12 Best Longboard For Communting in 2021 Buying Guide

12 Best Longboard For Communting in 2021 Buying Guide

If you think longboards are just for the fun of riding, think again. There’s a reason we wrote an article on the best longboard for traveling, right? Using a longboard for traveling has a great economic benefit. You are also helping the environment by using a means of transport that does not harm the atmosphere around you.

But before you head to the nearest store to purchase a longboard, be aware that not all boards are designed to be pared down. Choosing the right size of longboard can give you a great riding experience. Only the right size board can keep you from having a bitter experience like tripping, tripping, or hitting.

But it is a little difficult to choose the right one for any new pilot. So we’ve tried to summarize some basic features that you should look for in a good map. We also show you some details about popular longboards, which can help an experienced rider like you choose to get a new one.

1- Sector 9 Eclipse Bonsai

Sector 9 Eclipse Bonsai Complete 42 Inch


Do you need a computer longboard or an adult longboard that is an idea for your daily sizes? Run now for the Sector 9 Eclipse Bonsai 42 inch Bamboo Longboard. This is the most ideal unisex and complete pegboard that will have you enjoying all your travel activities with little fuss.

The product here is affordable and weighs over 3 pounds to help protect your base while enjoying your computer skating. The Sector 9 Eclipse Bonsai 42-inch Top Mount Complete Bamboo Longboard is also large enough to accommodate adults of varying sizes.

Remember, this is a unisex product, so its 34 x 8.8 x 5-inch dimensions make it ideal for everyone. Sector 9 Eclipse Bonsai Complete 42 Inch Top Mount Bamboo Longboard is the best commuter longboard every adult should have in their home. Don’t look back. Get yours today and be in the winning league.


Is sustainable

It’s easy to use

It is large to accommodate almost anyone.


Not ideal for children

Specifically for sculpture and travel activities

2- Sector 9 Midnight Faultline Men’s Skateboard


The Sector 9 P18AT01C Midnight Fault Line men’s skateboard is ideally the best longboard on the market today. With this product, you can travel, travel for free and even sculpt without any problem. It’s a versatile turnout board that everyone must have.

It has a sturdy platform large enough to keep each balanced. It also has sharp rails on its platform that give you extra grip and support to keep you in control while skating.

Another feature that should make you buy the Midnight Defectline P18AT01C Men’s Sector 9 Skateboard without hesitation is the availability of modern, stable, and strong axles.

It should not be forgotten that this longboard has top-notch wheels that pick up very quickly, thanks to its seized nature and speed-focused training.

The P18AT01C Men’s Sector 9 Midnight Fault skateboard is also equipped with ABEC 5 blaze bearings to add to the ultra battery experience. Choose yours today and enjoy the trip of your dreams.


He has strong, modern trucks.

Includes ready-to-choose speed wheels

He has supported and raised groups that support and control you as you play.


It May was not ideal for children

Requires some skills to use

3- HYE-SPORT beginner skateboard cruise

HYE-SPORT 41 Inch Complete Skateboard


This is an adult skateboard that young people can use as a longboard. It measures 46 inches and features a 7-ply professional maple double deck. If you need a skateboard to help you with your extreme sports, free rides, and transportation activities, HYE-SPORT skateboard beginners should be the place to land.

It has silent ABEC -11 bearings capable of supporting high speed. As such, HYE-SPORT skateboarding beginners are smoother skateboards compared to other longboards of the same purpose. Its spacious 118 by 25 deck makes it the best longboard for commuting.

The HYE-SPORT Beginner Skateboard Deck also features high-quality 8-ply maple wood and non-slip sandpaper. When you buy this product today, make sure you enjoy the strongest aluminum grill that gives you added stability and strength.

Also, take advantage of the PU wheels, which give you the best skating balance even at the highest speed. If you love the best designs and longboards with a unique style, this is yours.



Strong and stable for the elderly.

Can withstand fast skating and moving activities


Children cannot use it.

Not ideal for skating on campus

4- Sector 9 Bob Marley Exodus


People’s tastes for products may differ. However, for those who have used the Bob Marley Exodus Sector 9 39 Inch Top Mount Bamboo Complete Longboard they will agree that this longboard is one of the best longboards on the market today for anyone looking to sculpt or ride.

Offers free community activities for adults and youth. It is ideal for beginners because it is easy to push and maintain your speed. If you’re looking for something to ride on while going to your desk for your daily chores, the Bob Marley Exodus Sector 9 Top Mount Bamboo 39 inch Complete Longboard is here to quench your thirst.

