Best Wheels For Longboard in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Wheels For Longboard in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

The best longboard wheels are a combination of durability and design. Let’s say you want a new color or an additional set of wheels, and you’re going to want something that lasts longer and stays tough even in the toughest road conditions some people tend to skate on depending on where they live.

A durable pack of longboard wheels will come in fours and have a smooth but sturdy texture. In terms of shape, longboard wheels are wider than skateboard wheels, primarily to support the weight of the width of the longboard.

It nothing matter at all that what a rider wants to do on a longboard. If he has good company, he somewhere makes a wheel for it. The problem for beginners is finding a wheel that does what they need. Buying a wheel just because it looks great is a sure way to be disappointed.

Those of you were unfamiliar with the features that make longboard wheels different, scroll down to our comprehensive buyer’s guide. The following list is filled with the wheels we love the most for their niche-filling properties and performance.

The industry is full of wheels that will move aboard, but the following examples do their job as specially designed works of art.


Orangatang Kegel longboard wheels

Orangatang Kegel longboard wheels

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Shark Wheel 72 mm longboard wheels

Shark Wheel 72 mm longboard wheels
    • Best wheels in the world over rough terrain
    • Great slide control
    • Less friction – very fast with little effort
    • 72mm 78a DNA Formula Longboard Wheels

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Big Boy Rebound Wheels

Big Boy Rebound Wheels
    • Set of 4 – 60mm wheels
    • Abec 7 Bearings
    • 4 – 8mm spacers
    • offset

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Orangatang Stimulus 70mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels

Orangatang Stimulus 70mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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Freedare Longboard Wheels

Freedare Longboard Wheels
    • 70mm diameter x 51mm width
    • 83a durometer polyurethane wheels
    • ABEC-7 high steel bearings
    • wheels are better for PU material

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ABEC 11 SuperFly Black Longboard Wheels

ABEC 11 SuperFly Black Longboard Wheels
    • best” wheels available for your longboard
    • Great brand and reputation
    • Durable
    • less “bounce

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Everland Skateboard / Longboard Wheels

Everland Skateboard / Longboard Wheels
    • Set of 4 cruiser wheels
    • Eighteen wheel color options
    • The wheels are smooth and wide
    • Stable on sidewalks and other surfaces

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sKape Longboard Cruiser Wheels

sKape Longboard Cruiser Wheels
    • 83mm x 52mm
    • Hardness 80a
    • For Longboard Cruiser Wheels
    • Sold in Set of 4

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Magneto Sliderz longboard wheels

Magneto Sliderz longboard wheels
    • Set of (4) – 70mm X 42mm & 83A Durometer
    • Perfect for urban riders
    • Awesome for tricks
    • High performance premium SHR urethane materials

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Longboard Wheels Blood Orange Pro Model

Longboard Wheels Blood Orange Pro Model
    • There are several colors to choose from.
    • The wheels are perfect for sliding.
    • Liam Morgan’s formula is of good quality
    • 70m 80a Liam Morgan Wheels Set

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11. Butterballs Slide Sector 9 Skating Wheels

11. Butterballs Slide Sector 9 Skating Wheels
    • Excellent traction
    • Better to slide
    • Great longevity
    • Excellent grip

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Orangatang in heat 75 mm descent

Orangatang in heat 75 mm descent

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1- Orangatang Kegel longboard wheels

Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels (1)


With a unique design, vivid colors, and durable texture, Orangatang longboard wheels give you a high-quality experience for your longboard. With a size of 80 mm, these wheels are large enough to roll at high speed. When you were gliding, its 56mm width helps you maintain balance and respond quickly.

The extraordinary part of these wheels that differentiate them from the competition is the awesome core. The core of the Orangatang wheels is made of a high-strength, heat-resistant material that helps with acceleration and momentum.

The core also has a cross-section which helps reduce weight while riding at a fast pace. This will ensure that you can get as much as you can on those wheels and skid wherever you want.

These beautiful orange and green wheels are a clear sign of the Orangatang brand. Regardless of their size and width, you will have the perfect opportunity to stand out on the street or in the skate park with some of the best wheels on the market.

Instead of the standard black or transparent wheels, you can get a color scheme that stands out and screams, “look at me.” These wheels are suitable for people of all sizes.

Thanks to the width, sturdy material, and core, people over 200 pounds have the flexibility to use these wheels and don’t have to worry about breaking or going too slow to ride the longboard effectively.

Orangatang wheels have the durability to have long-lasting longboard wheels. Durability is essential when buying longboard wheels, especially if you pay the highest price for the item.

