Best Longboard For Downhill in 2021 Buying Guide

Best Longboard For Downhill in 2021 Buying Guide

Longboarding is different from traditional skateboarding. With a longer deck and different trucks and wheels, longboarding is more about sculpting and cruising than mastering tricks. But some longboarders love speed, and if you’re a downhill longboarder, you need a board that can handle high speeds and more intense skating.

To become an expert downhill skater, you need a board that can withstand downhill wear and tear and delivers speed and performance. Available in different sizes and styles, downhill longboards are typically 37 inches long or longer with a wheelbase that offers agility and smooth, responsive turns.

With less technical attention and more emphasis on achieving high speeds with control, a quality downhill longboard can be hard to come by. Top speed isn’t really that fast; It reaches around 104 km / h (65 mph) and speeds up to 128 km / h (80 mph).

Such a speed might seem very slow when you are riding a motorbike or car on the highway, but the same speed when you are standing on a wooden plank in an open area, with no support, nothing to hold onto, it feels like quickly, very quickly.

If you’ve recently started longboarding, you might be intrigued by this downhill longboard discipline that everyone talks about when the topic of longboarding is brought up.

If you like extreme sports, downhill is probably for you. The goal of downhill longboarding is speed and nothing but speed. Downhill skaters descend steep inclines rapidly, typically reaching 50 to 65 mph with record speeds of over 80 mph.

For this reason, you could say that downhill longboarding is difficult. It takes a big commitment and overcoming your fears because going down so fast on asphalt can be life-threatening.

Benefits of downhill longboarding

High-speed performance: Downhill longboards are designed specifically for speed, with everything from the shape of the bridge to the angle of the axles created to help you reach faster speeds while skating. There is no better option for flying fast than a downhill longboard.

Versatility: Designed for speed and increased stability to keep you firmly in place while skating fast, a downhill longboard can help you try other types of skating as well. These boards can roll fast, but they’re also very nimble at making tight turns, which means they roll really well too.

Customization: As with a traditional skateboard, you can customize and change the various components of these longboards. No matter how you skate, you can add your wheels, axles, and more to take your longboard to new heights.

Good exercise: Running downhill at high speed works almost every muscle in your body. From your abs (which you need to balance) to your lungs and heart (which offer cardiovascular workouts), downhill longboarding is a great exercise for the whole body.

Better stability: Downhill longboards generally offer greater stability with lower centers of gravity. This gives you an easier and safer balance no matter how fast you are riding your board. They are a great option even for new skaters because of this.


Atom Drop Through


Downhill skaters descend steep inclines at a very high speed, typically reaching 50-65 mph, which requires a good length of the descent. The Atom Ultra-Low Longboard features a 41-inch full maple laminate deck that lets you navigate your way downhill.

As a result, you will enjoy an ultra-low driving experience that guarantees maximum stability. It is equipped with SHR (Wide Lip Super High Round) urethane wheels measuring 70 x 51 mm, allowing you to skate faster, even on a rough surface.

Plus, it offers 9.6 inches of leverage with every spin, thanks to its unique perimeter shape. In addition, this longboard also eliminates biting from the wheel to ensure safe balance when cornering.

However, if you talk about fast speed, you get all the speed in the world because the longboard is fitted with ABEC 9 bearings with high-speed lubricant. This board also doesn’t require a lot of effort when you want to get around town. Just a little push, and you’re on the move.

Whether you skate at low speed or high speed, this longboard will respond and give you great control and stability. This is because this Atom longboard has Reverse Kingpin shafts, also known as RKP, which come with 245mm shafts.

Overall this is one of the best downhill longboards. If you love the design and it fits your budget, this is the one for you.


Large blanket

The wheels are durable

Provides high speed

Provides stability

Easy to control


The shape may seem a bit unusual for beginners.

2- Magneto downhill longboards

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Cruising


High performance when cruising or descending is greatly influenced by the quality of the deck. This is why you might consider Magneto Longboards, as I give it a boost for quality and efficiency.

