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MonoRover R2 Electric Mini Segway Two Wheels Scooter Review

The Monorover R2 electric mini two wheels scooter is really something worth taking out for a ride. It simply cannot be equated to other generic electric scooters out there. Apart from the fact that it belongs to the Monorover class of scooters—which is really awesome—it also offers a certain fulfilling comfort that you never experience with any other scooter. The features are great and make it one of the best mini segways out there.

The features are what you would expect from any two wheeled electric scooter but they are just a little modified. Most of the time there’s always talk of the self balancing ability of these scooters and truth be said it’s always overhyped for most units that will make you fall several times before you can finally learn to balance the scooter. With the Monorover R2 things are a little different with the self balancing feature. You can almost feel when riding that there’s something extra, something that keeps you balancing better than you’ve ever done with any other self balancing vehicles.

Yet there are some people who feel it doesn’t come close to what they would like to see in a two-wheeled self balancing scooter. In this Monorover R2 review I will be telling you why you should buy this unit and also why it’s not 100% perfect. But, first let’s look at the features.


First this Monorover Hoverboard unit weighs in at just 22 pounds as indicated by the manufacturer in the specs. It has a maximum speed of 7.4 mph and a powerful 36V/4.4AH capacity battery that charges for 2 to 3 hours. A single charge can last you 12.4 miles of fun riding. The tires are considerably large for a mini scooter—7 inches each. It can carry a maximum load capacity of 220 lbs. The dimensions for this unit are 23.7 x 7.3 x 7 inches. The maximum riding angle is 15 degrees and you can turn at zero radius. These are the features that you’ll find with most Monorovers at least by just mentioning. What makes each feature unique from the other would be the modifications done on different units. Let’s have a look at why you would buy this unit by looking at the pros.


First off, this Monorover electric scooter gives you a more stable ride and a faster response. It has 2 motors on both wheels with double balancing systems to keep you balanced all the time. Just like any other two wheel self balancing electric scooter, this Monorover scooter can be balanced easily with both feet. The turning radius is zero and that means you can maneuver even in tough corners without straining your muscles or falling off.

You can ride this Monorover scooter even when your area is characterized by hilly terrains. With a maximum riding angle of 15 degrees, you can go pretty much everywhere with this unit. Of course the unit will either move smoothly or prove difficult to ride depending on your weight or the overall condition of the terrain. The 7 inch tires are perfect for you since you can ride over some tough bumps that would otherwise prove difficult if you had a unit with much smaller tires.

With 7.4 mph as your maximum speed, you can go pretty much anywhere and control your movement quite easily. Think about it for a second, the maximum walking speed is about 3 mph or less, with a unit like this you get to go faster than normal walking pace.

The battery is something that gives you comfort as well as convenience. You get to go far with just a single charge. The fact that you can go as far as 14.2 mph to 18.6 mph with a single charge says a lot about where the fun can take you. It charges for 2 or 3 hours however, but it really is worth a wait if you can go to school and still come back with a single charge.

The double balancing systems feature is what makes this unit special. You can almost feel it when riding that your movement is completely taken care of and even when you take a sharp bend there’s always a feeling of security from accidents. This also means that learning to ride this unit unlike others where you will take several days to even learn how to get on the unit.

Movement and balance is as simple as bending forward and exerting pressure on the footpads with your feet to accelerate and bending backwards to reverse or brake. You can turn anywhere and even rotate in a 360 degrees angle. I have seen some videos where the rider simply places one foot on one footpad while the other rests on the opposite tire while rotating. You can also just stagnate at one place and never worry about falling.


There aren’t many shortcomings to tell you about this unit other than you may find it difficult to ride on a rough terrain with heavy bumps or a cracked surface. Burps are even more difficult to go over with this unit and you may be forced to go around them. The maximum speed is a bit low for a speed freak like me but it would be really fine if you just want to get there faster than walking. The fact that you also have to wait for 3 hours to get the battery to fully charge bothers me. There are units that will only take an hour at most and still work perfect. However, many would still not get close to this scooter especially with the fun and easy riding.


To get Monorover cheapest price units you need to head over to Amazon and order one today. There aren’t many units that can give you the same as this unit. The Monorover R2 cheap unit goes for much less than any other two wheel scooter you’ll find today. Self balancing feature for this unit gives it an edge over the others and makes it quite comfortable. I hope you find this Monorover review helpful in shopping for your next Monorover electric scooter.

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