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MonoRover R1 132Wh Single wheel Self Balancing Unicycle Electric Scooter Review

Unicycles can be a really fun way to get around, sure it isn’t the fastest or most efficient way to get around but it sure is fun. I’m sure that’s what the guy who invented the unicycle back in 1896 thought because they have been around for a long time and you can find them everywhere, see people riding them often, and there are more than millions of YouTube videos of people doing crazy unicycle tricks.

Unicycles are the next step up from bicycles because not only do you have to balance from side to side but from front to back as well. It can be challenging but from firsthand experience it is really fun and easy to get in to.

So of course people had to take it one step further again and just like anything else with wheels there was a person who wanted to give it more power and speed; that guy said “Hmm, I think this unicycle needs a motor!” Whether it’s because we as humans are inherently lazy or just love to go fast and push things to their limit it resulted in the Monorover. To be more precise it is called The MonoRover R1 and it is a seat-less unicycle with a motor so there is no pedaling involved; all you have to do is stand and go!

Today we aren’t here to review just any old unicycle because this thing can get up to some great speeds and is really fun to ride too; this is the MonoRover R1 Review.


One of the really great things about the Monorover R1 is that it has an excellent battery that charges in no time flat. The battery charges to 80 percent in 40 minutes and is fully charged within an hour. The battery comes with a low battery protection feature which extends the battery life for as long as possible when the battery is low, as well it makes sure that the damage does not get damaged due to running low on energy. Of course the Monorover comes with a charger so when the battery is low.

Something else that is really neat about the Monorover R1 Unicycle is that it is in fact water proof so those people who love to be outside at all time, whether it be sunny or raining, or even snowing, this is the perfect unicycle for you. Even if it is pouring rain you can still zip around on the R1 and not have to worry about the motor or the battery getting water damaged. It can even be submersed in water in up to 65 percent of the Monorover’s height; it’s pretty amazing because zooming through big puddles isn’t a problem at all!

The Monorrover R1 Unicycle is also really great for people who need to use it to run errands or to get to work and back. It can up to 23 km on one battery charge so you can be sure that you will not only get to where you need to go but that you will get back too. Even if you can’t carry the charger with you rest assured that the battery will last. Even if you don’t really need to get anywhere you can enjoy a nice journey through the woods, along the streets, or along the beachside boardwalk too; the great battery will make sure that your journey will last quite a while! To top it all off just to make sure that the Monorover R1 doesn’t die on you any time soon it comes with a 500W motor that improves the performance of the insulation which will make the battery last longer overall.

For those people that like to have fun and just love to go fast then the Monorover is for you because it can boogey! Going at an impressive 18 km per hour it really lets you fly around. And don’t worry because big adults can ride this durable unicycle as well as it can hold up to 120 Kg or 120 pounds in weight. It is very sturdy and can still go fast even when the person riding it isn’t the lightest of all people. And not to mention it can go up or down inclines of up to 30 degrees while going that fast and carrying all of that weight!


There are of course a few negative aspects to the Monorover, however they are pretty minor in comparison the positives. One of the bad things that does need to be mentioned is that it can only operate from -10 – 40 degrees in temperature. And it works best between the temperatures of 10 and 30 degrees Celsius. Don’t get us wrong, it works in the freezing cold or boiling heat but it won’t work as well as it would otherwise.

And if you live in a place like Canada where the winters often go below minus 10 or live in a big concrete jungle city where the temperatures can exceed 40 degrees; well let’s just say that it probably does not matter that the battery and motor could freeze or overheat  because you won’t be outside anyway.

 Just like everything else the Monorover R1 does have its limits. It can go 18 km, carry 250 pounds, go up hills of a 30 degree incline, run for up to 23 km, and do much more. However it isn’t a Ferrari, just keep that in mind!


Our final thoughts on the Monorover R1 are very good and it definitely gets a very high rating from us. Unicycles are a crazy and fun invention to begin with but to give them a motor is just putting it to a whole new level. It can go fast, carry lots of weight, go up and down hills, and best of all it’s just really fun! They are fun to ride around by yourself and they are even more fun if you and your friends have a whole bunch of them to ride around together. And not only are they fun but they are useful as a personal transportation device too!

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