This longboard will please you with its high-tech fiberglass, carbon fiber, and bamboo deck. These materials make this board rigid, light, and suitable for moving quickly. Plus, your feet will fit comfortably on this board thanks to its 37 inches long and 9 inches wide.

The platform also features a unique W-shaped concavity with 2 “channels” running the length of the platform. There is a subtle lump between the canals that conforms to the arch of your foot.

This allows you to really lock your feet on the deck while bombarding hills. The W-Concavity also naturally stiffens the bridge, making it a super stable ride.

This longboard comes with 7-inch gravity cast-aluminum axles that provide aggressive tread downhill. In addition, the wheels have a high rebound with a diameter of 78A to provide good speed rolling.

It also contains a 70 × 53mm stainless steel bearing. As a result, it will go a long way while still providing you with a smooth and fast descent.


Offers high speed

Durable truck

Easily lock your feet


Large platform


Not as robust as expected

3- MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard 40-inch Drop Deck


Nothing should become a barrier when you want to enjoy a pleasant descent. That’s when this MINORITY longboard comes into play. Did you get a little bulky? There is no problem. Well, this deck features 8 ply Hardrock maple that has been cold-pressed to support up to 220 pounds of weight.

So why should thin people be having fun when you have this longboard with you? Plus, this 40-inch board was designed with the classic downhill pattern. Its low gravity construction is ideal for all high-speed rides. With the elongated dashboard, it comes with a 34-inch wheelbase.

This gives you more stability and allows you to make wider turns. In addition, its spacious 9-inch-wide platform will ensure that your feet have enough room to stay relaxed. If you plan to spend hours sailing, the MINORITY longboard will be your best companion, thanks to the 45-degree axles and the cushioning platform.

For a sporty dude like you who loves speed, this longboard is a must-have due to the 50mm high rebound polyurethane wheels powered by ABEC-9 bearings constructed of chrome steel. As a result, it will only cost you three power paddles to reach full speed.

In addition, this downhill longboard will surprise you with its precision of rotation. Just turn the axles 50 degrees and lubricate the bearing. Appreciate the way the beast cuts corners like a piece of cake.


Excellent precision

Easy to control

Provides stability

Versatile speed



Trucks are not of high quality

4- Enkei Drop-Through Longboard

B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through Longboard


Are you looking for the best drop-through longboard with a stylish look? Take a look at the ENKEEO Longboard, and it will blow your mind with its impressive looks and performance.

With a deck length of 40 inches and 9 inches wide, it has a black non-slip brushed surface with an impressive artistic design. Thus, you make sure that you do not fall flat on your stomach while you are enjoying the ride.

In addition, this longboard features a flexible 9-ply maple deck to ensure it can withstand bumpy roads, pools, and uneven surfaces. In addition, the Enkeeo foldable longboard features a 70x51mm PU wheel that allows it to withstand pressure and weight loads.

However, it will still provide a lot of traction and super speed on such an intense difficulty. Since it comes with ABEC-11 bearings, the ride will be smooth and lively, providing amazing speed. Do fast things tend to be hard to control or not, right?

Well, not with this longboard as it has been fitted with 7-inch aluminum shafts with 2 rubber rings. Both act as shock absorbers to provide impressive stability and handling. With such balance and speed, whether cruising, carving, or longboard descent, you will rule on all terrains.



Stylish longboard

Good traction

Well built

Very fast


Not so steep

5- Quest Zero Dark Skateboards

Quest Skateboards Zero Dark 40 Downhill


If you liked Enkeeo’s longboard, you’d love Quests Zero Dark. This “Black Out” is designed for riders like you who want quality that also means look. This 40 inch downhill longboard is built to last, thanks to the 7-ply hard maple deck in cold weather.

So, regardless of the pressure and force, it can flex effortlessly to respond to your movements. In addition, this longboard features durable and high-performance 70mm 80A wheels. It also adds 7-inch aluminum axles with a reverse center pivot.

The two works together to support you with impressive cornering stability for a long time. Most importantly, it included a dump truck to provide a lower center of gravity. Therefore, it will be easy for you to move forward with exceptional stability at a higher speed.

