Top 15 Longboards For Heavy Riders in 2021

A longboard is a more comfortable and longer type of skateboard. Longboards can easily balance themselves thanks to the soft wheels and the wider floor for the rider. They are intended for cruises and transportation. In addition, they are a good source of training and provide various health benefits.

The longevity of a longboard depends on the combination of its use and construction, but adding more weight to the rider can strain them. Since wood is a natural material, small imperfections sometimes occur in the worst possible places. At other times, the culprit is poor foot placement.

There are several types of longboards available on the market. Each of them is uniquely designed and built and has different qualities. However, it is difficult for heavyweights to choose the best longboard.

If you are heavy, you can also burn calories every day with your transport. In the meantime, to maximize your pleasure.

Speaking of longboards, heavyweights are very reluctant to use longboards. Unfortunately, according to these people, longboards cannot support their weight.

In reality, ordinary, low-quality longboards do not guarantee durability. As a result, longboards have a weight problem that heavy riders cannot handle.

This article covers the essential details on the best longboards for heavy riders so that you can choose the right one based on your weight and height.

1. VOLADOR 42 inch heavier Longboard Riders


A VOLADOR longboard is ideal for taking with you on every trip. You can feel the wind blow through town or take in the scenery on a descent. The environment-friendly factor is an important thing that makes VOLADOR different. The product uses sustainable maple wood with methanol-free epoxy glue, which allows recycling and minimizes negative environmental impact as much as possible.

The board is made of 8 layers of special material, much better than plastic skateboards. The concave camber makes your skateboard super shock absorbent and limits wheel bite. The wheels of the table are very strong and made of durable materials which are difficult to break due to collisions or other impacts of external forces.

The versatility of the product is greatly enhanced by designing a special truck that allows you to adjust the rotation up and down and easily overcome obstacles. Trucks can turn at angles of 50 degrees, reducing the pressure on the bearings and giving you faster handling and response than ever before.


Durable wheels

Concave camber

Trucks can turn angles of 50 degrees



Bearings make noise


  1. Atom Drop Through Longboard for heavier riders


Heavy pilots always give Atom Drop a lot of trust and credibility due to the reliability and quality. First of all, this large skateboard is up to 40 inches in length, which helps tall and heavy skaters make tight turns without difficulty. The concave design makes it a top choice among passengers weighing around 275 pounds who want a great cruising experience.

The deck is made from layers of pressed bamboo and maple for durability and flexibility. Not only that, but your skateboard will also be lighter to help you comfortably carry it anywhere.

The trucks support the rotation of the angle of the skateboard up to 40 degrees, which increases the stability when driving at the highest speed or when maneuvering in difficult places and say goodbye to wheel bites. In addition, the Atom longboard has great designs and graphics that make any rider look cooler.

This longboard also features a smooth 78a wheel capable of absorbing big bumps. In this way, the stability is greatly improved, making the product ideal for long-distance travel and sightseeing.


A better option for 275 pounds riders

Bamboo and maple material

Wheels 78a

Great designs and graphics

40-degree turn trucks


Squeaky trucks

  1. Longboard Yocaher Aluminum Black Series Heavy Riders


Yocaher is going to change the mindset of those who say heavy guys can’t longboards. Yocaher is an ideal product for growing riders thanks to the premium 8-ply material of Canadian maple and bamboo for good strength and flexibility.

The platform is wide enough to allow heavier riders to relax their legs and enjoy their rides. The durability and sturdiness of this skateboard allow you to glide downhill and skate around the neighborhood effortlessly. The concave radius is designed to create better responsiveness and stability, which allows people to maximize control.

The wheels are made of standard PU material, which provides a high rebound for heavy riders. Another main feature of the product is the ABEC 7 bearings, and it comes with a nylon ball cage which makes them more durable.

Yocaher Longboard with great graphics can be an ideal choice for beginners who surf in your parks and neighborhoods. Therefore, why not give the model a chance to prove itself?


8 layers of Canadian maple and bamboo

Wide bridge

Concave radius

Polyurethane wheels

ABEC 7 bearings

Nylon ball cage


The rings are rigid


  1. Longboard Santa Cruz Heavier Riders


This Santa Cruz Lion God longboard is considered a high-quality product in terms of style and durability. In addition, the longboard is also from one of the best brands in the world.

The first strong impression of the product is the background of the skateboard with powerful, vivid, and colorful lion designs. The board measures 40 inches long and 10 inches wide with a deep concave design that helps keep your feet comfortable while helping to absorb more weight and limit biting.

