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MonoRover R3 Electric Scooter Single Wheel Self Balancing Unicycle Review

MonoRover R3 is one of the top products you can ever get form the market today. It has a wide range of jaw-dropping features and surprisingly comes at a very affordable price. This review will cover the features you can expect from this Monorover R3 unicycle as well as tell you why most customers love the products and why others don’t like it so much.

The Monorover R3 belongs to the Monorover R series but this one is slightly well modified than the rest (If you have used the others). You can therefore, trust that this Monorover unicycle will do a lot more good to your riding experience. The Monorover R3 (if you are yet to use it) has exquisite features and focuses on providing you the consumer with the most memorable experience while making the price quite affordable than any other unit in the market today.

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Features of the Monorover self balancing electric unicycle are unique indeed; it adopts the aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and gyroscope system to keep you balanced. The 132wh mentioned in the name stands for a very well thought through battery phenomenon that makes this unit far better than the normal personal transportation scooters you’ve used before. The unit has a built-in low battery control, speed and tilt protection. This means that once the battery percentage approaches 10% the unit will decelerate (if in motion) slowly until it shuts off. The tilting protection works if you tilt to 45 degrees—it prevents you from falling. You are also protected against hazardous speeds.


The Monorover R3 electric scooter with Bluetooth speakers is blue in color and measures 18.43″ h x 6.50″ w x 15.75″l. it weighs in at 22.93 pounds and has 4.0 Bluetooth and 2.0 stereo Speakers. The maximum speed is 12km/h and can go up to a maximum of 18-23 km with a single charge depending on the weight carried. It comes with a high quality Samsung Lithium battery with a capacity of 500W/13Wh.

The battery takes 60 minutes to fully charge or just 45 minutes to achieve 80% charge. The unit’s tires are strong and durable. When you open the box you’ll find one Monorover R3 scooter, 2 auxiliary tires, one auxiliary belt, a US charger that is of high quality and a Basic manual written in English. The unit has a great first impression and likeable than any other.


The first thing that will convince you to buy the Monorover R3 unicycle is the unique solid build that it exhibits. Apart from that the color of blue mixed with black really gives this unit a touch of class. Everyone likes being seen in public with something that can stir up excitement and create a spectacle worth staring at. This electric unicycle give you just that.

The fact that the battery only charges for only an hour, means that you can never be late for meetings, work or anywhere that you intend to bring your Monorover R3 along. If you are in too much of a hurry then a 45 minute charge will give an 80% charged battery and this can take you far—if a fully charged battery can take you to a distance of 18-23 kilometers you can work out where 80% of the charged battery can take you.

This unit has a considerably high maximum speed considering its rather fair price. You can accelerate up to  a maximum speed of 16 km/h which in itself is 4 times the normal walking speed. Even your normal jogging speed doesn’t come close. The battery will warn you in case it is draining out and you can worry less because you will not fall even if you tilted to a 45 degrees angle. Also once you hit 16km/h the scooter will protect you from going faster and prevent a possible accident. Also, this unit is very easy to learn and use. The Bluetooth and stereo speakers ensure you carry the music with you wherever you go.


While this unit may sound and look spectacular, it falls short on certain areas and cannot be fully trusted to deliver perfect services. Among the many customers who have reviewed this product, there has been complain about the unit’s tire flattening really quickly and replacement becoming a problem. However, it’s always important to follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to use the product and also use the right channels to shop for your unicycles.

The maximum speed protection feature can be quite a bother especially if you need to go faster. The unit will stop you from accelerating further once you hit a top speed of 16km/h. the pedal will assume a 10 degree position and stop you from inclining any further. This can be frustrating yes, but if you need to get there safe, then it is a good thing to have a speed governor of some sort.


This Monorover unicycle is a great personal transportation vehicle with very classy features that will keep you satisfied for a very long time. The many customers who have bought this unit have ever regretted their decision and some have gone ahead to give a testimony of their experience. These customers were guided by correct online information and such as this Monorover R3 review which I hope you use as a guideline before hitting the market. 

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