Best Longboard For Surfing in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

As everyone knows, there are many types of surfboards in the water sports market. Choosing the best is important because it will have a huge effect on your skills and boating experience.

Among these different surfboards, longboard has long been admired by many surfers, from beginners to advanced surfers. Surfers love longboarding because it brings so much fun and more waves than any other surfboard design.

Longboards tend to work well in waves that are too small to ride with a shortboard due to the combination of board buoyancy and shared volume. Longboards have become popular with expert surfers who have the ability to ride a wave while keeping their toes on the tip of the board.

In addition, it offers experienced surfers a more athletic challenge when they want to master new surfing techniques. Your surfing experience will be more exciting if you have the best longboard and the best wetsuit.

Whether you’re new to surfing or want to brush up on your longboard skills, here’s a list of the best longboards on the market to get you started.

In this list, we provide the best soft roofs, epoxies, and resin boards that will have you cruising the ocean for years to come. With this in-depth review, we’re confident that you can easily choose the best longboard based on your skill level, body type, and budget.


Why do you need a Longboard surfboard?

There are several types of surfboards available in the market. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, be aware that the best surfboard is the one that adapts to your body type, adapts to your surfing skills, experience, and water conditions.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why you should add a longboard to your surfing activity.


Beginner surfers


Longboards come highly recommended for novice surfers for a reason. The first reason is that it is safer to ride than shortboards. Longboard surfboards generally have longer shapes than any other surfboard design.

The longboard is an ideal choice because you can ride and maneuver it easily, even the first time you ride a surfboard. In addition, the longboard is much easier to catch in the waves. You will have more speed to row.

Experienced surfers


Are you an experienced surfer and want to practice more advanced surfing techniques? However, big swells don’t always turn out the way you want them to. In this case, longboards will be the best option.

Longboard surfboards will help you to learn more advanced surfing tricks and techniques while enjoying surfing. Plus, you’ll have more exciting downtime as longboards give you more waves than any other board.



  1. SBBC Hybrid Soft Top Longboard Surfboard


The SBBC Hybrid Soft Top Longboard surfboard is designed as a combination of soft-top and surfboard. This surfboard is not only versatile but also so durable that it can last a long time.

The base material of the board is closed cell EPS. This is considered one of the strongest materials, preventing the board from being damaged and scratched.

In addition, its top cover is made of waterproof material to prevent slipping. You can start surfing with more stability. In addition, it is no longer necessary to use surf wax.

Another great advantage of this board is that it comes with so many accessories needed for a more enjoyable boating experience. Accessory elements include a water repellent fin and strap.

This board is also responsive and suitable for practicing small, brittle and soft waves. Another great thing about this board is its extremely high performance as it comes with premium materials to ensure its durability and performance.



Built to last

High quality and resistant materials

No need to wax

Damage and scratches – free

Fin and strap included

It can be ridden in small waves.


The buoyancy does not seem very good

  1. Wavestorm 9 ′ Classic Pinline Longboard Surfboard


If you are looking for a good longboard for learning to surf on a budget, you should try this Wavestorm 9 Classic Pinline Longboard surfboard.

It is one of the most common models among the various Wavestorm models. This board is not only lightweight but also easy to use, making it an ideal choice for beginner surfers. However, it is also suitable for professional surfers to make the most of it.

The bottom of the Wavestorm 9 ′ Classic Pinline is made of high-density polyethylene, which prevents the board from being damaged. Plus, it comes with a solid ESP foam core and three stringers.

This board gives a total of 98 liters of volume, so this will be the surf experience if you have less than 200 pounds of weight. Plus, it comes with an ankle strap, fins, and traction pad, making it a great deal.



Fins, strap, and traction pad included.

High-quality materials



Suitable for beginners and experienced surfers


It seems a bit slippery on first use.



  1. Creative Army Five Sugar PU Longboard Surfboard


The Creative Army Five Sugars PU Longboard surfboard is made of polyurethane material, strong and durable. Also, he comes with a nasty rocker on his profile. This feature makes it an ideal option for nose riding.

One of the most striking features of this card is its superior design. This design looks simple, but it is so powerful that it can charge the wave directly. Plus, you can enjoy faster clipping while surfing, thanks to its flatter midsection.

If you are a beginner, you won’t have to worry about balancing your stance as this board offers the nose for added stability. In addition, this board is available in two different sizes and colors. So you choose the one that best suits your body type and your favorite color.