Durability is a factor that always gives you confidence when wearing Lion God. Nine layers of North American maple create a strong and durable structure that makes it an ideal skateboard for heavier riders.

The Thunder Juice wheels are arranged in a reasonable balance so that players can complete the entire sliding trip on the street or any bumpy surface. The Lion God is showcased by Road Rider Trucks with the reverse pivot structure that creates the perfect agility that lets you handle even the toughest cuts comfortably.


Road trucks

Thunder Juice Wheels

Nine-ply North American maple

Powerful, vivid, and colorful lion designs


Bearings seem fast at first but won’t last

5. Longboard Flybar Drop-Through for heavier riders


Flybar is one of the best longboards available for heavy riders. It comes with high-quality and well-made parts to help you drive like a dream. The Twin Tip platform design allows you to make smooth, tight turns without worrying about biting the steering wheel and gives you optimal control.

The Zig Zag Circle Flybar Longboard design is made from a solid 8-ply maple frame with a deep concave for a powerful and flexible ride. Your weight will no longer be a problem thanks to the resistance and solid product it provides.

This panel is highlighted by the excellent adhesive tape design with the Flybar logo, which creates distinctive beauty and provides a firm grip for your feet, creating better control for a more stable ride.

Aluminum trucks provide a strong load carrier that lowers the center of gravity for increased speed and better control. The performance of your skateboard will increase with smoothness and responsiveness when dancing.


Zig Zag Circle Deck

8-ply maple frame

Aluminum trucks

Twin Tip Bridge

Deep concave


Bearings won’t last long


  1. Heavier Longboard Landyachtz Switchblade riders


The Landyachtz Switchblade skateboard is equivalent to 40 inches and is perfect for adults and children. It would be better if you could buy the model and enjoy it.

The longboard deck is made of good wood and is sturdy to make players feel more secure. The layers of wood are pressed together to make the product unbreakable. Specifically, the skateboard bearings are made of high-quality Abec 7 color-coded stainless steel, adding value to this sporty skateboard set.

For some heavy-duty skateboards, the bite of the wheel is always an issue to be aware of. But with the Landyachtz Switchblade, you can say goodbye to this difficulty thanks to the innovative design of the Drop Carve Wave.

The wheel size is 54mm light and firm for smoother movement. The sturdy reverse axles as well as the bearings help withstand heavy loads and at the same time provide a certain level of flexibility to the board.


Fluid movement offered

Abec 7 bearings

Reverse trucks

Drop Carve Wave


Bad enough duct tape


  1. Heavier Landyachtz Drop Hammer Longboard Riders


The Landyachtz Drop Hammer is an ideal longboard to take with you on any trip. The Landyachtz Drop Hammer longboard offers users perfect durability thanks to its super tough material. The deck is made of 2 layers of fiberglass for added stability and 4 layers of bamboo for considerable flexibility. The excellent combination of these two special materials makes the skateboard the perfect companion for heavier riders on the roads.

As the name suggests, the product will give you a powerful hammer-shaped drop over hills and streets with the ability to be extremely flexible and durable, worth every dollar of your money.

Abec 7 bearings with maximum precision give you the greatest versatility behind the wheel, helping you quickly reach your desired speed and fly on the road. The soft wheels have good impact resistance and good recovery so that you don’t feel the feeling of roughness on the road surface while maintaining effective balance.


4 layers of bamboo for considerable flexibility

2 layers of fiberglass that increase stability

Abec 7 bearings

The wheels have good impact resistance and recovery.


Bearings don’t last long

8. Longboard Sector 9 Meridian Heavier Riders


Like most longboards of this type, the Sector 9 Meridian Heavier Riders Longboard has a 40-inch deck that helps you keep your balance and allows you to get closer to the ground.

Plus, the 35 “wheelbase paired with 10” Gullwing cargo trucks is perfect for new drivers, giving you a firm grip and stable, fun rides. You can get the most out of this graph by using it to navigate downhill or around blocks in your neighborhood. After a while, you will find that it glides effortlessly after the wheels have worn down a bit.

The top is made from a pressed 8 ply maple dowel mold to give it a nice finish. However, the bearings cannot withstand excessive use for a long time without proper maintenance and cleaning, so be sure to pay special attention to them.