Its sturdy 39-inch chainring and 8-ply maple chain ring ensure stable speed whenever you move or ride. Whether you are going uphill or downhill, don’t worry, this longboard will take care of the speed without too much sweat.


It has solid tricks, which makes it durable and stable.

It is made up of nine-ball wheels that help it maintain constant speeds.


Requires skills and training to use

5- ZAIHW Professional Speed ​​Deployable Complete Longboard

WiiSHAM Longborads - 42


The ZAIHW Pro Speed ​​Deployable Complete Longboard is a complete skateboard with a 7-plate Canadian maple deck. The deck makes this longboard one of the best in freeriding and cruising for young people and children.

For adults looking for the best longboard, this is your go-to option again. Whether you are an advanced skateboarder or a beginner, the ZAIHW Pro Speed ​​Deployable Complete Longboard will meet your needs. It is made in such a way that it is suitable for everyone.

It is a longboard that can serve the whole family regardless of the age difference at home. So if you’re looking to the budget all-in-one for your family’s skating needs, hop aboard the ZAIHW Professional Speed ​​Deployable Complete Longboard today.

It has an ABEC-11 chrome bearing which contributes to its flexibility and speed control. It also has a moderate deck size of 104 x 27 centimeters and a 7-ply maple for added punch. Choose yours now; don’t wait any longer because the best is already on the market.


Everything on a longboard

Serve everyone in the family


It may not last long as it is associated with children.

6- LLQQ Skateboard Longboard

LLQQ Electric Cruiser Skateboard Boosted


This is a 31-inch adult cruiser skateboard that is ideal for those new to the game. It is a wave board with intense acceleration that can be used perfectly for daily trips. For those looking to move from place to place much easier, LLQQ longboards are the best longboard for getting around.

It is made from a 7-ply Canadian maple top, which makes it strong and very durable. The longboard also features ultra-smooth high rebound wheels made from precision bearings.

With this product, you will also enjoy the new tricks specially designed for new skateboarders or beginners in the industry. It also has a graphic design that includes thermal transfer printing to make it more appealing to the eyes.

With this product, turning is not a problem, and it allows you to make U-turns even with the smallest and largest diameters. Enjoy the fun; Purchase LLQQ Participating Boarding Longboards today.


It has durable graphic designs.

Take advantage of the new beginner tips on the market.

It can be used for higher speeds


Not big enough to accommodate plus-size skaters

7- Icarus Bamboo Board

Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard


The Icarus Bamboo Board is a great longboard for daily commuting. Make riding easy with its well-designed curved edges and precise profile. First of all, it is quite reliable for someone to move with speed.

Its tail and nose make it easy and quick to move around the streets. It’s an ideal longboard that will give you other travel experiences instead of morning trips to work.

This board can make smooth turns, even in tight turns. It gives the user confidence when using the longboard for traveling. This is also helped by the large wheels, which promote balance and stability.

This board is more practical for daily commuting as one will not have to worry about the balance even while driving fast over rough terrain. It is designed with pieces of bamboo wood placed vertically and fiberglass. This helps to improve durability and strength.

This longboard is made up of 180mm forklift parts. This ensures the stability of the board, especially when driving around curves and curves. This wheel makes it easy to navigate on all surfaces, including sticks, crevices, rough roads, and rocks.


There are no major setbacks.

It is made of sturdy bamboo wood, which makes it durable.

Provides stability, especially when driving around bends and bends

Its wood construction is durable and reliable for long-term use.

Reliable to navigate different roads, including curves and curves, with ease


Like any other typical machine, you have to be careful not to overstep its limits.

8- Junli Freeride Skateboard Longboard

Junli 41 Inch Freeride Skateboard for Skateboarding


The Junli skateboard is made of aluminum and an extremely flexible PU support pad. It Provides stability and durability that you can control easily. The surface of the jungle longboard is 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide.

Arriving on the platform, it is made from real natural 8-ply maple. The maximum load-carrying capacity is 330 pounds. It is non-slip with a black brushed exterior. The Junli longboard comes with 70mm X 51mm 80 PU wheels with a rock finish. It is a durable skateboard due to its high-quality wheel material.

The longboard is specially designed for downhill (to the downhill running track). You will love its impressive large turning circle. People appreciate the smooth ride on the longboard. The Junli freeride skateboard is suitable for riders of all ages. You will appreciate its strength and grip.

Ultimately, the skateboard is a very light longboard. Its damping ring is the reason for a smooth ride. Each longboard is a versatile skateboard to make your job easier.


Junli Freeride Longboard is a versatile skateboard

You will recognize its durability, speed, and quality

Her strength is excellent, and you cannot go without praising her.


