Top 10 Best Longboard For Carving in 2021 Buying Guide

Top 10 Best Longboard For Carving in 2021 Buying Guide

There is nothing better and cooler than longboarding on a beautiful day. If you are new to longboard and looking for the best longboard for carving, you may find this quite difficult.

Carving is an important practice on the longboard. This slows you down and gives you more control over your longboard. In addition, the fluid movement resulting from the downhill sculpture is a pleasure to watch.

It’s like riding the waves, and it has become an art. As a longboarder, you don’t just want to have fun. It also wants to look good on the streets and impress people. Carving is probably the number one skill a longboard should learn after pushing the foot to really experience the thrill of longboarding.

Although carving as a technique is used in various longboarding styles, it is also a style of riding all its own, inspired by other board sports like surfing and snowboarding. So what makes a longboard good for serious, moving to carve?

You can certainly sculpt many types of longboards, but the best cutting boards are those that can make quick, tight turns and maintain speed through pumping, i.e. rail-to-rail transitions. To achieve these qualities, the best cutting boards will usually have the following characteristics:

  • A mid-sized platform with a lot of influence on trucks.
  • Some flexibility for optimal response and power when cornering.
  • Soft concave for foot comfort and lockdown in tight turns
  • Plenty of room for the wheels thanks to large cutouts or wheel widenings
  • Swivel trolleys, fluid and reactive, easy to pump.
  • Bigger wheels with a good balance between grip and roll speed.
  • There are plenty of great cutting boards out there, but our favourites are hands down these amazing longboards.

What is longboard carving?

To cut, by definition, means to cut something. When applied to skating, the sculpture refers to something like cutting asphalt. It is a form of riding in which, instead of pushing, the rider sequentially spins in the shape of a wave, gaining momentum, similar to a hard bait.

Because the change in momentum can be forward or backward, this type of movement can also slow down. Comparatively, Carving is a stress-free and enjoyable longboard move. Like a bit of surfing and snowboarding, you’ll have to go back and forth to keep your carving balance.

Top 10 Carving Longboards Reviewed

Now that we’ve covered the longboard components, where to buy longboards, and have taken a look at each of the 8 boards, I’m going to look at each longboard in more detail.

The idea is to give a good description and a few specs of each longboard to give you an idea of ​​the manufacturer, the board’s design and specs, and other notable features.

Loaded Icarus Longboard

Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard SkateboardLoaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard Skateboard


Loaded is constantly releasing the best longboards on the market. They cost a dime, but they are well designed, they work well, and from the photo, they look beautiful. Riders usually use loaded longboard in the game for all good reasons.

The Loaded Icarus has been specially designed for cruising and carving. It has a fairly standard length for 38.4-inch longboards. At 8.6 “in width, the bridge is slightly smaller than the standard 10” bridge. It gives a lighter feel which is easier to carry around town.

The board is fully symmetrical, which is great if you like freestyle or learn a few tricks. The Loaded Icarus is an awesome carving longboard for pumping and carving.

The longboard is built with Loaded’s “bamboo biscuit” technology, a blend of bamboo, fibreglass and cork. The board is very comfy light, and it is designed this way to pump hard.

The board is available in two different pumps. The first, Flex 1, is stiffer and designed for riders weighing 170 pounds or more. Flex 2 is a bit more flexible and flexible, but it doesn’t offer as much control.

The board is drop-down which is not usually as good as the top stand for carving longboards. Either way, Loaded designed the Icarus to sculpt, and we’re sure they know exactly what they’re doing.

The plate comes with Caliber II 50 degree axles, Dano Downhill 70mm 78a wheels and CCS Blue Steel Abec 7 bearings.


  • Length: 38.40”
  • Width: 8.60”
  • Wheelbase: 28.25”
  • Construction: bamboo / fiberglass
  • Concave: light
  • Flex: Flexy

Atom Drop Through Longboard

Atom Drop Through


The Atom Drop Through Bamboo Tiki longboard isn’t the prettiest longboard on this list, nor the most modern, but it is one of the more affordable longboards out there.

If you pay too little for a product, you risk the quality and often end up paying more in the end for a new product, but the Bamboo Tiki longboard is one of the highest quality longboards at an affordable price.

The 40 ” tabletop is made from 7-ply maple and 2-ply bamboo laminate. It’s a fairly long platform, perfect for relaxed riding and long, sculpted descents. The deck is 10” wide, which is standard for longboards.