Lightweight and compact construction

Good for navigation

The wheels are ideal for all terrains

Scratch-resistant exterior


Only suitable for new riders

Hitting a sidewalk can cause cracks


  1. Yocaher Speed ​​Drop Down Longboard for heavier riders

If you are a beginner in skateboarding and like longboards simultaneously, the Yocaher Longboard is a great option. The model is of high quality and genuine, as the manufacturer officially distributes it.

First of all, it offers a decent grip thanks to the 80A grip tape aluminum axles and 78A hardness wheels. Here’s a quick tip: you should go for skateboards with 78A-87A wheels as they are flexible and offer the most grip if you are a beginner.

This longboard is ideal for downhill, as the 33-inch wheelbase provides the best grip on any surface. The best thing about this device is the drop-down platform functionality, as you might have noticed from the name.

The model can increase your ability to maneuver the board to some extent and ultimately give you a speed boost without worrying about losing your balance at high speeds.


Suitable for beginners

Allows you to drive at high speed without worrying about losing control

Sharp-edged 78A hardness wheels for better grip

Heavy-duty laminate maple construction


Poor quality bearings and rings

Trucks can be loose


  1. CAN VIEW Bamboo Heavier Riders Longboard

You can’t go wrong with the SANVIEW Bamboo Heavier Riders Longboard if you’re looking for something to ride a short distance, like around campus or neighborhood school/work.

The construction is sturdy with super-hard 83A PU pads and ABEC 9 quick-release bearings. Plus, the 7-inch trucks give you enough grip to move around and do tricks.

However, unlike the Yocaher, experienced skaters will appreciate this board more than beginners. However, since the board is relatively light compared to other longboards on the market, beginners can try it out as well.

In addition, SANVIEW offers you 7 color mixing options; this deck construction is a combination of layers of Canadian maple and bamboo, giving you a dreamy look to match your everyday outfit. For that price, you hardly have to find anything as good as this board.


Lightweight, easy to transport

Good value for money

Robust and unique construction

Achieves sharpness while maintaining excellent stability


Prone to scratches

Low-quality bearings

  1. Longboard Magneto Bamboo Heavier Riders

Are you a big fan of bamboo and maple longboards? If so, you can’t miss the Magneto Bamboo Heavier Riders Longboard.

At first glance, you will be impressed by the high-quality exterior; Also, this board is said to last for many years even though you overuse it daily, and by abuse, I mean using it frequently. Thanks to the folding truck, the Magneto board can offer smooth and fun rides around the neighborhood while maintaining a large center of gravity.

While most wood planks are plywood or maple, or sometimes a combination of both, Magneto board is a perfect combination of fiberglass and bamboo. This results in an elegant and durable finish that will help you “flex” with your friends at times.


The wide 9-inch chainring provides good posture and stable high-speed exits.

Attractive fiberglass and plywood construction.

Drop-in-truck function for smooth rides with a better center of gravity

Very responsive


Trucks squeak a lot


  1. Longboard White Wave Bamboo Heavy Riders

The White Wave Bamboo Heavier Riders longboard is extremely light at 3.5 pounds; in fact, this longboard is on the list of lightest longboards of 2019. This product is ideal for skaters of all skill levels, from novice to pro.

The platform is large enough to carry tall riders with a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Like its counterparts, the models I mentioned above, this board also comes with a pull-down cart feature for easy tilting, cornering, and tricks.

You can use this board for walks on the beach or around the neighborhood, or just keep it in your backpack to add a little touch to your outfit. The designers must have been very dedicated to the process of making this board as it has a concave design deck to give riders more comfort and support when descending.


Very light

Bearings with integrated spacers

Ideal for navigating downhill

Ultra-high rebound sockets


Trucks make a loud noise when driving

Low-quality bearings


  1. Longboard Kahuna Creations Heavier Riders

Kahuna is one of the most reliable longboard products that many skateboarders love because of its design and premium quality. The longboard is made of high-quality Canadian maple wood, which makes it sturdy. The 9-ply laminate deck helps to improve the durability of the board dramatically.

The longboard deck has a deep concave design that helps it support a maximum weight of 260 pounds. The 2-inch drop platform gives you the best safety and stability while riding while giving you maximum and easy control even if you are a heavy guy.

It’s also worth mentioning that the premium 70mm 82A wheels with high-performance bore bearings can absorb most of the bumps in the road. You will feel comfortable sailing like the wind on the roads or downhill.