These large wheels will help you have the smoothest ride possible, getting you where you need to go or guiding you on a quick trip around the skate park.


  • Large, wide wheels contribute to stability and speed
  • Sustainable


  • Some buyers claim their wheels are chipped
  • Lack of variety of colors

2- Shark Wheel 72 mm longboard wheels

Shark Wheel 72 mm 78a Longboard Wheels (1)


When you look at the shape of the Shark wheels, you must be wondering how such an awkward shape can provide a smooth, even ride. Well, these wheels were designed with an emphasis on speed.

The Shark Wheel brand offers a hybrid shape resulting from a fusion between a cube and a sphere. Shark Wheels are probably one of the most durable longboard wheels out there; since they can operate in virtually any type of weather element.

Thanks to the texture of the rigged wheel, you can skate in wet or rough conditions better than any other longboard wheel. They provide enough durability to use your longboard on rough surfaces or for daily trips.

If these wheels do not necessarily correspond to the traditional mold of a longboard wheel, it is always interesting to analyze “different” wheels because they could be the future model.

The ridges used on these wheels serve the same purpose as the tread on a car or bicycle tire. These ridges ensure that your longboard can be used on patches of dirt and in wet weather conditions like rain and maybe even snow. Usually, these wheels don’t limit you to sunny weather.

Being in high demand in the longboard market, you can expect these longboard wheels to be higher in the price range. If you want to make an investment rather than a purchase, look no further than the Shark Wheel brand as you get what you pay for with great durability and high-quality materials.

Choosing a wheel that lasts is difficult to do, mainly because you can never really be sure about the durability of a wheelset. With the Shark Wheel brand, you will receive high-quality wheels with a unique shape that is not common in longboard wheels.


  • Durable wheels can overcome virtually any adverse weather condition.
  • The uniquely shaped wheels appear square when rolling, beneficial for high performance.
  • High-quality slider


  • One of the more expensive options
  • Some buyers claim their wheels are not as durable as advertised.
  • The design is not traditional; not popular with everyone.

3- Big Boy Rebound Wheels

High Rebound Skate Wheels + ABEC-7 Speed Bearings (1)


Few of the brands that provide longboard wheels offer bearings with their wheels at no additional cost. The Big Boy brand offers a set of four longboard wheels of about 60mm, as well as bearings for your board.

This option is potentially the best wheel and bearing combination available. These wheels are perfect for cruising and are also durable enough to handle unpredictable obstacles like potholes and curbs.

These wheels are extensive and improve your balance while driving. They are great for their low price, and they go well with any longboard or skateboard. ABEC-9 bearings come in two different colors and come at no additional cost, so you get a good deal at the listed price.

In other words, if you are looking for an inexpensive wheelset that fits your typical longboard wheel perfectly and is inexpensive, Big Boy Rebound wheels are your best bet.


  • Sustainable
  • Bearings are included
  • Soft wheels ideal for sailing


  • The bearings are not of high quality
  • The wheels aren’t as big as they should be for a longboard
  • To close

4- Orangatang Stimulus 70mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels

Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels (1)


We love the versatility of the Orangatang Stimulus because of its perfect size to give you the best of anything a longboard wheel can excel at. For example, the size of 70mm makes it big enough to handle a lot of speed.

At the same time, it can roll over rubble quite easily due to its relatively large size of 70mm. However, since they don’t have a substantial diameter, the 70mm wheels are still light and fast enough for slides and other tricks.

The stone-ground contact plate and rounded lips ensure a smooth, predictable ride that doesn’t wear out much over the life of the wheel. The core of the wheel is solid and interdependent. It is encapsulated and maintains a smooth ride while supporting the lips. This allows for a clean glide and a uniform wear profile.

They have been described as a great combination of a broken racing wheel and a freeride drifter wheel. Here’s a quick look at the specs:


  • Versatile (the best qualities to offer lightness and ability to roll over debris and provide good speed)
  • The encapsulated core provides support and a smooth ride.


  • Because they don’t leave many thanes (marks left by the wheels on the curb or other surface), they slip more than the grip.

5- Freedare Longboard Wheels

FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels with ABEC-7 Bearings and Spacers (1)


Freedare offers this inexpensive wheelset, and we think it’s a good deal. Because? Although it is a bit smaller than most of the wheels we reviewed (they are only 58mm), this set of 4 wheels surprised many users with its level of quality.

Featuring ABEC-7 high carbon chrome steel, 10.5mm spacers, 82A soft polyurethane rubber, and blistering power, these wheels won’t kill your budget or your dreams.

These are longboard wheels that are usually too big for small boards and don’t lend themselves well to tricks in the halfpipe. Note that another cool feature is that they are pre-lubricated.