The Atom Drop through Bamboo Tiki Longboard comes with Atom AREA 51 70mm 90A wheels which offer high rebound and can roll at high speeds. The plate with high performance 40 degree Navigator axles and an Abec 9 shielded with high-speed lubricating rubber.

The board features a 46 grit grip for maximum traction, which is also great fun if you want to try a few tricks. While the Atom Drop through Bamboo Tiki Longboard isn’t the most feature-rich carving longboard on the list, it’s a good deal for beginners or those who don’t want to spend too much.


  • Atom brand longboards
  • Maple material
  • Platform length 40 inches
  • Multicoloured
  • Durometer hardness 78A
  • Wheel size 70 mm
  • Item Weight 7.9 lbs

Chromatic longboard globe

Globe Chromantic Cruiser Galaxy Complete Longboard Skateboard


To be fair, it’s not strictly a carving and cruising longboard. This longboard loves speed, but it’s not strictly a downhill board, either. The Globe Chromatic is great for a combination of carving, bombing hills, and hanging out around your neighbourhood with your longboard buddies.

It’s a pretty affordable board for all you get. It’s also the first top mount rig on this list. The 33 ”platform with a kicktail has a smooth concave. The deck is pressed with epoxy resin for a light, strong and durable feel. The platform is 9.5 ” wide, slightly less than standard.

The board comes with a clear transmission handle, keeping you safe on your longboard. The Globe Chromatic has wheel arches to prevent the wheel from biting when going down hills or making a sharp turn.

The board comes with standard Tensor alloy axles, Abec 7 bearings for a quick and effortless ride, and Globe 92a high rebound durometer bushings to match the board’s functionality.


  • One (1) Globe Chromatic Bamboo / Almond Longboard complete skateboard per Globe
  • Platform Size: 9.5 “x 33”
  • Soft concave with kick tail
  • 6.0 “Tensor Alloy trucks
  • 62mm 78a wheels
  • Clear transmission handle
  • Bamboo
  • EVA back pad
  • Factory assembled by Globe and ready to skate
  • Includes trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware and tape.

Landyachtz Canyon Spire

Landyachtz Canyon Arrow Longboard Complet


The Landyachtz Canyon Arrow Bird is an awesome longboard. Landyachtz is one of the most successful longboard makers in the game. Their longboards are designed with input from some of the best longboarders on the planet, so you’ll know you’re doing a great job with the Canyon Arrow Bird under your feet.

With a rocker shape, the board is slightly different from standard carving longboards. Truth be told, the Canyon Arrow Bird is truly a complete longboard. You’ll be equally comfortable bombing hills, learning slides, and pumping busy crowds.

The 37 ” longboard is made from 9-ply Canadian maple. The deck is 9.5 inches wide, giving you a stable yet responsive ride. The axles are mounted on the top, which means your board will be slightly higher off the ground compared to the folding racks. It means more sensitivity and dancing but a little less control.

The deck features a printed black adhesive strip, providing a safe ride in all types of terrain. It’s a great longboard, especially if you’re the type who wants to do a little bit of everything. The board comes pre-assembled, so don’t worry about where each component goes.


  • 37 “long x 9.5” wide
  • Wheelbase: 24.75 “- 28.5”
  • 9-ply Canadian maple construction
  • Grizzly Polar Bear 845 Trucks
  • 70mm 82a Zombie Hawg Wheels
  • Landyachtz Abec 7 bearings
  • Printed black adhesive tape

Sector 9 Cavern Cutbacks


Sector 9 has been in the longboard business for a long time. Their products are generally a bit more affordable and therefore not as innovative as the top longboard manufacturers, but their products are very sturdy and well designed.

The Cavern Cutback is an excellent longboard specially designed for carving and travelling. Whether you want to take a slalom class or jump from class to class on your college campus, the Cavern Cutback is a great board. The 37.5 ” long chainring is designed for quick, graceful turns and easy manoeuvrability.

The board features a camber and kicktail mould. There is no wheel arch, but the board is probably thin enough on the wheels that you don’t risk getting too chewed. The Cavern Cutback comes with 8.375 ” Gullwing Mission trucks, 61mm 78a Nineballs wheels, Abec 5 ball bearings, 0.25 ” plastic risers, and ERG tape.

