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Leray Self Balancing Scooter Balance Motion 6.5″ Two Wheel Review

If you are looking for a professional and fun riding experience from a self balancing scooter, then you probably need the Leray Self Balancing Scooter. This scooter is a proven personal electric vehicle with a difference. It looks solid, cushy, and above all very professionally manufactured. If you have been struggling with balancing on other scooters and personal vehicles, then get ready to change your diet with this new self balancing scooter. If you are wondering if these words are true or not then come with me as I review this Leray hoverboard.

Leray hoverboards are not like anything you are used to seeing in the market. They are professionally manufactured and this scooter is proof to that effect. Apart from fully enjoying your ride with your newly purchased unit, the company also vows to stay close to you in case there are problems or limitations to the amount of fun you should be having. In this Leray hoverboard review, I will be telling you what makes this unit superior. I will also be informing you of some few limitations that you might have to live with.

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As advertised the Leray self balancing scooter has amazing features that are meant to give you one hell of a ride. The Leray hoverboard weighs in at just 12Kg and very portable for a grown-up to easily lift with one hand. The in-built battery is LG Lithium 18650 made and only charges for about an hour or if longer, just two and a half hours. The drive mode is specified as dual-wheel and two-way direct drive. Balance is enhanced by 3 gyro sensors and 3 accelerometers. The maximum incline angle is 15 degrees and the circling radius is at zero. The tires are solid rubber 7 inches in diameter. The battery has a great capacity of 110Wh.


The advantages of this Leray scooter far outweigh the disadvantages. I mean there is a limit to how far you can go with any other unit after a single charge. With this leray scooter, things are fun for long. Once you have charged the scooter (the charging only takes an hour or two by the way), you can go as far as 15km. This is a very considerable distance if you love riding your scooter over long distances. You can totally take it to your school, your work place, or even your gym classes.

The scooter weighs in at just 29 pounds and you’ll find it quite portable with just a single arm whenever you need to. Small children cannot lift with one hand but they sure as hell can enjoy the ride too if they got some assistance from a apparent or a guardian. The unit will support a heavy load of up to 220 lb. you can therefore use it to go to a grocery store for supper or lunch. The front and back of the scooter has LED lights that sparkle when you step on the footpads giving it a really awesome look especially if you take it out at night.

The maximum speed stands in at 10km/h which is pretty fast if you want to get there faster than walking. The maximum speed for a fast paced walk is a little over 4km/h. You can therefore be sure that with the Leray hoverboard you’ll never get there late. The drive mode for this unit is a classy dual-wheel and two way drive that provides you the balance like no other. You can therefore worry less about falling off the device because you exceeded the speed limit.

This unit has three gyro sensors and 3 accelerometers that are located under the footpads to sense the pressure exerted by your feet as you try to maneuver the unit. The motor power is 1000W and contributes greatly to the way you maneuver the unit. It will take you just an hour to learn how to ride the leray hoverboard because the control system is the highly rated Leray Smart Walker. You can circle at any point with the zero turning radius. i recommend taking a look at some Youtube videos and get a view of how the device is used. Acceleration is achieved when the rider leans forward (exerting pressure using the front part of the feet). To go backwards or brake, the rider leans backwards while exerting pressure with the heels.

Apart from the Leray scooter features offering you a very awesome riding experience, the unit is FCC, RoHS, CE, UN38.3 Certified. Also, the original unit is only offered by the LerayGroup Company and every product comes with a special warranty code. The warranty will make it easy to get after sale services (which are great by the way) and also find a replacement when you break your unit. It’s hard to see the Leray self balancing scooter coming second to any scooter in the market with these amazing features and great customer service from the company.


Despite the Leray electric scooter having all these amazing features and coming from a great company, not everything about it deserves kudos. I for one have reservations about the maximum speed of this particular unit. I mean I’m always nervous when a scooter is moving too fast for my nerves, but when the maximum speed of a scooter only reads 8mph then I can’t help but feel duped. There has also been complains about the unit breaking too easily when it hits a hard surface. The unit will also start rattling or even shake when you hit the maximum speed. This is a recipe for a fall if you are just getting acquainted with the device. However, these few demerits are nothing compared to what you’re getting with this device.



The Leray self balancing scooter is an amazing gadget that reeks of class and fun. The manufacturing company is unrealistically great and the features are awe-inspiring. I have written this Leray review with hope that you’ll find it helpful when you hit the market for one. I suggest buying through Amazon where you’ll find fair prices and a money-back guarantee in case you don’t like what you see. You’ll also find other customers’ experience with the device if you shop from Amazon.

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