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IO HAWK Intelligent Personal Mobility Device Review

So, so many of the personal electric vehicles reviews scattered all over the internet are boring (simply put). There’s really nothing special that you are told about most of them. We can talk about how fun it is riding them, how quick they are to learn, but like the paintings of Thomas Kinkade, every electric mobility vehicle is just a variation on a common theme. The same however cannot be said of the IO HAWK hoverboard.

The IO HAWK board is unique. It promises an amazing experience for any IO HAWK rider. Apart from a neatly manufactured casing that ensures you are secured from breakages. There are a host of other features on this device that will give more than you’ve ever experienced even with a hoverboard segway. Unlike the many electric mobility vehicles available in the market today, the IO HAWK scooter is something to cherish. From musicians who cherish it—Wiz Khalifa among others—to NBA players who ride it to their locker rooms—JR Smith during the NBA Finals—to the fanfare activities that this great skateboard has been praised time and again. This IO HAWK review will take you through some of the amazing features to expect as well as give you its pros and cons.


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What is an IO HAWK? What features can I expect from IO HAWKs? If these questions are lingering in your mind, then don’t worry—you are at the right place. See some of the features that I’m going to mention here may sound familiar as you might have already heard of them in another review—should I mention that there are many electric scooters that look exactly alike? Features of the IO HAWK skateboard are unique in how they are made.

Now, the Io hawk hoverboard  weighs in at just 22 pounds. This is light especially to a fully grown individual. I understand that some mobility vehicles are much lighter than this but wait until you find out about the poor material used to manufacture them. Still, 22 pounds IO HAWK can be carried easily anywhere—be it in the classroom or at your place of work. Although, children under the age of 14 might struggle with lifting the IO HAWK with one hand and may need assistance.

The IO HAWK board is made of hard outer casing material that you rarely find with other scooters and mini-segways. The casing is accompanied by hard aluminum tires that are non-pneumatic saving you all the trouble of having to refill inflated tires. You also don’t have to worry about getting flats when you are enjoying your ride.

The front of the board has LED lights that glow once you step on the board. You also get to know when you are slowly running out of battery power as the lights will indicate red. The battery is a 36V 4.4 AH Lithium Ion Battery that charges fully after 3 hours. The battery is charged by a standardized charger that comes along with the package. You can easily replace this charger in case you unfortunately broke it or if it developed complications.

The IO HAWK hoverboard measures 23 x 7.3 x 7 inches. This is enough measurement to be able to support a fully grown individual weighing in at almost 280 pounds. It is also very easy with these dimensions to move around the block even when you have a crowd to maneuver through. Unlike a segway where you might need ample space to move around, this unit keeps you afloat around any corner or distance.

The IO HAWK has brushless motors that are very sensitive to pressure and will obey any kind of movement from your body. These motors will make it very easy for you to ride the IO HAWK board. You can easily balance and send this unit whenever you want it to go. You can also maneuver very easily even when climbing hilly areas that have up to 15 degrees inclination. As far as the IO HAWK specs are concerned, movement is the most crucial of them all—I will be taking you through the process of easily enjoying your IO HAWK ride even if you are an amateur.

How to use IO HAWK



Unlike many other personal electric vehicles where you have to fall off your unit every now and then (worse if you are an amateur), using the IO HAWK is very easy. See, the manufacturer of this unit understands that there is no time to waste learning how to ride. Instead of lagging through the learning process, and also getting injured, with the IO HAWK it gets really comfortable really fast. With other mobility scooters the struggle has always been to step on and off the board. With IO HAWKS however, there is no risk of falling involved.

In order to move forward, you will simply need to apply equal pressure with both your feet while leaning forward. You can apply the same amount of pressure when reversing by bending slightly backwards. Braking is also easy as you still will need to bend backwards while applying slightly more pressure than you would while reversing. You can apply pressure on one footpad if your want to rotate at the same place or if you just want to halt movement. Turning is easy as you will just need to twist your body in turning motion and the IO HAWK will obey.

It’s really easy to ride this unit and it really doesn’t take a toll on your nerves or body. It takes just 3 to 5 minutes to get acquainted with it after which it will take you just 20 to 30 minutes to be a master of the whole riding process—it doesn’t get any easier than that. This as you’ll find out will save you a lot of time and injuries that you might incur while learning to ride any other electric mobility scooter or segway.