The Sector 9 Cavern Cutback isn’t necessarily the best carving longboard on the list, but it’s one of your best options if you’re looking for a more affordable longboard.


  • One (1) Complete Sector 9 Cavern Cutback Longboard Skateboard
  • Platform Size: 8.36 “x 37.5”
  • Wheelbase: 24.3 “
  • Fiberglass Maple Sandwich
  • Camber mold
  • Kicktail
  • Photograph by Ben Thouard
  • 8.375 “Gullwing Mission Trucks
  • Wheels 61mm 78a Nineballs
  • Abec 5 grease ball bearings
  • 0.25 “recycled plastic uprights
  • 1.25 “hardened steel bolts
  • ERG non-slip strip
  • Includes trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware and tape.

Arbor Axis 37 Solstice B4BC

Arbor Axis 37 Complete Skateboard


When it comes to creating longboards with a fluid feel, Arbor knows what they’re doing. Arbor makes great snowboards and designs their longboards to provide a similar feel.

Arbor must have your attention if you consider yourself a tree lover. Since the creation of Arbor, their goal has been to create high-quality boards with durable materials. They use low impact recycled wood and have inspired other manufacturers in the industry to do the same.

The Arbor Axis 37 Solstice B4BC is an excellent longboard for carving and curbs surfing. This is a drop board to be a little less manoeuvrable than the long top mounted boards. That said, it will still give you the sculpted feel that you are looking for on a longboard.

The longboard is 37 “long and 8.38” wide, which is pretty standard for a carving longboard. It is constructed from responsibly sourced 7 plies hard rock maple as with all Arbor products. The board uses Arbor’s Momentum Core technology to cushion bumps.

The Axis 37 Solstice B4BC comes with Arbor Outlook 69mm 78a wheels specially designed for cruising. Paris 50 degree 180mm trucks create smooth and energetic turns.


  • Teardrop shape creates a feeling of being close to the ground for sidewalk surfing.
  • All wood materials are sourced from sustainably reclaimed and reused wood by-products.
  • 180mm Paris 50 ° reverse pivot shafts create smooth, forceful turns
  • Arbor Outlook 69mm 78a-durometer wheels are designed for tread and cruising; the wider shape delivers higher rolling speeds, while the Momentum Core cushions bumpy rides.
  • ABEC 7 bearings with spacers
  • Recycled Glass Replenishment uses a repurposed clear top sheet material that maintains the beauty of the wood grain while creating a gripping function.

Hamboards Pescadito

Hamboards Pescadito


The ham boards are to surfboards what Arbor longboards are to snowboards. The Hamboards experience incorporates the sensation of surfing on a longboard. Their product line is one of the most exciting of all the longboard manufacturers and certainly less traditional.

Their boards are up to 6 feet long and are extremely manoeuvrable for a surf feel. The Hamboards Pescadito is, in the builder’s own words, “our most pumpable longboard”. This means long and intense carves that will propel you forward without having to push as much as with other longboards.

The table is designed for all experience levels, unlike many other products, which have a wider learning curve (and longer platform).

The 42 ” 8-ply maple and birch top are built to withstand a blow. Longboarding can be intense, and Hamboards had that in mind when they designed the Fish. The board is designed to give you wide, smooth turns and a smooth ride.

The Hamboards Fishy comes with Hamboards Milk Chocolate Cast PU 66mm / 80A wheels, Hamboards HST carving trucks, birch risers and Hamboards SAN-OS swivel bearings.

The Pescadito may not turn in as tight a radius as other longboards. Still, its strength provides a perfectly smooth feel for long hills, uncrowded sidewalks, and neighbourhoods for afternoon rides.


  • UNIQUE QUALITY – Our most pumpable longboard is designed for pure surf-skate performance. Excellent tread pattern with the new HST trucks
  • Weight Limit – Suitable for riders of all sizes with no weight limit making this the best longboard suitable for all ages.
  • High performance: aggressive carving and wide, fluid turns. This board will complement any riding style.
  • Experience level: for beginners and advanced. If you are an advanced rider, you will love the board response for deep carves and quick cuts.
  • User for: ideal for pumping and carving. For skaters, this is an easy fit and will suit your riding style straight away.

Globe Pinner Classic Hurricane Leave

Globe Pinner Classic Complete Skateboard


Globe is a brand dedicated to skateboards and longboards. Her shoes, clothes, hats and boards are dedicated to the boarding school lifestyle. They know what they’re doing, and they know how to design a longboard that riders will want to own.