Kahuna is one of the best beginner boards because it is flexible and reliable. Not only does it give you a smooth ride when riding, but it also looks stylish, thanks to the Silica Sand Grip.


High-quality Canadian maple wood

9-layer laminate blanket

Deep concave design W

The maximum weight is up to 260 pounds.

2-inch folding platform

A handful of silica sand

Premium 70mm 82A Wheels


Bearings can break over time.


  1. Longboard for heavier riders Sector 9 Platinum Series


The Sector 9 Platinum is an integrated ABEC-5 bearing model that can offer users high spin speeds to make their experience smoother. In addition, it is made of high-quality maple wood.

Maple-style skateboards with integrated ECG grip strip keep the product durable and sturdy effectively. The 9-ply double-locking maple top helps skateboards carry heavy loads and is ideal for heavy types.

The wheels are made of mid-size PU material to create a stable balance for the users as they descend. Smooth, shock-absorbing, and highly impact-resistant wheels let you navigate as if you were flying on smooth or rough surfaces. The variety of colorful wheels allows you to customize to your liking feeling.

Beautifully designed with stunning colors, Sector 9 Platinum is the product that young people, especially heavyweight riders, love. Sector 9 Platinum is also a product suitable for beginners to learn to skate, thanks to the stability and flexibility of skateboards.


ABEC-5 bearings

High-quality 9-ply maple wood

ECG anti-slip tape

9-ply double-locking maple top

Impact-resistant wheels


Loud trucks


  1. Rayne Demonseed Gosha Heavier Riders Longboard

It is made of high-quality, durable, and high-quality Canadian maple. The 9-ply maple wood top is curved for better performance. The design of the low concave longboard aims to create the maximum balance of the board.

Stainless steel is used to produce model bearings. As a result, the bearing capacity will be greatly improved, and many smooth movements will be created. Therefore, the levels of durability and safety are high and guaranteed.

In addition, Rayne Demonseed Gosha wheels are made of durable PU. You will surely be satisfied with the top-level skateboard set. The board has a 70mm wheel size front and rear for maximum balance and flexibility when surfing and gliding on all surfaces.

In addition, the brightly colored patterns on the skateboard increase children’s interest in participating in this very special sport of street skating. It is an ideal gift for beginners due to its attractive appearance and flexibility, which will help you learn new tricks.


Premium Canadian Maple

Stainless steel bearings

Durable PU material

Bouncing shrubs

Cute style


Narrow trucks

What to consider when choosing a longboard for heavy riders?

A person should keep in mind the factors mentioned below to buy the best longboard for a great rider.


Weight capacity!

It doesn’t matter what unique characteristics a longboard has, but it cannot support its weight. However, it would be a great risk for a cyclist if the longboard breaks during the trip. Also, for the cyclist’s comfort, the maximum weight capacity is mentioned in the description of each product. Or, if it is not available, you can have a rough estimate of the weight capacity from the deck materials.

Also, strong riders are advised to choose handcrafted bamboo or multi-layered maple longboards. Both types of longboards are sturdy and flexible. They offer shock absorption capacity as well as optimal control of the longboard during an outing. Meanwhile, the longboard with an eight-ply maple deck material combined with bamboo or fiberglass can easily accommodate 220-300 pounds.



Top-quality longboard makers always supply the best material. They have experienced designers to build top-notch longboards with unique graphics. Some big brands offer high-quality materials with different characteristics at affordable prices. They offer the best longboards for all cycling communities, including heavy riders. So that heavy cyclists can also enjoy fun rides. However, if you are a heavy person, it is suggested that you consider some of the best brands while selecting the best in longboarding.


To support a heavyweight of 200 to 300 pounds, the platform must be strong enough. The deck material, appearance, height, and concave are the top priorities to consider when choosing a longboard.


The strongest longboard material:

There are four types of deck materials available for a longboard. They are made of bamboo, maple, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. All of these materials have certain advantages and disadvantages. Based on expert advice, it is revealed that a combination of two or more materials creates strong and durable longboards.

In addition, the hybrid of maple with bamboo and fiberglass with bamboo is considered an ideal option for strong riders to enjoy a smooth and easy cruise. Meanwhile, the combination of maple and bamboo provides more flexibility, making it more suitable for travel and cruising. In addition, the strongest covers consist of a minimum of eight stacks. The nine layers are even better and provide more support for heavy riders. A cape is simply a ply of wood used on the decks of a longboard. Nine layers mean that the deck is made of stratification of nine layers of wood.

