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Best Self Balancing Scooters 2019

Here’s a guide on how to go for the best when it comes to two wheel self balancing scooters. If you read it carefully then you are ever going to be riding the most awesome of two wheeled scooters. Because shopping for the best units can be as hard as finding one, it’s always crucial to read and understand self balancing electric scooter reviews. Who knows you might just come out with the most crucial information you’ve ever read on the internet. I have broken down this detailed guide into easily understandable sections that will be a great aid for anyone looking for the best self balance scooters.

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Now, self balancing scooters have been making quite a name for themselves especially among those who love them. These two wheeled self balance boards have got everyone talking about them. And it’s not just talking, everyone is riding a unit and no one wants to be left behind. Celebrities especially have been seen riding these fancy units that look like the traditional skateboards with the exception of rechargeable batteries and somewhat fancy designs. This has seen quite a revolution as everyone seeks to have one for themselves.

To give you just a bit of the history behind these fancy units, is that this is an idea borrowed from Marty McFly’s Back to the Future movies. In the movies, McFly and his friends can be seen riding a hovering board. This kind of coolness is what brought about the idea of creating a device that would hover just like the one in the movies. But as you probably already know, these two wheel hoverboards cannot hover in the air like McFly’s device. As a matter of fact, no one so far has come close to creating a real one. Hendo came close to creating one (they actually have a hovering board) even though it operates in special conditions and comes at very inflating prices. For this reason many people have no choice but to go for the two wheeled electric self balancing scooters.

Features of a two wheel self balancing scooter

So, how does a self balancing scooter look like? Does it have any similarity to the normal skateboard? Well, you could say that, but either way you want to look at it, the best answer to how a self balancing scooter looks like will be that it’s completely different from a skateboard—at least for the normal skateboard. Whereas the skateboard requires skill to maneuver, the two wheeled hoverboard does not—it’s simply self balancing, the user simply needs to step on it and off it goes. You do not require any particular maneuvering skills to ride a self balance board.

Another thing you’ll notice on the self balancing scooters—this time in terms of appearance—is the build. The 2 wheel balance board resembles a Segway with the exception of the handle. There is a hard casing—usually made out of plastic or metal alloys. The casing carries just about everything on the self balancing scooter with tires at opposite ends, there are footpads on top of the casing—usually made of anti-slip grip material. Inside the casing is where you’ll find the power behind the whole device. Motors equipped with intelligent sensors sit pretty inside while the battery also lies close to provide the energy needed to propel these units.

However, as much as the technology behind every two wheel board may be the same, some units are more enhanced than others—they have better balancing mechanism and offer so much in terms of a wonderful and memorable experience. Some units are also enhanced with other features such as Bluetooth connections as well as speakers that enable the user to listen to music as they enjoy their ride. Some come with sparkling LED lights that illuminate the way as the user rides (the LED lights are also meant to enhance the fashion and design behind a particular unit).

Now, for best balancing scooters, look out for several of these features (some are mentioned above). For instance, the most important thing on a two wheel board is the balancing mechanism. You want to have a stable and steady ride as much as you want a fancy and flashy ride. So, look out for a two wheel balance board that offers a high-end balancing mechanism. Apart from the mechanism, you want a scooter that will last with you for a foreseeable future—it pays to have an electric board with wheels that is strongly built. if you are a grown up check the weight limit of a particular unit. That will tell you just how strong that particular unit is. The weight limit on self balancing scooter should match your weight. However, some units are meant for kids and the self balancing scooter weight limit might only be favorable for them.

The best self balance scooters should also enhance your safety. This is important and you’ll know a two wheel balancing scooter takes care of your safety when it only takes a few minutes to get a hang of. If you have to fall off a particular self balancing electric scooter several times, then it’s probably not the best in the business. Some self balance electric scooter manufacturers equip their units with safety gear such as helmets, kneepads and much more. Look out for these safety gear especially when it comes to kids units. An electric scooter self balancing vehicle with safety features qualifies to be called the best in the business and you should go for what gives you all that. Some of the so-called best units can only be acquired from trusted manufacturers, so, beware!

Where to buy a self balancing scooter?

So, after reading a self balancing scooter review, you will want to know where to purchase a unit just like the one you read about. What stores sell self balancing scooters and where can I find them? Well, if you are looking to buy electric scooter products, then as I said before look for genuine manufacturers and go for their trusted brands. Look for quality in whatever self balancing boards you are buying. Also look out for perks that come with different self balance scooters. This perks are only available if you buy a self balancing scooter from trusted online sites such as Amazon. Amazon offers you the best deals you could ever get. The products sold on Amazon come with great perks. If you are looking for a fair and reasonable self balancing scooter price then you can only get it from Amazon. An affordable self balance scooter price will save you a few hundred bucks if not more.