You can also learn how to ride the IO HAWK by looking at any IO HAWK video online. There are plenty of these online at just the click of a button. Many videos usually have clear instructions and details of what to observe when learning how to ride.


Apart from being your personal vehicle that lets you move faster than walking or jogging, the IO HAWK has a host of other advantages that you have never experienced before. See, it’s quite easy to jog around or even walk only that it will take you longer to get there. The maximum speed you can ever achieve when jogging is a little over 4mph. This is quite slow considering you can easily move around with IO HAWK at a maximum speed of 6.2 mph. Just try moving along with a crowd and you’ll find out just how fast this unit can be.

With a fully charged IO HAWK scooter unit you can travel up to a maximum of 10 to 13 miles before you may need to charge it again. In my case that is enough distance from my home to where I work. You can also easily go around your neighborhood for sometime before your battery runs out on you. You may notice the LED lights start to appear dim or bright red in which case you can charge it for about 3 hours. If the battery runs out on you some place far from your home, well, the IO HAWK is just 22 pounds and carrying it should not be a problem.

The IO HAWK really makes riding fun as you can hurdle over cracks as big as half an inch. Burps may be difficult to go over with the exception of very small ones. One thing you need to do is use your knees as the suspension by bending them slightly. This makes for a very smooth ride even if your terrain is filled with tiny cracks. Try moving your unit over asphalt, carpeted floors or even grass. It may be difficult to ride comfortably over a gravel surface. The IO HAWK is IP54 rated and you can comfortably move it over dust and light water splashes. You should however avoid riding the unit in inclement weather or near puddles.

The IO HAWK was made for people of all ages to increase personal mobility. It cannot be used to replace exercises but it surely will transport you faster than jogging or even a fast paced walk. It takes very little time to learn how to ride and with a little confidence you can become a pro within a span of 20 to 30 minutes.


The real con about this product is the fact that it’s generally expensive than other personal mobility vehicle. It may be easy to ride and friendly to you but you may need to choke up a huge chunk of your money to get it. You can always get variations with different stores in your area but generally they are very expensive to buy and ship.

Also, apart from the IO HAWK price being on the higher side, the unit’s intelligent motors will play a big part in making your fall awkward. In case you are just learning how to ride the IO HAWK, sometimes you may get off balance and fall. You should be careful as you may not fall as you expect. Sometimes the motor sensors will cause the board to twist making you land awkwardly. You should therefore be careful of the areas you practice by making sure there are no dangerous objects that may severely injure you in case you fall. It is recommended that your train indoors during the first few hours of the learning process.

The variation prices for units also makes it slightly unfavorable compared to other scooters that have the same price no matter the specs. I checked through Amazon and was surprised t see different prices for different colors especially when you get a unit from the manufacturer website.

Where can I buy a IO HAWK?

Now you can buy cheap IO HAWKs from Amazon where prices are fair and you have a money-back guarantee. See, buying an IO HAWK in stores may be too expensive and it really isn’t worth the trouble. I agree getting it from the store seems convenient but you risk buying at a much higher price and chances of getting a fake product are also very high. Ignore the rip-off reviews that you may see when you visit Amazon.com. These are simply middlemen who are seeking to sell to you China made counterfeit products that you simply don’t want. To enjoy the IO HAWK for sale and the fun that comes with it you need to get the real thing that will stay with you for long.

So, how much is the IO HAWK skateboard? Depends with where you are buying it from. As I said before the best deals can be found from Amazon. Here you will also find a big variety of colored products such as IO HAWK red, IO HAWK blue, IO HAWK black, and IO HAWK white. The color choice will depend with your preference.


The IO HAWK board has really revolutionized the personal mobility industry. It’s no longer just speed that counts or the price—the IO HAWK price is really nothing compared to what you are getting. This unit has taken the market by storm and is set to be around for quite a foreseeable future. It’s imperative that you get the original product through the right channels to avoid being extorted and having to spend more to get a replacement. So, get out there and enjoy your ride with the IO HAWK scooter like you have never done with any other unit.

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