  • The large size helps road drag
  • The wheels are smooth for a smooth ride.
  • They arrive pre-lubricated


  • Not ideal if you need it for tricks and stunts.

6- ABEC 11 SuperFly Black Longboard Wheels

ABEC 11 SuperFly Black Longboard Skateboard Wheels (1)


The only reason these ABECs aren’t at the top of our list is the high stratospheric price. Other than that, the quality of ABECs is unmatched. Smoothness is different from most wheels (which are quite smooth on their own).

They are 107mm tall, so they’re quite high off the ground, so as long as you’re good with a little extra height, you’ll like them and register a hardness of 74a (which isn’t incredibly hard, which means they grip the road better and guarantee less unwanted slipping or skidding).

It also offers much less “bounce” than some wheels, and the really unique feature is the sheer, durable, strong, and tough quality. SuperFly wheels weigh 504g each, which is 100g to 200g more than many competitors who are roughly the same size.

The extra weight means longer life, a smoother ride, and, unfortunately, a higher price tag. Note that bearings are not normally included with most wheels. You may want to have some extra clearance waiting just in case.


  • Perhaps the “best” wheels available for your longboard
  • Great brand and reputation


  • You will have to look twice at the price tag! Some wheels cost less than $ 20, while these take away the fun of $ 150!

7- Everland Skateboard / Longboard Wheels

Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels (1)


If you are looking for reliable longboard wheels, Everland could be the answer. This set of four wheels can go through many rough surfaces and do it in style, as there are almost twenty different color variations.

From an aesthetic point of view, Everland wheels are exactly what you would expect from longboard wheels. From form to texture, these longboard wheels are essentially the prototype. The price of these wheels is quite low, but it does not reflect the item’s quality. Everland wheels offer stability, durability, and style.

With Everland longboard wheels, you can run over bumps, bumps, and even curbs without worrying about breaking a wheel. From stone blue, yellow, orange, red, and various other colors, you can ride in style in just about any kind of smooth or rough environment.


  • Eighteen wheel color options
  • The wheels are smooth and wide
  • Stable on sidewalks and other surfaces


  • A buyer said one of his wheels broke after use.
  • Bigger wheels make your board slower
  • Wheels get dirty easily

8- sKape Longboard Cruiser Wheels

sKape 83mm Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels Flywheels (1)


The sKape brand offers an affordable set of longboard wheels to get you rolling fast and keeping you happy. With around eleven wheel colors to choose from, you have enough options to apply to your board. These wheels have solid performance if you prefer larger wheels. They generally roll smoothly and absorb road shock much better than smaller wheels.

The texture of the skape wheels is average; They are not extremely tough but tough enough to withstand inclement weather or road conditions. They have enough surface area to provide the right amount of friction for a smooth ride. Also, having a larger diameter means that the longboard will be able to ride smoother.

Be aware of the consequences of oversized wheels. The large size of the wheels doesn’t necessarily indicate that the board won’t go as fast or feel heavier than usual, but these wheels suffer from these issues.

You might not have the ability to ride your longboard at a breakneck speed, but you will have a set of wheels sized and shaped to keep them useful for a while!


  • Its large size makes it possible to overcome potholes and other inconveniences of the road.
  • Eleven color varieties
  • Acceptable texture


  • The size of the wheel makes it more difficult to drive fast and light.
  • Economical price
  • A customer claims to have started to have small cracks in the wheels.

9- Magneto Sliderz longboard wheels

Magneto SLIDERZ Longboard Wheels (1)


The Sliderz wheels offer a four-pack with the durability and shape to handle both the skate park and the street. These wheels can serve both skateboarders and longboarders thanks to their versatile size and durable texture. Sliderz wheels handle well the gliding technique that frequent cyclists use from time to time.

According to the supplier, these wheels “roll like butter” just enough to get your adrenaline pumping and give you enough control that you don’t end up on the sidewalk. In other words, these wheels give you the best of both worlds: speed and full control of your board.

Sliderz longboard wheels are tough enough to withstand the rigors of the road. Are your wheels more likely to be worn while skating on the roads than in the skate park? Most likely.

But that shouldn’t stop you from riding your longboard down the street. Fortunately, these wheels will outlast your average wheels, so even if you frequently skid on the road, it will take a while before you have to consider replacing them. Sliderz wheels are affordable for a four-pack. Not all longboarders are looking for an expensive wheelset that promises the highest quality from top to bottom.

There are times when you might need replacement / spare wheels, and in that case, you might want to go for the Magneto Sliderz, thanks to its reasonable price.


