degrees. The unit will slow down so as not to cause you any injuries—the main point is to keep you safe at all times and help you have an injury-free ride. There are however some things that this Airwheel X3 review will not mention—like the exact price for this electric unicycle. You can find an Airwheel X3 for sale on Amazon where I promise you the price is fair compared to what you are getting with this unicycle.

Check out the current price here!


One-wheel Self-balancing Scooter Ninebot One E+ Unicycle Review

This is one very fashionable Ninebot One unicycle with a futuristic design. I would perhaps say that you should not go any further looking for a single wheel scooter to take you places and still leave a great impression. This unit simply gives you what you need and one single look will tell you that it’s the one. It’s constructed so nicely that you’ll be surprised why the manufacturer sells it at such a low price. I was surprised as well.

The Ninebot One specs are pretty straightforward and nothing too complicated to understand. For instance, the unit displayed on Amazon is white, but I’m pretty sure you can find more variety if you decided to order one for yourself. It weighs in at around 39 pounds and you’ll never find it too heavy for your lean muscles. You can lift it with just one hand. It’s made of Magnesium alloy that gives it the perfect look that it exhibits.

You will certainly want to buy Ninebot One when you discover how fast you can go places. The maximum speed of this unit ranges from 18 to 22km/h. this is pretty fast for a single wheel scooter. You will certainly get there without getting late. You can say goodbye to getting late for dates or even classes. The Ninebot unicycle gives you an experience that lets you boast to the world as you soar on towards greater things.

The Ninebot electric unicycle has a powerful battery that is internally built and can last you ages of fun and excitement. The battery charges for 4 hours which to be honest is quite long if you are eager to get on your scooter and go places. But what’s 4 hours of charging if you can last 30 to 35km without having to worry about power? I would jump for this unit any day because it can take me to work and back with just a single charge. I have no idea why people still struggle with other highly-priced unicycles when there is a unit this cool.

The standard charger used to charge the unit is easy to find in case you ran into difficulties using the one you purchased with the scooter. It’s a 120W standard charger that will properly charge your 320Wh powerful battery. You can opt to leave the unit charging at night while you sleep because it saves you time. Consider keeping your Ninebot scooter fully maintained to avoid cases of malfunctioning and injuries through accidents.

The Ninebot electric unicycle will carry a maximum load of 110Kgand move smoothly across several terrains. The fairly large inflatable tire will climb over mini-bumps and fairly rough ground. It will, however, struggle to take you over exaggerated burps. It is easy to keep your balance with this unit since it is practically built to keep you balanced even in hilly areas—the maximum incline angle with this unit is 20 degrees.

The Ninebot One price is pretty fair for what you are getting. Some units are quite overpriced only to find out they don’t give the best ride ever. Plus this unit is flashy and if you are looking to leave your friends in awe, then you must purchase this unit as soon as possible. Head over to Amazon for a mixture of prices and great deals. It doesn’t get any better if you can find a great warranty and free shipping to wherever you are. I hope that this Ninebot One review becomes an inspiration to you when you go out next time to shop for an electric unicycle.

Fotowelt Self Balancing Unicycle Electric Scooter

This is a unit made to reflect functionality and a lot of things that make the ride with this scooter quite enjoyable. It looks pretty amazing if you are looking for that first impression from a product. It’s solidly built to reflect a futuristic design. To be honest the price is quite flattering and one will be forgiven if they crossed it out of the list without checking out the price first. It looks awesome to be categorized as a cheap electric unicycle. However, it belongs to the cheap category in unicycles. But that doesn’t mean that it’s a let-down in any way; wait until you see what it can offer you!

It’s a member of the Airwheel X series and belongs to the X8 class. This Airwheel X8 unicycle has some amazing features that make it quite superior among members of its category. It has a strong 170Wh capacity battery, LED lights that brighten your ride, a 360mm tire, and comes with a standard charger that can handle 110-220V.

These features are what make the X8 Airwheel scooter quite fancy and worth all the hype that comes with it. The battery is very powerful and only charges for about an hour. You can, therefore, worry less about wasting a good part of your day just getting the unit to charge. After you’ve charged it, you can glide with this Airwheel X8 unicycle for up to 23km. The maximum speed is 18km/h so don’t worry about the battery dying out on you before you cover a good part of the 23km.

The LED lights are very crucial when charging and also to indicate when you are running low on the battery power. Once you switch on this unicycle, the LED lights come on to indicate that the unit is fully functional. You can charge the unit if it’s not already charged before using it. Once you have had a nice ride and unfortunately the battery runs out, don’t worry about falling off the unit. The X8 Airwheel has low battery protection of up to 10% which means that once the battery drains out to this point, the unit will slow down before it stops. This will save you many injuries that you would otherwise incur if you had any other unit.

For speed freaks like me, I think we got ourselves covered with this scooter. 18km/h is pretty faster when you think about it. The maximum walking speed is just 5km/h—18km/h means I get to use this unicycle like a mini-vehicle with a single wheel. Also, you can go quite far with such a speed. For those who like slowing it down, do not worry because the unit will protect you against accidentally hitting the acceleration force. You are also protected against sudden tilting up to 45 degrees. You will rarely fall off the unit that easily.

Climb this X8 unicycle and feel as comfortable as you wish because the balance takes care of itself with the built-in intelligent chip that provides for maximum balance. Are you an amateur with no experience with unicycles? No problem, the X8 unicycle just takes a maximum of 20-30 minutes to learn. You can use the learning wheels to feel a little more confident with your learning process. After a few hours, you will be good to go and you can keep the auxiliary tires away. You can maneuver easily even in bus stations and subways.

Other advantages that come with this X8 Airwheel unicycle include the fact that it can carry a maximum load of up to 120Kg. This is quite ok if you are looking to bring your unit along for shopping or even if you are heavily built. You can bring it along anywhere by just lifting it with one hand because it’s only 10Kg in weight. It also has a safety handle for you to grab on when carrying it around. The footpads are made with super grip material and will not let your feet slip off during your ride.

So, how much is an Airwheel X8 unicycle? You ask, well, it depends on how you want to buy your scooter. The best way to purchase a unit is by going online for the best prices and reduced shipping fees. The X8 unicycle price is quite fair with what you are getting. Amazon has the best offers and prices. When to buy is actually up to you. It’s best to get your unit immediately or wait for special occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving to find the best deals online. I hope this Airwheel X8 review is a good companion as you head over to Amazon to shop for a unit.


So, I now hope you have an idea of what the best cheap electric unicycles are and are also aware of where to find them. I hope this article has been a great inspiration to get what you need from the market. I love unicycle and it doesn’t get any better if I can find them at very affordable prices. Unfortunately, I couldn’t include all the best cheap unicycles in this single article but you can hope for something soon.

Electric unicycles are a way to go if you are looking for outdoor fun. You get to do a lot of things by traveling with these units. You will never be held up in traffic and you can maneuver pretty much anywhere. Unfortunately, there is always the element of how cheap or how expensive can a unit be. I always get frustrated looking at different units that have the same specifications being sold at different insane prices. All manufacturers of these products do is twist the product names and sell you at different prices. You should stay informed before heading out there to get a unit for yourself.

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