The Globe Pinner Classic is a great rammer board. Epoxy resin is used to press the panel, providing a light and strong panel.The Globe Pinner comes with colourful die-cut tape and mother-of-pearl decorative elements.

The wheel arches are located under the front and rear wheels to reduce wheel grip, so you can turn as deep as you want without risking dying them.

The Globe longboard comes with Slant Reverse Kingpin axles, Abec 7 bearings designed for a longer ride and less thrust, super high rebound bushings to match the functionality of the board and high rebound urethane wheels which abrasion-resistant excellent grip.


  • One (1) Globe Pinner Classic Hurricane Leave Longboard complete skateboard per Globe
  • Platform Size: 9 “x 40”
  • Wheelbase: 26.75 ”
  • 8 Resin hard maple construction
  • 180mm tilted reverse centre pivot axles
  • 70mm 78a wheels
  • Die-cut coloured adhesive tape
  • Mother of pearl design accents
  • Soft concave with kick tail
  • Factory assembled by Globe and ready to skate
  • Includes trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware and tape

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboards

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete


The peculiarity of this longboard is that it has a concave and symmetrical shape which is ideal for carving. The longboard is 41 inches long and 9.25 inches wide, which is good enough to make riding fun and easy.

The board is special because it is fitted with multiple layers of bamboo and Canadian maple, making the board strong and durable. The wheel dimension is 70mm x 50mm, which is good enough to reduce shock and give you a smooth ride.

The White Wave Longboard Bamboo Skateboards have Abec 7 bearings which are durable and long-lasting. The deck on the plank is extraordinary. It is well laminated with duct tape and gives the longboard a sleek look.

There is a kicktail at the end of the longboard, which is very helpful in controlling speed and gaining stability and control. In a nutshell, it’s easier to assemble.


  • Size: 28 inch x 8 inch
  • 5-inch aluminium trucks with a polished finish and ultra-high rebound pads.
  • 60mm x 45mm high rebound urethane wheels.
  • Abec 9 Hellion 2 bearings with integrated spacers.

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Cruising


Magneto Longboards are specially designed to give you the best skating experience. They are ideal for cruising, freestyle, downhill carving and dancing. You can have more fun and exposure with the high quality, solid, and well-aligned longboard skateboard.

The bamboo platform measures 38.5 “by 9”, a good space for tight turns and general carving. On top of that, the low profile truck design helps reduce gravity and allows for a smooth ride overall. It’s flexible enough to be with you for years to come, and the longboard makes it easy to get started. It gives you perfect grip on the road and also in hand.

This board features gravity cast-aluminium axles with a 7-inch suspension and a 50-degree swivel angle. The rings have a high rebound (medium stiffness) which adds to the carving experience. The 3 layers of bamboo give the deck great flexibility, while the fibreglass reinforces the deck to add strength and durability.

The longboard deck features a drop truck design for a lower centre of gravity and a smoother ride. It is designed for stability and performance and gives you the best of both worlds with our Parisian style free-fall trucks.


  • Brand Magneto
  • Platform width 9 inches
  • Bamboo Material
  • Platform length 38.5 inches
  • Carved bamboo colour longboard skateboard
  • Shore Hardness 78A Durometer
  • Wheel size 70 mm
  • Load capacity 250 pounds

Benefits of carving longboards

Control: A carving longboard allows the rider to zigzag smoothly through the hill or incline on the way down, thus controlling their speed and direction. Other types of longboards do not allow this either.

Excitement: Who wants to ride over and over on the same flat road? As with any sport, extreme or not, longboarders want to challenge themselves as they feel more comfortable. A carving longboard allows riders to maximize the thrill of longboarding in the most convenient way possible.

Options: Some longboarders like the flex and flex decks for maximum versatility, movement and fun on the board. Others prefer a stiffer board that will not flex under its weight. Some like loose trucks, while others prefer tight trucks. Whether it’s wheels, bearings, axles or a tire, riders have plenty of options to customize their longboard.

Types of carving longboards


Versatile and nimble, the top rack is the more traditional skateboard design, where the deck (the flat board you stand on when riding) is fully secured above the axles at both ends of the board.

Although the rider must expend more energy to balance and move forward, they can also make sharper turns and avoid unwanted obstacles more easily.


