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How Much Are Hoverboards

Hoverboards Are Here Again To Rule The Roost

Here you were thinking that hoverboards were science fiction, and that’s what Adam Goldberg thought too in the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs, and then 2015 came around and the world as we know it changed – for the better or for the worse we’re still finding out!

Hoverboards, or self-balancing scooters, came into the picture in China in 2014, and the following year saw it become an instant hit in the US as everyone seemed to float around in one.

Of course, everything cool has its issues – ask the owners of the first lot of iPhone6 that seemed to magically bend! Hoverboards too have a chequered story since their burst of popularity – the spate of hoverboards bursting into flames and bringing down houses was thought to be the end of a promising new world gadget which would take you anywhere you want to go quite effortlessly.

No need to worry about parking coupons, filling gas or dents and insurance. It couldn’t get better; right? Wrong. Sadly, some issues are being resolved by the manufacturers and State Governments are stepping in to ensure that this seemingly innocent gadget doesn’t turn deadly again.

The UL certifications ensure that all hoverboards on the market comply with certain safety standards before they are ready for customers. So those who are tired of walking and have always wished for a pair of wings or wheels on your feet to take you places can relax now that hoverboards are back again. This self-balancing two-wheeled motorized scooter without a handlebar is once again becoming a rage with celebrities and the common man alike.

Have you tried riding the Hoverboard?

Before you start asking how much are hoverboards and can you get hoverboards for sale cheap, learn how to ride them. Riding a handle-less scooter requires practice and some basic balancing skills which can be acquired with time. Some people get a hang of it in a few minutes while others take much longer.

Initially, you will be wobbly and will end up falling and injuring yourself. Therefore wearing safety gear, especially a helmet is paramount.

Pay heed to the safety before you purchase a hoverboard

Like with any new vehicle on the road, the risk of injuries is present when you use the hoverboard too. Most of the hoverboards are designed to reach speeds of 10 mph though the premium ones can reach even 12-15 mph.

So when you are traveling at such speed and you run off the pavement or come in front of a vehicle you are asking for serious trouble and loads of pain. But if you are well protected you can mitigate the injury.

Your safety gear should include a helmet, wrist guards, elbow guards, and knee pads to prevent any fractures and sprains from falls.

Even though the thrill-seekers would want to and even try to weave their way amidst heavy traffic, using hoverboards on main streets is banned in the UK and US. There have been cases of accidents and even death in London.

Guidelines for buying a hoverboard

Are you still asking how much are hoverboards? Then there are a few things you should know before you take the plunge.

  • Stability: Ensure that the hoverboard is stable and can supportWhat is a hoverboards max weight your weight because all hoverboards come with a minimum and maximum recommended height and weight to ensure the board balances well.
  • Wheels: The quality and size of the wheels should be considered next. The wheels should roll and move smoothly to maneuver easily. Next, the size of the wheel will determine where the hoverboard can be used and how stable it will be on uneven surfaces. The normal wheel size is 6-7 inches but nowadays wheels of 10 inches are available too.
  • Self-balancing mechanism: Where safety is a concern, you must look for this feature wherein there are additional sensors that ensure that the hoverboard balances itself. Though almost all the new models come with this basic feature.
  • Battery: Go for powerful batteries that last long and are of good quality; remember the explosions were a result of poor quality lithium batteries.
  • Height: Remember that while riding the hoverboard it raises you four inches above the ground; so if you are a very tall person you might want to watch where you go on your hoverboard.

The hoverboard accessories that are a must

To answer the question of how much are hoverboards, you also need to know which accessories you need to buy extra and which come with the package. The accessories stated below will enhance the overall experience though.

  • Hoverboard carrying case – there are several brands and types in the market. You can choose one which makes carrying and storing your board easy. The ideal one will be a backpack and if it comes with wheels it is even better.
  • Hoverboard lock – there will be places where you can’t take your hoverboard inside and hence you need to leave it may be in the bicycle stand. This is possible when you use the hoverboard lock, which is similar to the bike lock.
  • Skin wrap – in the hordes of scooters around when you want to stand out, you need to add some zing and some character to your board. Just choose a skin to suit your style and voila you end up having a unique hoverboard like no other.

Of course all the above will in no way enhance the performance of your scooter but they will add to the cost and then you will get an idea about how much are hoverboard costs in general.

Hoverboard speed and range

While you are wondering about how much are hoverboards you would like to know about the speed and range of the hoverboards too because they too decide the price of the gadget.

The premium models range anywhere between 13-17 miles, the standard ones offer 12-14 miles per hour while the most basic ones can manage 10 mph.

A point to consider is that this is just a rough estimate which will vary concerning the user’s weight as heavier people won’t be able to attain the maximum speed estimate quoted by the manufacturer.

Which hoverboard to buy and what to avoid?

Now that you are all excited and craving to have your hoverboard and have been asking how much are hoverboards, the first and foremost thing that you should do is to ensure that you are buying from a reputed manufacturer. At one time they were easily accessible everywhere- online and in stores across the country.

But the recent spurt of the burning of hoverboards has brought a lull in the market. There are several Chinese brands of spurious repute which are producing hoverboards by the dozens. In these products the batteries (probably the main cause for the fires), the body and the overall make are cheap and of suspect quality.