Perfect for nose pilots

Robust and resistant material


Flatter mid-section for faster cutting

Provides a more stable platform


A strap not included


  1. Wavestorm 8 ′ Classic Longboard Surfboard


Do you like to surf but don’t know which board to choose from? You should definitely try this Wavestorm 8 ′ Classic Longboard surfboard. This board is not only suitable for beginner surfers; it is also ideal for children and is widely used in surf lessons. The reason is that it is light and easy to handle.

This board is made from high-density polyethylene, just like another longboard for surfing. It is such a strong material that it can prevent the impact of strong waves and last a long time. In addition, this foam surfboard features an ESP core with three stringers to ensure durability.

Another great advantage of this board is that it comes with eye-catching fins, which can be removed at any time, an ankle strap, and a fraction pad. With these features, you don’t have to worry about sliding off the top of the board while trying to balance your stance.


Easy to catch the waves

Soft and light for easy portability.

Incredibly optimistic

Top-quality materials


Required accessories included


It is Suitable for those who weigh less than 200 pounds.

  1. Modern Love Child PU Longboard Surfboards

This PU Modern Surfboards Love Child Longboard is a perfect combination of longboard stability and shortboard maneuverability. This longboard is famous for women.

Its profile comes with a lower rock, which is suitable for those who want to try to ride the board’s nose. In addition, it has a pintail, which provides more lift while sailing.

Modern Love Child PU surfboards, as the name suggests, are made of PU. The material used for making these longboards is the strongest, so its durability is ensured. This board is 6 feet long. Many people think that this length is a great length for women. The reason is that women tend to be shorter than men.

Modern Love Child PU surfboards are a great option for female surfers. It is designed with a pintail, which gives it more lift to catch more waves.


Durable material

Ideal for surfers

Lower rock design

Tail pin for more lift


The fin and strap are not included.



  1. Stormblade 10 ′ Storm Blade Longboard Surfboard


Like the other longboard surfboards on my list, the underside of the Stormblade 10 ′ Storm Blade Longboard is made of high-density polyethylene. This material provides strength and durability to ensure the performance and longevity of the board. Its foam core is made of ESP and three strings of marine layers, adjusted according to your needs.

Moreover, it comes with all the necessary accessories for the best browsing experience. In particular, the Stormblade 10 ′ Storm Blade is equipped with silica rings, a strap top plug, grease tubes, and fins.

You can easily remove the shutters at any time for easy transport and storage. It is super buoyant, which is suitable for beginners as well as experienced surfers. The Stormblade 10 ′ Storm Blade is made with high-quality materials, which guarantee its longevity. Moreover, it comes with all the necessary accessories for you to have the best browsing experience. All of these things make it a great value option.


Value for money

The necessary accessory kit is included

High-quality materials.

Easy to handle


Easy to transport and store.


Probably not suitable for competitive surfing.


  1. California Board Company 9 ′ Foam Longboard Surfboard


The California Board Company 9 ′ Foam Longboard is one of the most suitable boards for beginner and intermediate surfers, thanks to its exceptional hood design.

It is also ideal for medium to large adults because it is amazing in length and thickness. With this board, you can balance your stance better than any other board. The reason is that it gives you a more stable platform. So you can enjoy smoother and more fun rides.

In addition, this California Board Company 9 ‘foam is equipped with a high-quality rope and strap and three water repellent fins. These attached functions are easy to install, so you don’t have to worry about assembly.

Like other longboard surfboards on this list, this board is made with premium ESP foam. This material prevents the board from getting wet and scratching.

The California Board Company 9 ′ foam comes with an incredibly soft top, perfect for beginner riders and even intermediate-level surfers. In addition, you can prevent damage to the board with its high quality and durable materials.


Bulky, floating design

Best soft-top longboard

High-quality materials

Waterproof and scratch-free.

Includes rope, strap, and fin


The foam does not offer a great lift.

  1. Liquid Shredder FSE Soft Longboard surfboard


Are you looking for a longboard surfboard for the whole family? Definitely give this Liquid Shredder FSE Soft Longboard a try. This board is specially designed for any surfer, from your children to beginners to professional surfers in your family.

The most outstanding feature of this board is its soft material, and elastic fins, which can minimize the risk of injury, especially your children will be safe while enjoying the fun of surfing with these amazing features.

The Liquid Shredder FSE has incredible rigidity thanks to its EFE foam, fiberglass, and two wooden rails. It also offers more strength and rigidity because it is made of durable white PP (polypropylene), one of the strongest materials.

If you are thinking of buying longboard surfboards for the whole family, I highly recommend this Liquid Shredder FSE. Not only is it of high quality, but it is also safe for your children thanks to its elastic fins.


An ideal choice even for most novice surfers and professional cyclists.

High-quality materials.