Plus, its unique open-wheel design limits wheel grip while on the go. As a result, it offers a smooth and safe ride without surprising sudden stops. Additionally, Quest Skateboards have installed ABEC 7 bearings on their axles. These bearings are ideal for high-speed longboards /


Smoother ride

Easy to control

Effortless to push and break

Stable driving

Very durable


Wheels not so high quality

6- Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill


If you’ve been using longboards for a while, you might be looking for something else. Something that can fuel your adrenaline and have a board that not everyone can ride. The opening is considered to be one of the greatest inventions in the industry 9. Before we move up a gear, let’s take a look at the board itself.

The platform is 36 inches long, which makes it very easy to control. It is made of a solid wood deck which makes it durable and sturdy. Plus, it has dual pivot axles to give passengers the stability they need.

This board is lightweight and cut for minimal wheel friction. These are really great if you want to do some extreme sculpting. Besides, this board has 69mm wheels which can make you ride fast at high speed. This board can be extremely fast, so it’s not suitable for beginners and daredevils who like to bombard.


Double pivot

Solid wood terrace

ABEC 5 bearings

Slalom 69mm 80A Wheels

Cutout for minimal wheel friction

Sidewinder Gull Wing Trucks


Very risky by the bombardments

Not suitable for beginners

7- Sector 9 Pinnacle Lookout Men’s Skateboard

Sector 9 Mens Pinnacle Lookout Complete Skateboard


If you are looking for speed and a board with a relaxed design, you have the Sector 9 Pinnacle Lookout to add to your list. It’s the best longboard for speed. Other than that, if you love nature and protect the environment, you will be happy to know that this board is made from 100% renewable bamboo.

If you’re new to longboarding, you’ll want to get a board that you can trust for the long haul. With this table, you don’t have to worry about it.

It is made of 5-ply vertically laminated Taco Mold bamboo, which makes it durable and lightweight. This sector 9 longboard allows you to use this board for travel, cruising, carving, and descents. The Pinnacle Lookout also has remarkably sturdy axles and a 74mm wheelset that sets it apart.

With the much larger wheels, you can go faster going downhill. At the same time, you are sure that it can withstand heavy loads and more difficult roads.


100% renewable bamboo

74mm 78A Top Plate Casters

PDP ABEC 5 bearings

10-inch paddle loaders

Transparent adhesive tape


Bearings may need to be updated for good performance.

8- Yocaher Blank / Checker Drop Down skateboards

Yocaher Blank Checker Complete Lowrider Skateboards


The Yocaher Blank / Checker Drop Down longboard has a minimalist design, which is ideal for looking for that style. By just looking at the thickness of the board, you can see how durable it is and how it can withstand heavy loads. Not to mention that this board is also ideal for beginners!

The longboard from this Yocaher brand has a drop platform design which is perfect if you want to aim for a lower center of gravity. By doing this, you can maintain balance and control of the board at high speeds. Getting your feet closer to the ground also gives you a lot more weight when turning!

Along with the durability and easy controls of this chainring, the wheels and bearings of this chainring add to its strength. The bearings are chrome which is hardened steel.

You can be sure that they will not break under any circumstances and will work quietly too! The ABEC 7 allows you to turn fast and have a high tolerance while keeping the wheels stable.

Speaking of wheels, the Yocaher Blank / Checker, the best drop-down longboard, uses a set of orangutang 78A wheels that are tough and strong. They are known to have a stronger grip on the surface to have a more confident ride while still allowing you to perform those quick turns and turns.


ABEC 7 Chrome Bearings

Black Widow Premium Grade 80A Grip Tape

9-ply concave maple

Q-Ball 70x52mm 78A Wheels

HD7 heavy trucks

Reverse kingpin


Bearings should be upgraded for best performance

9- Witham Longboards Skateboards

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete


WiiSham is committed to providing quality longboards at an affordable price. If you’re still a beginner and on the fence, if longboarding is really for you, then it’s only natural that you don’t want to spend that much. If you can identify yourself, you can add WiiSham Longboard to your roster.

Despite its affordability, this card’s platform doesn’t seem to disappoint. It is made of 9 ply Canadian maple making it durable and able to withstand heavier weights.