The handle of the longboard is not as durable

9- FISH SKATEBOARDS Downhill Longboard



A downhill fish longboard is suitable for beginners and professional skaters. The skateboard is made for free fall, basic stunts, and other stuff. The skateboard area has a 41 X 9-inch design.

The longboard is durable and stable. It is made from real Canadian maple wood with an 8 ply width. The longboard has a firm grip surface thanks to the maple wood, which provides a smooth ride for the rider. You can ride this board regardless of age and size. He can lift a weight of up to 330 pounds.

You can’t ride smoothly without the best quality wheels. The longboard offers you HR82A shockproof PU wheels with which you can ride smoothly. Chrome steel and SHR95A give you smooth bushings and a smooth ride.

The fish longboard offers you a T-shaped tool with which you can configure your skateboard. Toolbox helps you adjust or lose the pivot.

Moving Forward with Child Safety. A downhill fish longboard is safe for all beginners and professionals alike because it is made of high-quality aluminum, a durable aluminum alloy, and a steel shank. It is a complete longboard skateboard. You don’t need any additional hardware for this.


This model is built with high-quality materials.

Smooth ride and great controllability

Excellent response to twists

Emphasizes stability and control


Not suitable for long term

10- OUDEW Longboard Skateboard

OUDEW 41 Inch Longboard


Find a longboard here is Oudew’s best longboard skateboard for beginners and professionals alike. The longboard is long, almost 41 inches which is enough for beginners. It is easy to control the size of the skateboard. Stability depends on the size of the board, which is admirable on this longboard.

Therefore, it is easy to maintain and safe for beginners. You can estimate the quality of the skateboard with eight layers of maple, which is pretty strong. It can support a weight of up to 250 pounds. For better grip, it has a non-slip surface.

For a comfortable ride, you need a wide surface to stand on. The order longboard is 9.5 inches wide, which is perfect for a comfortable ride. The height of the platform is lower, making it easier to stop and push.

The longboard has small 50mm shockproof polyurethane wheels. It will be stable at high speed and will be able to absorb shock on a bumpy road. Its ABEC 9 bearings ensure a very smooth ride. For easy turns, carving, sliding, and freefall with seven aluminum trucks make it possible.

On the back of the platform, beautiful graphics make it more attractive. The other thing about the order longboard is that it is an inexpensive skateboard suitable for beginners.


Skateboarding is suitable for beginners because it is perfect for medium speed.

It can withstand a good weight regardless of its size and height.

The design of the skateboard is beautiful.


May experience difficulty for those who like speed

Not stable at high speed

11- Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Retrospec Zed Bamboo


The Retrospec Zed Longboard is the ultimate bamboo skateboard. The panel is a high density 8 ply genuine Canadian maple wood. The Retrospec is famous for its solid bamboo structure.

It is a longboard with a length of 44 inches. The longboard has aluminum of 7 inches alloy, which makes it strong. The bamboo frame and aluminum axles increase the strength and durability of this skateboard.

In the 1950s, Retrospec gave the first longboard concept for street surfers. This manufacturer gave the first signal on longboard skateboarding.

You can estimate the design of the longboard from their experience.  It is the first to upload the design year after year. Their longboards are strong and durable, and people love them.

Professional cyclists primarily appreciate these brands for the free riding, turns, and other stunts they desire. The manufacturer knows how to adapt to the design and structure of the longboard. Timber is decently grown in Los Angeles. If you are new and want to improve your skills, retrospect bamboo is suitable.

So you can improve your balance. It allows the rider to make the curves correctly with speed. The wheels are 85A PU, 70mm wide, with premium ABEC-7 bearings. The metal surface is brushed black with a 90A socket. The Retrospec bamboo longboard is the best quality product. It is renowned for its strength and durability. It’s a cheap longboard.


Most riders love bamboo longboarding

It’s a cheap longboard

The bamboo longboard is strong and stable thanks to its Canadian maple frame.


The driver must tighten the truck before using it. Because the longboard feels free so you should check it out before the ride.

12- Rabd Blank Natural Skateboard

Rabd Blank Skateboard Deck - Maple Wood


The longboard is a mix of bamboo and maple frames. When it comes to the graphic that is labeled on the desktop, this is due to the appeal of runners. The handles of the longboard are non-slip thanks to its 46 coarse grain.

Above all, users love the versatile style. It has a drone-style platform with 180mm hangers with a 40-degree base. The atom longboard wheels are 70mm X 51mm by 78A SHR, and the wheel area is 51mm.