Heat the laminate without glue.

Strength and rigidity

Elastic fins to prevent injuries.


A strap is not included.


  1. 9ft StormBlade Longboard Surfboard


If you’ve been surfing for a long time and find a longboard to challenge yourself, this StormBlade 9ft Longboard will be perfect for you intermediate surfers. The number one reason this board is great for intermediates is that it can help you get through waves no matter what conditions you find yourself in. It will absolutely improve your surfing experience.

In addition, it is extremely thick to give you more stability and high performance even if you are in the big waves. Like the Wavestorm 8 ′ Classic, this 9ft StormBlade features an ESP foam core and three marine stringers that can be adjusted to suit your needs. Its smooth bottom is also made of high-density polyethylene, strong enough to guarantee the life of the board.

This board comes with some of the necessary accessories for your best boating experience, including rings and a silica strap. Plus, it’s made with molded cores to keep it straight and a better balance position.

The StormBlade 9ft is a smart choice for intermediate-level surfers, thanks to its soft-top design and premium materials. However, you may need to wax the board for the first time as it is slippery.



Perfect for intermediate surfers

High-quality materials.

Provides more stability to catch waves smoothly

Bracelet and silica ring included.

Durable background

Built to last


It seems a bit slippery on first use.


  1. Wave Bandit Easy Rider 8’0 Longboard Surfboard


The Wave Bandit Easy Rider 8’0 is one of the best longboards for beginners, thanks to its incredible ability to help you catch more waves. It comes in a large size which provides more floor space. More impressive, you can only find this massive area on this longboard, not shortboards. This way, you can catch more waves, especially in shallow water.

The Wave Bandit Easy Rider 8’0 is designed with an ESP core, which makes it incredibly light. It is considered to be one of the highest density materials. These features allow you to ride the board regardless of the height of the waves.

This board comes with a round tip that allows you to paddle with ease. These features also minimize the ability to tip over so you can enjoy more fun rides.

Another advantage of this board includes useful accessories such as the double wooden stringer and the tri-fin. These two characteristics are considered to promote the strength and the rotational capacity of the board.

The Wave Bandit Easy Rider 8’0 is an ideal board for beginner and professional surfers due to its ability to catch more waves. It also includes the necessary accessories for greater stability and greater turning capacity.


Perfect for catching the waves

High-quality materials.

Easy to grow with a large area

Three-fin design for easy turning



A strap not included


  1. NSP Elements HDT Longboard Surfboard


The NSP Elements HDT Longboard surfboard comes with a nylon center fin and two M3 FCS side fins. This characteristic makes it the best high-performance longboard on the market.

Thanks to its versatile design, this board can be used widely, from normal surf to nose drive. This board is made of double concave. This shape makes it more responsive to all levels of surfers.

Additionally, the NSP Elements HDT is constructed with durable materials to ensure longevity. It is also designed with molded technology and an ESP core which is supposed to prevent water. The bottom is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is incredibly strong. However, those new to learning to surf should wax the board before surfing to avoid slipping.


High efficiency

Innovative design

Durable materials

Built to last

ESP core to prevent water


It can be a bit slippery on the top of the board, but it can be secured with surf wax.


  1. California Board Company 8 ′ Longboard Surfboard


Another great choice from California Board Company. The 8 ′ CBC may not be some kind of soft-top like the 9 ′ versions. However, it is super light, which makes it perfect for any surfer of any height. This longboard offers a surface large enough that you can easily paddle and catch the waves. Also, you can find more stability to balance your position if you are surfing for the first time.

If you are an expert surfer, you can also take the opportunity to challenge yourself with more difficult surfing techniques. Like the other boards on this list, this board is constructed with a smooth ESP core HDPE bottom, exceptionally high density, and waterproof. It is also strong and sturdy enough that the board will last a long time.

Plus, it comes with a few necessary accessories to give you the best riding experience, like a strap, molded spars, and a three-fin design, one in the center of the board and two on the side of the board.

The California Board Company 8 ′ is strong and durable but still super light. Its high-quality material ensures longevity, so you don’t need to spend the money on unnecessary replacements.



High-quality materials for longer life

100% water-repellent ESP core

Polyurethane strap included




You must wax the top of the board before surfing as it is a bit slippery.

It does not come with a good surfboard bag.



  1. SBBC 8’8 Heritage Soft-Top Longboard Surfboard


It is one of the few longboard surfboards that does not have wax. This means that you can start surfing for the first time without waxing the top. It is also considered to be one of the most durable cards among other similar SBBC models.

This board is made of high-quality materials to ensure its durability and longevity. In addition, the textured foam gives you a comfortable feeling during your cruise.