With this design, the tops of the trucks (the T-shaped metal pieces that mount to the bottom of the longboard) are mounted “through” the board, placing them at the same height as the deck itself. This lowers the board a half-inch or more (equal to the deck’s thickness) and gives the rider a lower centre of gravity.

The drop design increases balance and reduces the amount of energy required to push the plaque. These models are beneficial for sailing, carving and descent.


A longboard drop deck has axles mounted on top of the board and is shaped so that the riding deck sits even lower off the ground than the drop board. Unsurprisingly, this lowers the centre of gravity even further and is ideal for cruising, pushing, or braking with minimal effort. However, these changes can compensate for speed and handling.

What to consider when buying a longboard

Price and skill level

If you are a beginner, don’t spend a lot of money on an expensive longboard because you might end up giving up (although hopefully, you don’t). Buy a board that will stand up to rough handling due to mistakes made in learning. In this way, it won’t feel so bad if it has scratches.

Beginners often do not have a good balance. So it is always a good idea to buy a bigger longboard for better balance. A longboard that costs around $ 50 would be sufficient.

What kind of Rider are you?

If you are a beginner, you are probably a cruise ship. So choose longboards that favour cruising. You just need to buy a longboard for this purpose with no additional features to suit more advanced styles like dance and longboard tricks.

The shape of the longboard

Longboards come in different forms. There are two main forms: twin and directional. Twin longboards are best for free-riders and freestylers. At the same time, the directions are good for fast forward and therefore good for cruising.

The Longboard Flex

There are three types of longboard push-ups: soft half and rigid. A soft flex is best for tricks and slow cruising. The medium flex is ideal for commuting carving and easy cruising. At the same time, the stiff flex is good for bombing hills and free riding.

What equipment do you need?

You need different accessories for safety when longboarding particularly if you are a beginner. The rear guards protect the tail of the longboard when it hits hard objects. The bumps keep your front or rear foot in place while riding. And, of course, You need crash pads in the event of a fall.

Cover style

The style of the board determines the stability of the longboard. A lower platform is more stable and easier to push. So do it if you are a beginner. A higher platform is more difficult to balance and is best used by experienced runners. The better upper decks also allow for faster carves and tighter turns.

Mounting type

A platform mounted on the skate trucks has more wheel leverage and makes the board more responsive. A platform with trucks mounted through it (drop-through) is closer to the ground and, therefore, more stable and good for inexperienced beginners.

Truck Style

Reverse Pivot Shafts (RKP) are suitable for most riding styles. At the same time, Traditional Pivot Trucks (TKP) are best for freestyle stunts and downhill races.


Always wear a helmet when riding your longboard.

Your board should be stored in a safe, dry place away from the elements.

Check all hardware upon delivery, retighten loose parts if necessary.

Determine if you have normal or dumb feet.

If you’re just getting started, check out some online lessons to learn the basics of longboarding like pushing, balancing, controlling your speed, and more.

Start on a flat, smooth surface away from traffic.

Go up slowly; start on small inclines before looking for bigger hills and bigger thrills.

Frequently asked Questions


He is riding when the cyclist rides at a constant speed on a flat or slightly hilly surface. Carving is an entirely different beast, where the rider zigzags across the street on the way down to control his speed and direction.


Yes. Due to its lower centre of gravity, the drop-through design is ideal for traversing long or short distances and carving.


With the potential for high speeds and the proximity to hard asphalt, longboarding comes with risks that all riders should be aware of before stepping onto their boards. However, with the proper protection and awareness, it is a rewarding and fun experience.

Q. What is the best longboard (skateboard) for carving?

The board made by Atom Company is quite aesthetic and very beautiful. In addition, they have the maximum number of satisfied customers in the longboard carving reign.

So Atom Drop through Longboard is one of the best carving longboards. If you want another one, then the Sector 9 Cavern Cutback Complete Longboard could be your choice.


The 10 longboards reviewed here are some of the best carving longboards on the market today. Some cards like Loaded Icarus are designed to be the most advanced and best-designed cards on the market with less concern for affordability.

Other manufacturers consider that not all longboarders want to spend nearly $ 300 on a longboard, and they design their boards to be more affordable if a little was less innovative.

Longboarding is an entertaining sport. You can walk around neighbourhoods, bomb hills, or even travel large areas if you don’t mind pushing too hard. Carving is a longboarding activity we all love and one that reminds snowboarders and surfers what it feels like to be on snow or in the water.

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