In addition, its dimensions are ideal for beginners, as it offers enough space to move your feet. This is especially important when you are still learning where you will feel most comfortable placing your feet.

As for the wheels, it has an 83A set which is relatively stiffer than most standard longboards. With harder wheels, you will surely be able to glide more easily around town. Plus, it’s sturdy enough that you can practice without worrying about how quickly it will wear out.

On the other hand, its ABEC 9 bearings are decent when you are just starting. It comes with a high-speed lubricant to keep your wheels rolling at a decent pace. When you’ve gotten used to balancing on the board, you might want to improve the bearings for better speed.


9-ply Canadian maple

70x52mm 83A wheels

ABEC 9 bearings

It has a high-speed lubricant

7-inch aluminum alloy trucks


Run a little slower

10- Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Cruising


There will be times when we just want to go through downtown and times when we want to have the adrenaline rush go as fast as possible downhill. If you can relate to yourself, the Magneto Longboard Bamboo might be the best downhill board for you.

The deck is made of carbon fiber, bamboo, and hybrid fiberglass. It may sound like a lot, but each component adds to your overall experience! This material makes the deck light but strong, which is the right balance for those descents, starting with carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Combine it with bamboo, which makes it durable and flexible. The thing with Magneto Longboard is that the wheels can be a bit loose. While this is great for maintaining speed, it does help increase speed and maintain speed, and you need to make sure you adjust it if you want those thrilling descents.

Not tightening the wheels could weaken the control a bit. With the ABEC 11 rating of this board, you are sure to enjoy a smooth and fast ride wherever you are. Plus, the smoothness of the wheels is great if you like drifting too.

Magneto is the best longboard for heavy riders. With this board, you can drift, sculpt, dance and surf as much as you want and as fast as you want!


ABEC 11 bearings

OS780 adhesive tape

Hybrid bridge in carbon fiber, bamboo, and fiberglass

W-shaped concavity

Wheels 70 × 53 78A


The wheels can be too soft and cowardly for some.

Types of downhill longboards


Drop-through longboards are one of the famous types of longboards for downhill skating. These uniquely shaped boards are closer to the ground, reducing the skaters’ center of gravity and providing better stability at high speeds.

These boards have thin ends and wheels visible from top to bottom and are a great option for beginners to downhill longboarding.


Top mount longboards with any longboard with a deck that specification trucks mounted directly to the bottom of the deck. These longboards can offer more grip than a drop-through longboard, which is important when running, especially when twisting and turning on bends.

A top-mounted longboard stays stable even when you’re skating really fast, and it also offers better technical performance, especially when it comes to slips and tight turns.

Buyer’s guide to the best downhill longboards

Choice of DECK style

The longboard platform is something to consider when purchasing a downhill longboard. Your riding style is also a consideration when choosing your board style. This means that there are many types of styles of longboarding.

We will go through drop-through and top-mount.

(i) Passage style

Most people highly recommend the drop-down table. The significant difference with the standard skateboard is the fit in the board.

However, this cutout allows for a perfect fit of the truck, making the board more stable. It is ideal for free driving at high speed, as it provides stability.

The longboard drop platform is easily controllable and also flexible. However, they have limited instability and limited turning ability due to the drift tendencies in the board.

(ii) Top mount

As for the top mount longboards, they differ from the gutter due to the truck mount style. Truck positioning is directly at the bottom of the dashboard. This mechanism allows the rider to turn the board quickly. Therefore, for aggressive runners, the upper support is perfect.

However, the positioning of the truck increases the height of the body at the expense of stability, which increases the risk of sway. They are suitable for seasonal riders, and other mechanisms, such as bushings and wheels, will help maintain balance.

Choice of trucks

As pointed out before, trucks play a crucial role in the overall performance of the board you want. This section will help you choose trucks for your longboard, along with the essential aspects that you should consider.

(i) Reverse Kingpin Trucks

First of all, you should know that there are two types of designs: the traditional kingpin design and the reverse kingpin. We’re going to take a look at the reverse pivot. It is considered the best.