  • It can be used in different skating environments.
  • Ideal for gliding
  • Provides excellent control of your board


  • A little narrow
  • Not all the wheels are made of stone; you will have to break them

10- Longboard Wheels Blood Orange Pro Model

Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro Model Longboard Wheels (1)


The Blood Orange longboard wheels have a variety of color options and a smooth texture that will ensure you have a stable ride on the board. Oval in shape and medium in width, these wheels would be ideal for freeriding or in a skate park with a flat surface.

Known to be more suited to experienced riders, the Blood Orange wheels will prepare you for the most advanced longboard descent. These wheels come in a set of four, so you won’t have to worry about combining the wheels through separate purchases.

When it comes to price, Blood Orange Liam Morgan wheels aren’t cheap or expensive. A set of four can be assumed to be mid-priced, depending on what wheel size you’re looking for. The price is also said to reflect Liam Morgan’s urethane formula used in the wheels, which is a substantial plus for their performance.

There are probably other wheelsets that are more versatile in the way you use them, so if you want something extremely useful in the skate park and on the street, you should consider brands other than Blood Orange. If you want something specifically for the skate park, these wheels are a great option for you.


  • There are several colors to choose from.
  • The wheels are perfect for sliding.
  • Liam Morgan’s formula is of good quality


  • Narrow target market; not suitable for beginners
  • This is not the best option if you are looking for a wide wheel.
  • Better for skateparks than for the street

11- Butterballs Slide Sector 9 Skating Wheels

Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels Set of 4 (1)


This pretty Sector 9 wheel has almost all the qualities of the previous wheels, minus the extra cost. It’s great for freeriding. The cosmic counter-nucleus has good adhesion to the nucleus. The 38mm contact area is large enough to grip but still small enough to slide. Hence, it has great speed and great grip. A balanced combination!

The wheels are available in durometers 75a and 80a. They both let you roam free of rough surfaces. Rubble can’t stop this one! Plus, the rounded tips will allow you to glide and glide effortlessly. The contact patch is made of stone, which gives it a smooth look. Since there is less traction, the sliding is much, much easier.

Well, now you know why it got the name “Butterball”! Each blade is smooth as butter. This function is beneficial for freeriding. Whether in the skatepark or on rough roads, Butterballs can hold their own.


  • Excellent traction
  • Better to slide
  • Great longevity
  • Excellent grip
  • Comfortable rides


  • The appearance of flat spots makes it wobble.

12- Orangatang in heat 75 mm descent

Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels (1)


If versatility is the most important factor for you, Orangatang in Heat 75mm Downhill comes highly recommended. Whether you’re pushing, pumping, sculpting, or running downhill, you won’t have a hard time with these wheels. This is the advantage of a balanced 75 mm type.

Like Orangatang Kegel, this one has square lips. Your goals are better traction, better grip, and better glide. For more advanced rebound, a wavy urethane composite pattern is included. The blue, orange, purple, and yellow options are 77th, 80th, 83rd, and 86th.

Blue 77a is added for another much softer option than previous selections. It guarantees more strength to ensure grip in urban and remote areas. It is particularly ideal for concrete roads and mountain trails.


  • 75mm wheels for effortless balance
  • Incredible bounce thanks to the wavy design
  • Additional durometer type to give riders the smoothest option


  • Brittle edges
  • Easily get deep cuts

Buying Guide How to Choose the Right Longboard Wheels?

People who don’t drive normally assume that the wheels are all the same, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. There are many ways to ride a longboard, and there is a type of wheel for every style. Learning what works and what doesn’t for your style and deck makes sessions more enjoyable.

The modern skateboard and longboard wheel is made of molded polyurethane. In the beginning, skateboard wheels were made of clay or steel, like rollerblading wheels.

They were hard materials, and his walk was rough and jarring. The innovation came in 1971 when Frank Nasworthy introduced the Cadillac, the first urethane skateboard wheel on the market.

Nothing was the same after that. The urethane wheel has come a long way since those early rubber Cadillacs, which were soon followed by the Bahne Road Rider and the first precision bearings.

The modern wheel is designed with precision, and every feature is formulated almost to perfection. So what are the features that differentiate all the color wheels available in the market? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Wheel characteristics


The diameter of skateboard and longboard wheels is expressed in millimeters. The size is explained as small, medium, and large. The middle wheel is 70mm,

Where to skate; The larger wheels are great for downhill skating (they cover a longer distance in a single spin), while the smaller wheels are great for rolling in parks or skating through city streets. Oversized wheels are unique when it comes to transportation services. Keep in mind that most wheels are larger than 60mm in diameter.