Bearings are the necessity of every longboard. This longboard is made of ABEC-9 bearings with high-quality grease. Adding lubricant is for a smooth, high-speed ride.

You will be satisfied with the excellent performance and extraordinary characteristics of the longboard. With all these features, you will be able to achieve a smooth ride without any resistance.

Well, the longboard is sturdy due to the mix of bamboo and aluminum. It can easily support a weight of up to 210 pounds, regardless of its size and size. The radius of the dashboard is impressive.

You have to lean with a little effort to make a 180-degree turn. You’ll appreciate it once you learn the trick. Finally, the longboard has a slightly high budget. But it has amazing features and great graphics, which is more attractive.


It can take a nice walk and is suitable for professionals.

The Atom Longboard has a smooth ride due to its unique features and material.


While driving, you must be careful that you have a wide turning circle. So you have to be a longboard expert.

Benefits of the best longboard for commuting


Improves balance and muscle tone

We use our core muscles to direct the ride on a longboard. It completely depends on your balance and strength. But with the use of the longboard, you can improve your stomach and back muscles.

Turn it into a cardio workout.

Although longboarding is not the most demanding of riders, it helps to pump your blood. All training steps show participation in cardiovascular exercises. The daily commute to work on a longboard helps improve your health.

Allows you to explore the great outdoors.

Instead of getting stuck in a bus or car, you can have fun outdoors even if you are traveling for a short period of sunshine. This will help access essential nutrients like vitamin D.

Save time and money

If you live in a compact traffic area, it will be difficult for you to get to the desired location. At the same time, it will take time to walk. A longboard is the best option for daily travel, which cuts down on your time because you can travel economically.

Buying guide: things to consider when buying

It would help if you considered many things to buy the right longboard for your daily travel that meets your needs. However, these considerations are what you need to take into account.

Commuter longboard bearings

Proper roll is essential for a commuter longboard. The most recommended are steel bearings. If you have a longboard with a suitable ride, you will always have a satisfying riding experience with the longboard.

When inquiring about purchasing your longboard, be sure to check out the bearing that has the most material used to build it.

Longboard size

It is essential that before buying a commuter longboard, you understand the different formats that exist. There are longboards while they are long, while others are designed according to the universal longboard measurements available. Oversized longboards will perform well over longer distances.

Commuter longboard design

There, every longboard is designed for travel. Therefore, before you decide, you need to be sure of the type of plan that meets your specific buying goal. The different types that exist include longboards intended for heavy-duty activities and those intended for light-duty applications.

Commuter longboard wheels

The larger and smoother wheels of the longboard are very suitable for traveling on any type of surface. The bigger wheels can cover the longest distance in less time, making the longboard faster.

Why are these boards the best for traveling?

They include stability, thrust, handling, and comfort.


The balance of the longboard is essential, as it determines the board’s ability also with opposing supports and rocky surfaces. It is also essential to respect your safety when going out with your longboard.

Ability to push

A good longboard should give you a natural time to ride, as it is a great performer. Otherwise, you might have to use a lot of energy, which can lead to frustration if you can’t control it.


For greater stability and maneuverability, longboards with a longer wheelbase are best recommended. This is especially when you are going to travel long distances. There, most longboards have a universal wheelbase balance.

Frequently asked Questions


Are longboards good for daily commuting?

A longboard is famous for its use of transportation. People like to wear it to school, town, and work. It will give you fantastic happiness. Use it mainly for daily training.

Can a longboard keep pace with a bike?

Longboards have large wheels, which makes them easier to ride and roll than other traditional skateboards. Although most people riding a bicycle is even easier, learning to longboard is much less. But quickly advance the cycle of skateboarding in the learning curve scoring.

Is it easy to skate or longboard?

This means that you can ride a longboard for a considerable period of time without experiencing skateboard-like fatigue. Longboards also pick up and maintain speed better.

This implies that in case you need to figure out how to ride without hitting the ground. At this point, you can only do it with a longboard. In terms of shape, longboards have more variety.

What is a safer longboard or skateboard?

Basically, a longboard is a longer adaptation of the skateboard. People ride both longboards and scooters, but most lean towards a learner longboard because it is much more stable and easier to ride. While longboards are safer to ride, you need to avoid the potential risk to make the experience safer.


Riding a longboard is truly a fantastic experience! It also allows you to stay in shape while having a good time while respecting the environment. With practice, you can quickly get to your destination with a commuter longboard. It is also convenient to store a bicycle at school or work.

It’s time to make a decision and buy the best traveler longboard for your next long-distance trip. It has what it takes to hit the road and will easily save you money on transportation—no need to hesitate. Go ahead and enjoy the longboard.

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