The Heritage SBBC 8’8 soft top comes with three stringers, which can minimize flex. It is no longer necessary to wax the top of the board. This feature also gives you more strength.

The base of this board is HDPE, like almost all other longboard surfboards, which can improve the durability of the board. Plus, you can navigate faster thanks to this durable material.

Many surfers widely use the SBBC 8’8 Heritage soft top because it is durable, sturdy, and easy to handle. Most importantly, it is wax-free, ensuring the best browsing experience.


Easy to use and clean

No wax

High-quality material to improve strength

Durable and higher navigation speed

Three-fin system to minimize flexion


It seems to be a lot more expensive than other longboards.

  1. Boardworks Froth Soft Top Longboard Surfboard


If you are a little taller than the rest and struggle to choose the most suitable longboard surfboard, you should try this Boardworks Froth Soft Top Longboard surfboard.

Not only does this board have a versatile design, but it also gives you great volume, which is perfect for adults. It is light but so strong that it can withstand a heavy load.

The outer skin of this board is EVA, and the foam core is ESP like other boards. This material can prevent the board from getting soggy and scratched. Plus, it’s sturdy and durable to ensure longevity.

The Boardworks Froth soft top is specially designed for adults. It’s super strong and durable. It also offers a large volume and a large surface for easier paddling.


It comes with a large volume.

Strong and big enough for fat guys

Durable materials

Last a long time



A little slippery



  1. BIC Sport PAINT Longboard surfboard


With this BIC Sport PAINT Longboard surfboard, you can easily turn small waves into breakable and rippable waves, perfect for advanced surfers. This board is built with an ESP core, which gives you a feeling of security and comfort. In addition, this material is also durable to ensure its long service life.

Also, you can find molded wood patterns or composite stringers. These features give you more convenience while having fun browsing. The deck and rail of this BIC Sport PAINT are made from radiation cross-linked polyethylene, which is considered an incredibly durable material.

The BIC Sport PAINT will be a perfect choice for advanced surfers who want to challenge themselves with more difficult surf skills. It comes with high-quality material to help you feel the best comfort while browsing.



Perfect for expert surfers

Includes two fins

Durable material

Last a long time

Molded wood for a more comfortable feel


A strap not included

It seems to be a little slippery


How to choose the best longboard for surfing


Longboards are generally considered to be any surfboard over 8 feet long and 20 inches wide that has a rounded tip at their most basic level. How to choose the best longboard for your needs? First, learn more about longboards.

Modern longboards are available in sizes between 8 and 12 feet long (some are even longer). Her most common longboard is around 9-10 feet. Surfers choose longboards for their ease of paddling and catching waves, as well as their line speed (especially on small waves without guts).


Surfboard design materials


You’re most common boards are still made from good old-fashioned polyurethane (PU) foam coated with fiberglass. In the center, a balsa wood stringer will add strength and flexibility. Polyurethane longboards do bump and absorb water, but the fun thing about longboards (unlike shortboards) is that they keep breaking even when they’re heavy and ugly.

Balsa wood boards are also popular with purists, as they are a nod to the classic school and era of longboard surfers who spearheaded the first incarnation of surfing. In addition, the raft has unique properties in terms of flexibility and weight, which top surfers prefer. Balsa wood planks are better for the environment, and good balsa is very light and difficult to break.

Epoxy surfboards are strong and light. One problem with epoxy is its weight. Longboards need a bit of weight and flexibility to spice up their performance. Epoxy is generally stiff and very light.


Longboards vary widely in length, so it really depends on what you expect from your board. Shorter boards are more maneuverable—the longer aboard, the more space it will need to turn. If you are looking for a board for more progressive surf (cuts and floats), then a shorter performance board is your trade (ranging from 8 to 10 feet). If you are looking to draw a more traditional line with an emphasis on the nose and cross-steps, go for more time.


Thickness and width


Most longboards are over 2.5 inches thick with a thinner nose and tail. Floating is a deceptive beast because the thicker and “float” the board, the easier it is to catch and make waves. However, a too-thick board and “floating” will not turn well or respond well to the curve of the wave. The key here is moderation. If it’s thinner, stay on the lower end of the thickness (2.5 inches), but the taller it is, the closer it should get to that 3+ range.

The same goes for the width. A thin board will be great for gripping in juicy waves and will work well in steeper waves where there isn’t as much need for responsive turns in tight spaces. Wider boards are great for soft waves with plenty of room to turn. A longboard can vary from 22 to 25 inches in width and will vary in nose and tail depending on its purpose. Noseriders will have a wider nose, while boards designed for more radical surfing will be wider at the tail.