 Platform size; Longboards tend to have longer decks. In addition, some are direct access. These platforms have the capacity to accommodate larger tires as they have enough room for the wheels. Longboard boards are bigger than skateboards.

The oversized wheels are perfect on longboards. They allow faster movement. However, these wheels have poor stability unless the wheelbase is wide enough. Also, note that these wheels do not work well with the top mounting plates. In contrast, the smaller wheels allow for faster acceleration. They have greater stability. However, they do not work properly if they face any debris in them.


This is the hardness of urethane. The measurement is signed by a number followed by a letter a. the durometer depends on the type of board the trip chooses;

Usually, longboards roll smoothly / smoothly. Most of them have a durometer starting from 75a to 85a. This durometer makes them noiseless than their skateboard counterparts. The advantage of this is that they move easily over debris, so they are efficient in navigation.

Skateboards, on the other hand, have harder wheels with an approximate durometer of around 88a. These wheels slide easily because they have little friction. In addition, they are faster and stronger.


This means the surface of the wheel in contact with the road. Its measurements are given in millimeters. The width can range from only 30mm to 70mm massive.

The wider wheels provide more grips and are therefore used well on cruising boards, while the narrow wheels are ideal for freestyle due to their low friction. Wider wheels are best when going downhill.


The shape of the lip is essential in determining stability; When the lips are sharp, they provide more grip than rounded lips.

Additional information

To add additional stability and uniformity to your board, you will need basic wheels. In addition, the core is essential to ensure that the bearings on your longboard are properly aligned.

When the cores are high, the wheels move faster, and when they are wide, they again protect the wheels from deformation during difficult driving. In short, the wide hubs work to stabilize the wheels.

Cores come in three forms: offset, center, and side set. The three locations are suitable for a particular type of trip. The center set provides the most traction and is the most common. The side assembly is positioned closer to the inner lip and reduces traction, while the offset is the compression in between.


The harder the core, the faster the wheel becomes. Harder cores can also maintain the structure of urethane even when it is sliding all the time. They are sought after for uniform use.

However, using hard wheel hubs for downhill racing can be risky. You can lose control and not slow down when things start to get too hectic.

Once you have the right longboard wheels in your hands for your skill level and personal preference, do your best to clean them regularly to extend their life. Some wheels can be costly, so it would be unnecessary to replace them more often than necessary.

We suggest you follow these simple tips for the sake of your precious wheels:

Clean debris from the core with a rag.

Soak the wheels in hot, soapy water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Scrub the wheels while they are still soapy with a rag and/or an old toothbrush.

Dry the wheels with paper towels or rags.

Frequently asked Questions


How do you know which wheel is right for your platform?

Consider the size and wheelbase of your patio. Larger blankets will require larger blankets and vice versa.

What are Integrated Bearings?

These are bearings that have an elongated inner ring that acts as a washer and as a spacer.

What is ABEC?

These are the engineering qualification standards that give the allowable deviation from the nominal value of the bearing that turns on its shaft at speed and runs out. The numbers range from one to nine.

Conclusion and recommendation

Size, shape, and durability are three factors to consider when looking for a longboard wheelset. Durability is one of the most important characteristics for those who frequently use their longboards.

While those who use their boards purely for tricks aren’t affected, runners who use their longboards to get to and from work, or hang out with friends, maybe more concerned about durability.

The reason is that bumpy road conditions sometimes occur. Having smooth but durable wheels will help you roll over hard rocks and potholes, and it won’t necessarily cause your wheels to burst or break completely.

The shape is also a consideration because you need the right shape to ride smoothly and contribute to how fast you can ride your board. Having a wide, oval shape is the best option for longboard wheels.

This will keep your momentum constant and keep you balanced at all times, rather than on edge, waiting to drop due to poor stability. If you’re not comfortable with your own longboard, the chances of you using it are slim or zero. This is why it is imperative to have the correct size of the wheel.

Orangatang tops the list at # 1 due to its high-quality materials and reputation in the longboard industry. They have bright colors that keep the rider semi-visible, a unique design that shows what the Orangatang brand stands for. The next step would be the Shark Wheel longboard wheels that have appeared on Shark Tank.

It’s a surprise that a wheelset that doesn’t have the traditional shape is considered one of the best brands of longboard wheels.

These wheels have an odd shape but superior texture that can cut through all weather conditions or rough surfaces like a dirt field or rocky avenue in your local town.

No matter what you choose, one of these 12 wheelsets can be used for any level of longboard rider.

Whether you are looking for square-shaped wheels or wheels with LED lights, whether you are on a low or high budget, you can find the right set of longboard wheels in this top 12 list!

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