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Best Hoverboard Brands in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Hoverboard Brands in 2020

Electric hoverboards are becoming increasingly popular. Theses fun gadgets provide a new mode of personal transportation. They are like personal transport devices in the past without handlers. The shifting of your body is used to control your hoverboard.

How to choose the Safest Self- Balancing hoverboard?

There are a dozen electric hoverboards to choose from. This can make it difficult to choose the best one. but, by narrowing your search to top brands, you can find the best hoverboard.

These are some features to consider as you buy a hoverboard:

  • Top Speed
  • Total Travel distance
  • Battery charging time
  • Safety features
  • Control and easy to use
  • Additional setting and features

The most hoverboard can travel up to 8mph. Though, this will vary as well the total travel distance. Generally, you can accept from a hoverboard to get a couple of hours to use on a single charge.

These devices aren’t mean that to replace your current mode of transportation. They are mainly intended for short trips or commutes. Most of hoverboards brands will offer several miles to travel.

After the battery is drained, you will need to wait until the battery became fully charged. This can take some hours, depending upon the quality of the battery and its charger.

The safety features are also very important. The hoverboard that you choose needs to meet the safety standards set for hoverboards. Always look for UL2272 certified hoverboard. Other safety features include battery indicators and auto shut-off for the charger. With auto shut-off, the charger will automatically stop charging when the battery is fully charged.

The ease of use is also important. You can operate this device with your body movement. Generally, you will lean back to go reverse and lean forward to move forward. This will take some practice.

Which hoverboard brands are Safest?

A hoverboard is a portable, rechargeable, and battery operator device. The self-balancing scooter is two-wheeled and popularly used for fun or personal transportation. Some people call it an electric skateboard, self-balancing electric scooter or hands-free segway with no handles. Let me explain. The rider should need to stand on the footrests of the hoverboard to move this device. He uses his body to take control of the hoverboard.

The hoverboard consists of two-rubber wheels fitted on both sides. If that is not enough, there are two small plate-forms on the upper side between the wheels where the rider stands. Moreover, to control the hoverboard, the rider places his feet to stand on the pre-installed gyroscopic sensored pads.

Types of Hoverboards:

There are different types of hoverboards with unique features and quality. For one to make the right decision when buying the hoverboard, you look for the following features.

  • Size
  • Categories
  • Additional Features
  • Popularity

Two-Wheeled Scooter:

These hoverboards are two-wheeled hoverboard with high quality to allow self-balancing. The earlier models have safety problems that made them dangerous for users. They had battery failure, the inside technology with cease functioning. In recent years, there have been significant changes in this technology, making them a fantastic product for the consumers.

One-Wheeled hoverboard:

This type of hoverboard has one-wheel making the riders feel like they are snowboarding. It rolls and moves side to side rather than forward and backward. This device is easy to control because it decelerates and accelerates quickly. It all depends on how the riders are leaning. This hoverboard can travel up to 8mph on a single charge and recharging period time is half-an-hour.

Real Hoverboards:

This technology is under testing. What to know about this pilot project? This hoverboard uses electronic, magnetic repulsion to lift and off the ground and also to propel through the air. It gets better with another version of this hoverboard using jet fuel for travel.

Features to consider while buying a hoverboard

  • Select longboard hoverboard so that you can easily place your feet
  • Select one with installed LED lights
  • Select one Bluetooth speaker, so that the hoverboard plays music.

Brands of Hoverboards:

There are various hoverboard brands that are present in the market. Let’s discuss the three major ones.

Razor Hovertax 2.0 – Best affordable Price


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Razor is a brand of hoverboard that comes from the original patent proposal of Shane gen. This hoverboard has a sleek and elegant curve that makes look quick and agile in comparison with other models. How can you beat that? When you step on it and start riding, it provides a new balance. There is an edge-to-edge anti-slip traction pad on each platform to boost your control on the hoverboard.

Certification: The Razor Hovertax is certified with UL2272. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about safety issues. It has a removable battery without taking the entire device apart. This device has dual motors with a max output of 350 watts. And can reach up to a speed of 8 mph.

This hoverboard has a carrying capacity of 220lbs. It takes an average run time of one hour. The foot platforms are rubber constructed. Which are safe, preventing slippage.


  • Max speed 8mph.
  • Powerful motors.
  • UL2272 certified.
  • Removable battery.


  • Max carrying capacity is 220lbs.


Swagtron Swagboard T1 – Best Self-balancing Scooter


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Swagtron has certification from UL227 which makes it fit for the customers. It is a robust and versatile product. What makes it unique? It has a lot of power and gyroscopic sensors that are accurate and responsive.

Swagtron T1 has safe stop technology. It is a system that minimizes falls due to the battery dying suddenly. You will receive a message when the battery level drops to an alarming level. Moreover, it will limit your top speed, so that you can slow down safely and stop easily. This safety feature works for both adults and kids.

Swagtron T1 is a hoverboard with a handle. This feature is also a safety factor that minimizes twitchiness and jerkiness that automatically leads to an accident. In addition, this hoverboard comes with a learning mode, which is safe and slower. With its dual 300 watts powerful motors, it can reach a speed up to 8 mph ad can cover a distance of 12 miles when the battery is fully charged. These hoverboards also consist of LED lights and have carried a weight capacity of 220 lbs.


  • UL 227 certified.
  • LED lights.
  • Max speed of 8mph.
  • Max distance of 12 miles.
  • Dual 300W motors.


  • No built-in speakers to play music.
  • Max weight is 220lbs.


Epikgo Hoverboard – Best Off-road hoverboard



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Are you in love with the self-balancing scooter? Epikgo hoverboard is an excellent off-road hoverboard that is agile for its size. This unique feature about its size is, it is about 30% wider and more substantial than a standard hoverboard.

The hoverboard consists of a sturdy board built-in hard fire-proof plastic and wheel covers made from steel. This idea is to prevent breakages in case of hoverboard crashes. The entire hoverboard is water-proof with IP54 certification. It meets the standards of UL2272 and consumable in the US market. The hoverboard consists of dual 400 watts motors that propel up to 10 miles per hour. And can travel a range of 10 miles. This hoverboard also comes with LED light, that will provide light to the rider and keep him safe at night.

How does a hoverboard work?

Hoverboards have frames that pivot in the center. The electric motors and sensors that detect speed and tilt angles are actually inside each of the wheels. The gyroscopes receive data from tilt sensors in the wheel and relay it to the logic board, keeping the board upright at all the times. The switches under each foot pad that trigger an infrared light, which triggers a sensor. The light remains on when the rider keeps their feet flat, letting the logic board know not to run the motors. When the rider leans forward, the switch turns off the light and let the logic board know to spin those wheels.

  Here is the inside working of hoverboard