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JOLEGE Hoverboard, 6.5″ Two-Wheel Self Balancing Hoverboard – Review

JOLEGE Hoverboard – Best for Kids And Adults


A hoverboard is echo friendly and viable mode of transport that is more comfortable for all to ride and have fun.

However, a couple of years back, a controversy starts after overheating and hoverboards catching fire. So, they were considered to be dangerous to ride. But thanks, the technology has improved and the best and safest hoverboards have been released in the market. Jolege hoverboard is one of them. This hoverboard is an absolute beast that catches the attention of customers in the market.

The self-balancing hoverboard from Jolege in environmentally friendly. if you want to see the precious smile of your kid’s faces then grab your hands on this cheap hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers. I bet you it will be the perfect gift for your kids.

Jolege is a USA based hoverboard company, whose vision is to provide high-quality cheap hoverboards to their customers, just like the other companies. The safety feature is their number one priority so that they have passed their hoverboard thorough 159 hard tests to qualify for the national safety test known as UL2272.

Jolege boards are manufactured by using high quality of the material. Therefore, they are able to provide their customers with high quality and durable hoverboards. As quality is their main manifesto.

You might not be able to ride with this hoverboard on sand or snow. but with its 6.5″ inch solid rubber wheels you can have smooth riding experience. With its dual 300 watts powerful motors, it can reach up to a speed of 7.5 mph and a travel range of 15km depending upon the type of surface and rider’s weight. This hoverboard takes 2-3 hours to charge and then you can enjoy the ride. Be it for the kid or adult, this hoverboard looks cool with everyone.

This hoverboard has a maximum carrying capacity of 220lbs. And the wheels are protected by fenders as well. if your weight is above the weight limit, it will give alarming signals that may irritate you. Jolege also offers a limited-time warranty, if you receive a defected product from them they will replace or refund you without any bargaining.

This hoverboard is best for all types of riders. The self-balancing technology also enhances safety and provide smooth as well as riding experience. Moreover, this board has built-in Bluetooth speakers and LED lights for an enjoyable riding experience. It costs no more than $200. So, you can cheap the hoverboard under $200. And this hoverboard is also Amazon’s choice when it comes to the hoverboard.

This hoverboard is available in six different colors.

  • High-Quality material
  • UL2272 certified
  • Plastic Bumpers
  • Dual motors
  • limited warranty
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Max speed is 7.5 mph
  • Max distance 15km


  • Efficient to ride even rugged conditions.
  • Easy for beginners to balance on.
  • Best for Kids.
  • Solid rubber tires.
  • 24/7 customer support.


  • Not for all-terrains.