Top 5 self balancing scooters

Here we look at the top 5 self balancing electric scooter reviews. These units have the best features and also come at quite an affordable rate. They can therefore be considered the top 5 best self balancing scooters. These self balancing scooter reviews given here are meant to give you a heads-up for the best units in the market. You could use a particular self balancing scooter review given here to search for other similar devices. Or you could simply opt to go for these products. Whatever the case may be these may just about be the best self balancing scooters today.

Self Balancing Scooter Reviews

Mini Smart Self-balancing Two-wheel Electric Scooter Review

Now, the Mini Smart Self-balancing Two-wheel Electric Scooter is an awesome self balancing electric scooter drifting board that offers you much more than a stable ride. you not only get comfy and rejuvenated when you step on this hoverboard 2 wheel scooter but also get to look as fashionable and as cool as no one has ever imagined. It comes in a really nice solid build with every feature nicely and gracefully manufactured. It gives the owner a sense of pride that no other device can offer. It comes in an awesome plethora of colors that will simply blow you away. You’ll be the talk of the town if you chose to purchase this particular unit.

This great unit comes with some really amazing features that make it a standout 2 wheel hoverboard. It appears on Amazon as a white self balancing scooter but there is a very wide variety of colors to choose from with some products coming with different accessories such as self balancing electric scooter bags. Anyway, this is an imported (if you live in the United States) electric self balance board that is made out of a metal alloy. It comes in a very lightweight design and weighs in at just 27 pounds. Lightweight scooters are very convenient in so many ways. For instance if your scooter ran out of juice and you needed to lift it off the ground it becomes easy to do so. However, in terms of lifting it off the ground, only grown-ups can do it with one hand, kids below the age of 14 will struggled to lift it.

Apart from being lightweight in design the Mini Smart Self-balancing Two-wheel Electric Scooter beats all when it comes to the self balancing technology. With its smart balancing system you’ll always be safe even if you just stepped on this electric scooter for the very first time. Unlike many units in the market today that are lavishly designed and advertised to woo buyers, this unit will keep you balanced all through your learning process and help you become a pro in an instant. You are likely to fall off any other self balance board several times as you learn how to ride than you would if you bought this unit. Falling off a scooter not only leaves you injured and obviously frustrated, but your scooter also gets damaged.

This electric scooter lets you maneuver even in the narrowest of areas with its zero radius turning features. This is very crucial especially if you are looking to use it in congested areas like train stations, bus terminals or even subways. You can even perform simple basic stunts like circling around in a 360 degrees motion at the same spot. How awesome can it get? You can ride this scooter in hilly areas thanks to its 15 degrees climbing angle.

Another important yet overlooked feature of any 2 wheel self balancing scooter is the top speed. A scooter is understandably supposed to be used as a personal transportation unit especially when travelling over short distances. However, it can be quite a bonus if your scooter can particularly move faster than expected. This unit has a top speed of 10mph. This way faster than most units in the market today that only average a top speed of 7mph. Plus, this unit’s battery is gigantic, despite charging for only an hour, you get to travel for 10 miles before you might need to charge it again.

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CoolReall™ Self Balancing Scooter Review

Now, the CoolReal self balancing scooter comes as advertised. It’s as cool and as real as the name tends to suggest. It’s one of those two wheel boards that proves that you can still get functionality as well as beauty in one particular product. It comes in a wide variety of colors as it seeks to be an all-inclusive product that gives the user the best experience possible. It comes in a nicely fabricated solid build that is meant to give it that lasting touch. Although different people have arguably different tastes, this device certainly doesn’t lack a nice first impression no matter how you choose to look at it. Read on to find more features about it.

This device comes in a lightweight design, weighing in at just 29 pounds. This makes it a very convenient unit that can be taken just about anywhere. It feels hefty when you lift it for the very first time but nothing a grown-up can’t easily handle. Little kids—especially those below the age of 12—may struggle to lift it off the ground and may require assistance to do so. This unit’s speed is also quite impressive. At 8mph there’s no limit to where you can go with this particular self balancing scooter. Most two wheel scooters are stuck at 6mph while with this unit you get to move faster than with any of them. This is perhaps the more reason you should have this particular self balance board.

The turning radius for this particular 2 wheel hoverboard is zero and you can therefore, maneuver it easily even in narrowly squeezed spaces. You can make some stunts with this unit but only if you have mastered how to ride it well. However, there’s no need to panic even if you are all new to self balancing scooters. This self balance board only takes you just about 20 to 30 minutes to get a hang of. To top it all the self balance mechanism is pretty awesome and maneuvering this unit is almost intuitive. For instance if you wanted to turn all you have to do is just think about the turn and everything works perfectly well.

