Best Hoverboard Mini Segways Control And Technique

We waited a long time for it. But now it’s finally time! Mini Segways are now also available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With the development of new technologies, products are increasingly coming to the market that make our lives easier. Many dream of a hoverboard since the movie “Back to the Future”. Unfortunately, the technology is not (yet) ready for these boards to float. Several years ago, the first Segways came on the market. These were a real revolution back then. You may also have had the opportunity to stand on such a Segway before. However, these are still very expensive and hardly affordable for private use. This is changing now.

The hype surrounding these Mini Segways began, as with many other engineering novelties in the United States. This trend has now arrived in Germany. Occasionally you can already see the first hoverboard owners on the streets, which attract everyone’s attention.

The Technique Of Mini-Segways

The control of the Mini Segway works quite simply by shifting the body weight. At first this is still quite difficult, but after a short practice phase you have the feeling that you are controlling the hoverboard with your mind.
An electronic gyroscope measures the driver’s angle of inclination, while the electric scooter balances itself with the aid of a dynamic stability system. This is exactly how it works with the Segways, which you may already know. The base is covered with rubber to prevent it from slipping off. So you have to stop on wet roads. We drove the Mini Segway with a battery, which can be recharged again and again. Depending on the product, the range of the Mini-Segway is about 15km, until it has to be recharged. These hoverboards can reach about 15-20 km / h. If it gets dark, the additional LED headlights provide more security, on the other hand, but also a futuristic appearance. Thanks to its light weight, it can be taken anywhere.

Hoverboard, Self Balance Scooter, E-Board, Self Balance Board or Mini Segways?

In Germany, there is still no exact definition. In the United States, however, these boards are often called Hoverboard, or even Mini-Segway. These names will most likely also be established in Germany. Often they are also called “Self Balance Board” or “Self Balance Scooter”. In many product description also often the name “Two wheel scooter”. The term “Hoverboard” is familiar to most of the movie “Back to the Future”, which appeared in the years 1985, 1989 and 1990. In this film, it describes a board that floats above the ground and is used as a means of transportation. So far, the technology is still not today. Except for the hovering, these two boards have much in common and so a dream of many people finally comes true.

How dangerous are these Mini Segways?

As with cycling, skating, or inline riding, wearing a crash helmet is highly recommended. It can be achieved speeds of 20km / h. A fall on the head can be very bad for the driver at these speeds. It is also recommended to wear knees and elbow pads. To be seen at night, LEDs are installed to be seen by motorists. We do not recommend driving on busy roads. In addition, these Mini Segways are not recommended for toddlers.

How to control Mini Segways?

The control takes place with the help of the own body weight. There is no steering wheel such as bicycles. With a little practice, you have the feeling that you can control the board with your thoughts. For example, bending the body slightly forward will cause the board to start straight. The more you lean forward, the faster you drive. With a slight bending back is braked. Depending on the angle, the board brakes stronger or weaker. Changing the direction is determined by the load as well as the position of the foot. If you load the right foot, the board moves to the left. If you load the left foot, it moves to the right. This has the background that the outside wheel must turn faster than the inside wheel.

All this is done after a few minutes of exercise. The more often you drive, the more you do it automatically. For the Einstig we have written a few tips that will hopefully help you.

The advantages of a mini segway

Mini Segways have a lot of advantages. They are small, light and therefore handy and can be taken anywhere. For some hoverboards there are also hoverboard bags, which make transport even more enjoyable. With a speed of 15-20km / h it is also much faster than on foot. So the way to work, to the baker, to the school or to friends is much more pleasant. Unfortunately, only driving on private land is officially allowed. This board is far cheaper than a real Segway. The prices range from 200 € to 1500 €. For a Segway you pay about as much as for a small car. We had a lot of fun doing it when we drove it in our hoverboard test and were a real eye-catcher as this type of transportation is still pretty much unknown.

Where can I buy a hoverboard?

Amazon offers a variety of cheap hoverboards at unbeatable prices. Click on the following link for an overview of the boards on Amazon:

Mini Segways buy on Amazon.de *

If you want to buy a hoverboard, it is advisable to order this in an online shop, as they have a wider selection in the range, than shops. In addition, you should first read the reviews and read our hoverboard test, so you do not end up buying the wrong product. For example, our website is suitable for information. You can also read HERE what else there is to pay attention to.

Computer Bild has tested the most well-known Mini Segway and uploaded a video of it on Youtube. You can watch this here:

Computer BILD has written an article about the IO Hawk , which you can read here:

Electric Unicycles – An Alternative?

Amazon has unfortunately taken many of the boards out of the assortment, as with some few manufacturers there was a risk that through the device

Fire is caused. A real alternative here are electric unicycles. These work on the same principle as the hoverboards – but have only one wheel and not two. You need a little more time to get used to it, but you can ride it easily after about 15 minutes of practice. They are available in different price ranges. The cheapest start at about 300 euros. The professional equipment starts at about 1000 euros. Depending on the product, these can reach up to 40km / h! We can recommend this as an alternative without reservation!


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