The design gives the rider stability and flexibility at high speeds, while the turns are also very responsive. However, they come with an additional ride height over the traditional center pivot design.

(ii) Angle of the base plate

The angle of the base plate of the axles of your board is usually decisive for the overall feel of the ride. They generally come in two variations, which are the angles of 40 degrees and 50 degrees. The 40 degrees are perfect for freeriding and downhill as the rider tilts more.

They guarantee the rider a feeling of security and good leverage on the bridge. 50 degrees gives the rider more spin at the expense of a 40-degree incline. They feel more responsive and are suitable for sailing, sculpting, and descending.

(iii) Hangers

When it comes to hangers, width is the most important thing. If it is wider, it shows its stability. Plus, they’re more conducive to high speeds despite sacrificing truck grip. Narrower bars provide more grip and less stability.

They are maneuverable and more agile than the wide ones. The recommended width is 180mm and gives you the best grip and durability. They allow you to turn with sensitivity and give you a grip.

(iv) Width

Another important consideration is the axle width. They shouldn’t worry too much about the limits of the changes. However, you should know that there are two variations, the recently popular 10mm and the 8mm.

3- Choice of wheels


(i) Wheel diameter

First of all, the recommended diameter for the wheels is between 70 and 75mm, as it has a lower risk of wearing out too quickly, as in the case of smaller wheels. It also reduces the risk of wheel bite, which is more common on larger wheels.

(ii) Durometer

The measure of how smooth the urethane is on the wheel is the durometer. The flexible wheels have better grip and promote descent on a longboard. The recommended is 80a for ordinary people. The heaviest runners should be around 83rd place, depending on how you feel.

(iii) Profile of the lips

A sharp lip wheel is the best you should get. Indeed, the wheel with sharp tips will allow you to slide simultaneously with excellent grip.

(iv) Wheel width

The recommended wheel width varies between 50mm and 60mm. Such a wide wheel will give you extra grip when cornering. A wheel that is too wide will prevent you from slipping when you lose speed.

Choice of bearing

When selecting a bearing, an ideal option is to go for the inexpensive bearing, which can also be durable at the same time. So you need to get the bearing with a built-in spacer. Spacers help preserve the life of your bearings by reducing sideslip damage.

Use of safety equipment

Longboarding downhill involves great speed and can be a strain on the body at times. Therefore, I will help you protect yourself by going through the safety equipment you need.

(i) Helmet

Any type of hairstyle is better than having none at all. However, getting a CPSC-certified helmet is a good practice, as some states require it. Getting the Predator DH-6 and 187 Pro Skate Helmet are recommendations you should check out.

(ii) Gloves

Gloves should be very firm gloves with Derlin Plastics or UHMW from the best quality brands. They are perfect for high-speed glides to keep your hands protected.

(iii) Knee pads

At most, when one falls, the knees or hands fall, leaving bruises or more. To protect them from a fall, professionals should also have sturdy knee pads and elbows.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What type of longboard is suitable for downhill?

Answer: Downhill routes include turns, valleys, and curves. Therefore, drop-through / drop deck and top-mount longboards are the best-recommended downhill longboards. Each has a specific point of strength.

How fast can a longboard go down?

Answer: The speed of the longboard downhill varies from 50 to 70 mph for the descent. Be aware that speed will be affected by certain factors no matter which downhill longboard you choose.

How much does a decent longboard cost?

Answer: Many features add to the cost of a longboard. It is really difficult to identify the exact amount of a good longboard as the characteristics vary. It basically depends on what kind of experience you prefer to have.

Generally, a well-built longboard can go anywhere from $ 90 to $ 300. Longboards under 100 are suitable for those who want a simple longboard with simple functionality. Longboards over 300 are for those looking for rich style and durability.

Final words

You want the best downhill longboards, and you want them today. We have listed and analyzed the market-winning downhill longboards here. The price range varies with each table here. If you are looking for the best cheap longboard, here it is.

If you want the best longboard for dancing, we have listed this type as well. We try to include all downhill skateboarding longboard information here.

I hope our article helped you make that buying decision.

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