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Gyroor Warrior Self-Balancing Scooter – Review

Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard – Off-road hoverboard

The gyroor Warrior is the tough big brother, who is always ready to roll. It is one of the strongest hoverboards in the world right now. The Gyrroor warrior doest not disappoint you with its 8.5″ solid rubber tires and robust aluminum construction. It is Made with UL approved material. The Gyroor warrior is not just sturdy and reliable, it is also waterproof and has an attractive design. This is definitely a hoverboard to ride.

The Gyroor warrior is not just an ordinary type of hoverboard, it is an off-road hoverboard. It is built to take you on an adventure anytime, anywhere. it lets you explore all types of terrains.

The Gyroor Warrior offers you great value for money. it is not the cheapest one, but it still does not an arm or leg for what you receive. With advance technology the Gyroor warrior uses, you’re getting a bargain as compared to more expensive models in the market. you are getting from strong powerful motors, the app enables, Bluetooth speakers. There’s nothing you can’t do with this fastest hoverboard.

With dual 350W motors, you can enjoy the top speed of hoverboard, the Gyroor warrior is ready to go! The hoverboard has an incline angle of 30 degrees, which means that you can ride on steep surfaces as well. Combined with its light-weight design, the Gyroor warrior sure packs a punch to its competitors as it is the best off-road hoverboard model.


The features of Gyrror warrior means that you can live life in the fast lane. This offers excellent speed for an off-road hoverboard. The max speed of the hoverboard is up to 9.95 mph. what is the weight capacity of this hoverboard? This hoverboard has a max carrying capacity of 265 pounds, we think it’s pretty good.

If you’re new to ride hoverboards and need some help to getting started. Then, you will be pleased knowing this that the Gyroor warrior has self-balancing technology. In self-balancing technology mode, the rider can get his balance right and feels good and comfortable in less than one minute. This is an excellent feature for the newbies or beginners and gives you the confidence to get out exploring on your hoverboard.

Do you love listening to music while riding? Well, this hoverboard has Bluetooth speaker features in it. While riding, you can listen to the latest music or tunes from its pro 4.0 Bluetooth speaker, which is connected and controlled by an app using a smartphone device. This app allows you to change the color of LED lights that illuminate the ground.

  • Safety certification: UL 2272 approved
  • Top speed: 9.95 mph
  • Max travel range: 9.5 miles per hour
  • Incline angle: 30 degrees
  • Max weight capacity: 265 pounds
  • App-enabled
  • Built-in Bluetooth


  • Efficient to ride even rugged conditions.
  • Powerful motors.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • All-terrain.


  • No! cons yet.