Longboards with more rockers (lower curve) are ideal for the nose as the curve will slow the board down and also allow the board to stay on the water with extra weight on the nose or tail. With fewer rockers, the board is much faster, but there is much less play when transferring weight and turning. Some boards have a concave nose that essentially increases the nose’s speed (with a flatter surface curve in the water) as the rider approaches the nose.

The Real Deal

There are other variations of the longboard design, but the construction material, length, width, and rocker will get you where you need to be. Tail designs don’t affect the ride of longer boards as much as shorter ones. In addition, weight is a crucial element, but it is something that you have to feel for yourself.

Lift the board and give it a feel. Can you take it? It is important. A good longboard needs a little weight to give it real direction and real purpose in the future. If you consider buying a board from a surf shop, see if they allow you to try out some rentals first to see what you like.



Rails are another important factor to consider before purchasing a longboard surfboard. Help you rotate the board more easily. Plus, you can control the maneuvers of the board with ease with the rails. This is only a problem if you are an advanced longboarder, as beginners may not yet need to practice difficult turns.



Different longboard surfboards have different tail shapes. You can find different shapes of tails, but the most common are round, square, pumpkin, pin, and swallowtails. If you want to try big waves, pintails will be a good match. You are starting to learn how to turn the board, and you should try round cues. This will give you more lift, allowing you to practice smoother turns.

Although longboards offer squash cues, they are more common on shortboards. The reason is that the shorter boards combined with the squash cues give you more surface area, allowing you to make more powerful and strong turns.

On the contrary, the longboard surfboard will have more power turns if designed with square tails. But a small downside to square tails is that they are less stable than round tails.

If you are a beginner and want to try surfing in a space with gentle waves, the fishtail longboards will not disappoint. This gives you more stability and a larger surface area, which means you can better balance your position.


Lower Contours

There are different types of bottom contours.

Flat: allows you to enjoy slower and smaller waves. In general, it offers a faster speed.

Vee: Great for turning, but if you’re going in a straight line, it can be slower.

Concave:  you get better overall handling; perfect to wear when the waves are bigger.

Convex:  Helps with rail-to-rail transition and adds extra responsiveness as you start your turn. But it slows you down overall.

Channel: Increases speed and lift. However, it may be difficult to turn when turning at a slower speed.


Are longboard surfboards for beginners?

Longboards are ideal for beginners and, in most cases, are preferred by instructors for teaching. They have more buoyancy and volume, which make it much easier to catch waves. Because longboards have more surface area than shortboards, they have more stability, which is essential for learning to stand on moving water.


Should I apply wax to my soft-top longboard?

Some soft covers have a smoother surface and require waxing, but some soft covers come with an additional textured top deck, so no wax is needed. The SBBC 8 ‘Verve is a great example of a soft-top with enough traction on the top deck that you don’t need wax.


Do I have to have surf sessions?


Absolutely, The biggest problem I see with new surfers is that they haven’t taken a lesson. They have no idea of ​​surfing etiquette or boating safety. They represent a danger to other surfers and usually spoil the mood of the lineup by not having a clue. So please take some lessons and learn the ways of the ocean and alignment.


How much does a longboard surfboard weigh?


The weight of a longboard surfboard depends on different factors, including fins, materials, shape, size, etc.

However, most of the longboards available on the market weigh between 20 and 40 pounds. Some are lighter, designed for novice surfers. It could be 15 to 17 pounds.


Is it easier to surf with a longboard?

Generally speaking, riding a longboard surfboard can be easier than a shortboard or any other type of surfboard. The reason is that it has a large size, both in length and in width. It will give you a lot of stability. From there, you can easily paddle and catch more waves.

For this reason, longboards are highly recommended for beginners, those who want to start learning to surf without worrying about falling into the water.


Final thoughts

If you want a versatile, durable, and fun longboard, all of the boards on our list would be great. Nothing more than the SBBC Verve 8 ‘. It has stability and material more suitable for beginners. Due to its shape, like the slightly stretched tail shape and the extra rocker, more advanced surfers will also have fun on this board.

Good quality material is just as important as the shape of the board. When you invest in a surfboard, buy one that will last you for years. The boards on this list are made from a high-quality foam core and polyethylene bottom covers. The 8 ‘Wavestorm soft top, for example, is known for its resistance to damage such as punctures, dents, and tears.

Whichever table you choose from this listing, you will be happy with your purchase. From premium materials to versatile performance, you’ll have an unforgettable time when you start rowing. Cool off in the water, be respectful and careful, and enjoy your new longboard adventure!

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