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ForTech Two Wheels Mini Smart Self Balancing Scooter Review

Fortech is a company that believes in product genuineness. They have worked so hard to bring you the Fortech self balancing scooter that compares to no others scooters in the market. It’s time you started using high-end two wheel scooters and stopped using generic scooters that simply don’t give you the best you deserve. The Fortech self balance scooter is awesomely fabricated with a nice-looking black case that bears the name of the parent company—you’ll never get another Fortech that isn’t really Fortech. The build is awesome and one look at this scooter and you get the impression that it’s much more than what it’s worth.

Some features of the Fortech self balancing scooter include its powerful and high capacity Samsung Lithium battery that only takes a few hours to charge. With a single charge, you can ride this two wheel scooter for over 13 good miles. It’s imperative that as you search for the best self balance board that you go for a unit that gives you maximum battery power. This way you not only get a reliable and flexible unit, but you also get to enjoy the ride with your new two wheel scooter as long as you may want. Generic scooters do not give you an awesome battery life and will simply not take you as far as you may want to go.

Apart from the powerful and reliable battery, the self balancing mechanism for this unit is something to behold. The Fortech self balancing scooter comes with 2 powerful motors (375 watts each). These motors combined with the built-in gyro-sensors offer the perfect balance that is comparable to none. This kind of balance will make you learn how to ride this unit in a very short time. This is not to say that the device won’t feel a little wobbly as you try and make the first few steps with it but the wobbliness will be out of sight in a flash. You also get anti-slip footpads that will keep you balance even when the weather is wet and slippery.

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Wallygadgets 2 Wheels Self Balance Smart Drifting Scooter Review

This is another self balancing scooter that makes the cut for the top 5 best self balancing scooters. It comes in a really awesome design and will impress anyone who is an enthusiast in 2 wheel hoverboards. In terms of features, this great unit doesn’t disappoint and will give you just about every feature you may be looking for in a two wheel hoverboard. I checked to see what color this unit comes in, the color given on Amazon but I’m sure there’s a great variety of colors if you checked well enough. Overall this is one of the best scooters that will convince you how perfect it is at the very first site.

The features of this great personal transportation gadget can be summarized into one great feature. The battery. The Wallygadgets 2 wheels self balance smart drifting scooter has an awesome lithium battery that gives it the power needed for it to function. The battery charges for just over an hour. With just a single charge, this unit will take you as far 10 miles. This is pretty awesome whichever way you want to look at it because for a long time there has never been a personal transportation device that could take you as far as your car can—especially as far as electricity driven vehicles are concerned.

Another important feature with this device worth mentioning is the fact that it can be used by just about every member of the family including children. It comes with the perfect dimensions and build to be used by anyone in the family who loves using the two wheel scooters. This makes it a perfect holiday gift especially for your children. It has a great riding angle (18 degrees) especially for kids. Its maximum load limit is 110Kg. it has a low battery protection that will prevent injuries when the unit suddenly runs out of battery power. It also comes with protective safety gear aimed at shielding you from injuries in case you accidentally off the unit.

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Lookatool® Kids Mini Smart Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter Review

If you are looking for the perfect scooter holiday gift especially as it’s fast approaching, then Lookatool self balancing scooter for kids is the perfect unit for you. This unit comes in a flashy new design that will definitely make your kid jump up in joy. Though nicely built and looking flashy, this unit definitely looks strong and will not budge any under duress—especially physical duress. It has perfect features suitable for kids. The dimensions were carefully thought through so as to give the child perfect balance as the ride their scooter.

Apart from being an awesome unit that every child will want to boast about, the Lookatool hoverboard packs some really great features. One great feature is the battery that works perfectly not only tto keep the unit in shape but also to provide a long enjoyable ride for the kids. One single charge—which only takes an hour to fully charge by the way—will last for a good part of between 8-11 miles.  The riding angle for this device is between 15-30 degrees depending on your toddler’s weight. however, unit is only meant for individuals weighing in between 0-60Kg. Anything higher than that nd you might have trouble making it move. You can train the small children how to use this electric self balancing scooter for kids.

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So, our guide comes to a close. I hope you now know every little detail about the self balancing electric scooters but most importantly you now know what the best self balancing scooters are. The best place to buy yourself a unit is through Amazon where you not only get the best deals but also the most genuine product. The self balancing scooter reviews given above will help you make the perfect choice as you try to get a unit that will be a perfect companion for you.

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