The shape of the Deck:

There are three shapes of longboard available: the relatively flat curve, the downward curve, and the upward curve. If you are a heavy cyclist, it is advisable to never choose a downward curve shape due to its overly flexible nature. Better to choose an ascending curve and a relatively flat curve.


Height of Deck

If you are a heavy cyclist and you like freestyle, freeride, and long distances. So you need a regulation between the height of the tray and the bite of the wheel. However, taller riders should choose a high setting and a longer board. On the other hand, short runners should consider wheel arches, flares, and wheel cutouts. Meanwhile, to prevent the wheel from biting, add chocks and risers.


Along with the material, shape, and height, the concave also contributes to the toughness of the board. A deeper concave provides greater rigidity.


The toughest longboard trucks for big riders!

Longboard trucks need to be strong because they offer high maneuverability, strength, and durability. They should offer optimal control while driving so that you can make tight turns comfortably, even at high speeds. In addition, the free-fall style of the truck is ideal for stunt driving.

While for the downhill drive, ing you should opt for the top-mounted tracks. In addition, the base plates, pivots, axles, and nuts are components of the truck. They provide support in handling heavyweights. Never choose nylon and plastic base plates. Instead, aluminum baseplates are the best and provide better support. In addition, according to the recommendations, you should select center pivots of a hollow form and steel shafts.


Longboard wheels for heavy riders!

Heavy riders should choose longboards with small and medium wheels. Never use large wheels because due to the heavyweight they generate higher forces, they ultimately provide better grip for more stable rides. Large wheels are not ideal in this case. In addition, always select harder wheels as these wheels do not compress with the head by weight. And the extra compression can increase the rolling resistance, which is not suitable for a smooth ride. It is advisable to consider a wheel with a durometer of about 80a with a diameter between 70 and 75 mm. These types of wheels are ideal for strong runners. Meanwhile, longer bases are more practical because longboards with short bases are difficult to handle flexiblydle.



Bearings are also an important feature of a longboard. However, good quality steel is considered the best material for making bearings. This type of bearing is durable and useful for handling heavy riders. Remember that the best quality bearings aren’t too cheap and you have to pay a fair amount for them. In the meantime, never go for ceramic bearings as they are weak and expensive compared to steel bearings. The ABEC rating scale measures tolerance, which means how well the parts of the bearing fit together. Higher ratings indicate better bearings. However, longboards that have ABEC size 7-9 bearings are ideal for heavy riders.



They are an essential component of a longboard for a smooth ride, but bushings are often underestimated by many riders when choosing a longboard. Strong runners never choose caps that are too soft as they can lead to falls and ultimately cause serious injury. Meanwhile, pads that are too hard lead to a bumpy and uncontrollable ride. Heavy riders should therefore choose 90 A + bushings for ideal performance. Additionally, riders who want a flexible board should choose 91A hubs, while riders who like a stiff longboard for riding should choose the 97a + hub type. Cone and barrel-shaped pads minimize drag when cornering and improve performance at top speed.


Longboard size!

Length and width are always measured before purchasing a longboard. For best performance, both should be adjusted according to your height and shoe size. Consider the width of the longboard that you can easily stand on and make smooth, hassle-free turns. However, the length depends on the driving styles.



Do longboards have a weight limit?

They Yes. For heavy riders, 220 pounds is ideal at 300 lbs

How do you know what size longboard to purchase?

Two main factors determine the choice of a longboard: your size and your style of skateboarding. A 38-42 inch longboard is suitable for skaters up to 6.3 feet and ideal for all types of skating. If you are taller, then you should purchase the bigger longboard.

What size longboard should I buy for my weight?

300 pounds riders should choose a maple and fiberglass board. A maple and bamboo board is also a good option for those who weigh 275 pounds or less. Your longboard should be fitted with deep concave steel bearings, shaped like an upward curve.


Final thoughts

Longboards are for everyone, and that’s the bottom line. We’ve covered the essential things to discover the best longboards for taller, heavier, and taller riders. As you now recognize the crucial characteristics for heavy longboard riders, let’s recap these characteristics:

The deck should have at least 8 layers.

And Size of the tires does not matter.

The length of the wheelbase should be whatever you prefer.

The width of the bridge should be 8.75 “to 10”.

The material of the deck can be maple or bamboo.

Deck material with an amalgamated fiberglass layer is preferred.

The shape of the table can vary, but the “concave shape” is best.

So get out there and enjoy your trip!


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