Not worth the risk

In your search for hoverboards for sale cheap, do not risk your life; it is not worth it. Go for branded and well-reputed hoverboards which no doubt will be expensive but well worth the price.

Good quality hoverboards companies provide a guarantee, have reliable customer service and the gadget is subjected to umpteen tests before releasing it in the market.

Hence find out everything about the brand before you ask the manufacturer, “How much are Hoverboards?”

How to Buy a Hoverboard – How Much Are Hoverboards?

To begin with check out the manufacturer’s website and gather all hoverboards for sale cheapthe information about the product. Check out several online reviews on the issues and features of hoverboards. There are several sites online which will answer questions like how much are hoverboards? Are there any hoverboards for sale cheap? Which hoverboards are safe and reliable? Where are they made? Do they offer any kind of warranty? And so on.

Sites like overstock.com have stopped selling hoverboards because of the severe safety concerns. Amazon.com too removed several hoverboards from its site. It is not selling Phunkeeduck, IO Hawker, MOnorover anymore though Hover X and Razor Hovertex are available.

When you are going around asking how much hoverboards are, research as many sites as possible to find a good deal.

Where can you buy hoverboards? Best Hoverboard Prices

You can buy hoverboards on several online stores like HoverboardScooters, AmazoneBay or across the counter in stores in your neighborhood.

When you buy from these sites you can be sure that they are providing you good quality and boards that conform to the safety rules propagated by the government. Amazon had stopped selling several poor quality hoverboards in keeping up with its commitment to good quality goods.


How much are hoverboards?

Ok, it’s time to answer the question you have been asking from the beginning of the article – How much are hoverboards? Well, these gadgets can range anywhere between $800 to a whopping $ 1799. Yep, the best ones are really expensive.

And probably that is the reason that there is a surge of several spurious manufacturers that want to make a quick buck and hence are selling hoverboards for sale cheap and at staggeringly low prices. In the process, the quality of the scooter and the battery is compromised leading to an explosion of the same.

Some advice on buying a hoverboard

Did you know that there are as many as 15000 to 17000 fake hoverboards in the market?  Several Chinese brands are of poor quality and as a result explode when overcharged. In your quest for hoverboards for sale cheap, do avoid the fake ones.

How to identify a fake hoverboard

How to identify fake hoverboard brands

Whenever the package appears garish and the instructions on the side of the box are not written coherently, you can be sure that you are looking at a fake gadget. The second point is when the boards cost around $ 150-200, then you can certain the quality is not worth your money.

Hence follow the thumb rule to always approach the manufacturer directly and purchase your board from them. It minimizes the risk of a fake overboard which might risk your life even.

Remember there is no guarantee that a hoverboard from a reputed manufacturer won’t explode, the chances are slim in such cases. Often in our eagerness to keep the gadget in full charge all the time, people tend to overcharge it and as a result the thing explodes if made of poor quality.

Some interesting facts about hoverboards

Now that you are done asking how much are hoverboards and are hoverboards for sale cheap, let’s focus on some interesting facts about hoverboards.

  • Your hoverboard can only withstand a splash of water and is not waterproof, so it can’t be used in rain.
  • They are also called Swagway and Douche-mover.
  • They are banned on flights.
  • The Hoverboard was a fictional levitating board in the movie Back to the Future.

Laws about hoverboards in the US and UK

Its time you stopped asking how much are hoverboards and started asking what are the laws governing hoverboard use.


Please be aware that it is illegal to ride these gadgets on pavements in the UK. The Crown Prosecution Service banned them from all public footpaths.


This is in the interest of pedestrian safety and also the safety of the riders who when trying to navigate between crowds might slip and hurt themselves and the people around. The recent explosions too have made experts state that it is better to not charge your board overnight and when you are not at home.

The hoverboards are not allowed on the streets of New York City too. Since these vehicles are not considered motorized vehicles they are not registered and as a result, they are not deemed fit to be on streets. The first time offender gets off without a fine but subsequent violations will be fined $50.

Extra features on high-end models

Your next question may be why are hoverboards so expensive and not how much are hoverboards. It’s like a Lamborghini will cost you more than your rugged corolla, races are always dependent on the quality and features of the hoverboards.

Nowadays to entice more customers the hoverboards come with Bluetooth, built-in speakers that are compatible with most Smartphones. Some even have GPS and a remote to turn it off and on. Time to ask now, how much are hoverboards with additional features, right?

Again, these features will not improve the performance of the board but will ensure that you enjoy your ride.

Children and Hoverboards

If you have been asking how much are hoverboards because you want to surprise your little one, think again. Only Powerboard states in its manual that hoverboards are not for children under age 13 while other manufacturers give the standard instructions that young children, pregnant women and the elders can’t ride these gadgets.

If young children who don’t fall in the weight bracket use the gadget, it won’t be able to detect their weight and hence won’t be able to balance well. Therefore the responsibility lies on the parents to decide if they want the kids to ride or not.

Hopefully your question on how much are hoverboards answered and you are much wiser now that hoverboards for sale cheap are not necessarily the greatest buy that you can make given the safety concerns.

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