Safest Self-Balancing Scooter & Hoverboard in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Hoverboard may seem like a fantasy in the future, but they’re the reality in today’s technical world. These devices which are known as Self-balancing scooters, don’t’ actually hover completely off the ground. Instead, they have a platform just like the skateboard with two-wheels on the eighter side. The hoverboard rider stands on the platform of the scooter and uses his/her weight to steer the weight.

Hoverboards are rechargeable and powered by batteries. Therefore, you don’t’ have to exert much more effort while riding them, because the powerful electric motor does most of the work for you. Moreover, despite the unique construction and design of the hoverboards, it is very easy for some people to get the hang of riding them.

Basically, hoverboards are the skateboards of the modern world. They are powered by a battery and help you to get where you are going quickly without feeling like you’ve just run a smile.

Hoverboards are so lightweight and portable. So, they’re easy to carry anywhere you want. These motorized hands-free scooters are the coolest new electric gadgets that allow to travel in a convenient environment.

However, there was a problem with hoverboard safety:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock. You are probably well known about what happened with hoverboards in 2015. let me just summarize. The first we heard that hoverboard was late 2014 and early 2015. Celebrities and media went crazy for this new form of Personal Transportation. And at the end of 2015, everyone wanted one. The hoverboards were quickly become the must-have toy ( for adults or for kids ) for Christmas and millions of hoverboards were sold worldwide.

These hoverboards were mass-produced in multiple factories in China and Hong Kong with little no regulation. They were made using inferior quality material and cheap generic lithium batteries which were a major fire risk. Therefore, they were quickly banned for sale on all major websites like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, etc.

In early 2016, it looks like the hoverboard was all dead. Many companies recalled their hoverboards on the advice of CPSC ( Customer Product Safety Commission ). Buyers were advised that to either seek a refund or just dispose of the hoverboard for safety.

This brought us the new UL ( Underwriter Laboratories ) Certification for hoverboards

Unfortunately, this was bad news for those who bought the earlier models of hoverboards. However, the UL (underwriter Laboratories ) created a new standard for making a hoverboard in 2016. The main purpose of UL is to ensure the safety of consumer products. A series of 150+ tests need to be passed by the product to gain the certification called UL 2272. These tests include the overcharge test, drop test, crash test, shock test, water exposure test, imbalanced charging test and much more.

Are Hoverboards Still Dangerous?

The new models of hoverboards that certified with UL2272 are fire safe. As safe as any other product in your home that uses lithium free batteries such as laptop or smartphone. They are no longer a fire hazard. Moreover, you should still need to follow the manufacture of safety guidelines for optimum protection. just because that hoverboard is fire-safe it doesn’t mean that you cannot have an accident while riding the hoverboard.

Safe UL 2272 certified hoverboards on Amazon

Amazon only allows the hoverboards which are certified with UL2272 and fully test and meet the recommended standards. And many other retailers are now starting to follow the suit and require this certification for hoverboards on their websites, which is good news for the customers.

Hoverboard made a massive comeback in the market

Many retailers who banned the sale of hoverboards, now only sell the hoverboards that are certified with UL2272.

For example, to sell a hoverboard on amazon in 2020, sellers must have to prove they have passed the tests and gained the UL certification. Before they allowed the list of hoverboard brands. So, if you buy a hoverboard certified with UL2272 it will not be fire risk like those who went before.

How to ensure the Hoverboard Safety?

  • Only buy a hoverboard that certified with UL2272: There’re still many hoverboards for sale online that don’t’ have this certification.
  • You should buy from a retailer that requires UL certification. Amazon is one such retailer. All the hoverboards on amazon have this UL certification. Buying a product from a large and trusted retailer means that you will have a good return policy and also have a proper warranty.
  • When you receive the hoverboard, first check the UL Mark on the packing and look for the holographic certification label.
  • Don’t’ overcharge-it: Although new models of hoverboard have the technology to prevent overcharging. But it is still advisable to follow the recommended charging times.
  • Only use a charger that comes with a hoverboard.
  • Keep your hoverboard away from flammable panel while charging.
  • Beware of Knockoffs: So, you’ve found a hoverboard which is certified with UL2272 but it costs a lot less than on Amazon or another website? It might not be a real thing always. You should always check the seller feedback and customer reviews on the product and check the prices on different sites before you buy it.
What to expect from next-generation models?

Hoverboard manufactures have learned from their mistakes with earlier products and have for the most part improved the scooter on almost every level.

  • UL272 certification – Don’t’ buy hoverboard without it: if you do make, make sure that the very least battery is UL approved.
  • Hoverboards are now made with harder and more durable outer shells.
  • Many hoverboards are now come with modes – like learning mode. This reduces the risk of accidents when learning how to use a scooter.
  • Most have larger and non-slip foot pads to prevent accidents.
  • Hoverboards include UL certification lithium batteries.

Weight Limits of hoverboard:

You may not think that there is a criterion for riding hoverboards, which is understandable since most of the people can hop on and ride. But there are standards in place for different models. So, you want to consider factors to make sure that you are buying a hoverboard that’s sized well for you.

1: Select an appropriate wheel size

4.5” inch wheel – Best for Kids

6.5” inch wheels – Best for Kids and teens

8” inch wheel – Good for Teens And Adults

10” inch wheel – Good for Adults

2:Make sure you’re in the weight limits of hoverboard:

However, most of the hoverboard has the same weight limit based on wheel size. So, you should pay much attention to manufacture parameters before you purchase. If you’re outside the manufactures recommendations. It may be more difficult for you to maneuver hoverboard, leaving you at a higher risk for an accident.

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