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SBU V3 Self-Balancing Unicycle Review

Unicycles are pretty darn cool because there are quite a few things that you can do on them. Some people like to go on long rides with them just like a bicycle because they like to get outdoors and go on an adventure. People can use them for personal transportation as an eco-friendly way to get to work in the morning. Some people like to use them as a form of exercise so they can lose some pounds or keep the pounds off.

And others like to use them to do tricks, sometimes really cool tricks.  I mean, you know that unicycles are like a mainstay in a circus or acrobatic show? It’s a great way to get around and an even better way to have fun, not to mention that you are saving the environment while doing it!

It’s pretty cool when you think about it though because it has come so far. The SBU electric self-balancing unicycle has evolved a long way from a two-wheeled bicycle and even from those funny big-wheeled bikes from the old days. This isn’t any normal unicycle though, it’s the SBU V3, it is so cool that it has been featured on Shark Tank; if you want to watch it you can look up SBU Unicycle Shark Tank on Google.

The SBU V3 is cool because it requires no peddling at all and even better you don’t need to balance because it’s a self-balancing unicycle. The SBU electric unicycle is neat and handy, after all there is a reason that the big wigs in the Executive offices at the TV Company were confident enough to make a Shark Tank SBU Unicycle segment.

This is the SBU V3 Review so let’s not waste any more time and get started right now!

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There are several cool things about the SBU V3 unicycle so let’s talk about some of those first; after all there aren’t too many bad things to say so we’ll save that unpleasantness for the end.

Something that the makers of the SBU electric unicycle had in mind when designing it was that it was meant to be very eco-friendly. One way they have done this is by installing a regenerative braking system which means that every time that you apply the brakes the friction generated between the wheel and the brake pads is actually translated back into energy and transferred back to the battery.

In essence every time you brake you recharge the battery. All of this plus the SBU electric unicycle is designed with ultra-efficient batteries that are long-lasting, easy to charge, and are very eco-friendly. The battery is strong enough to power a motor and get you pretty far while pushing you up a 30-degree incline!

The SBU V3 unicycle is very easy to use because it features self-balancing technology that will gently push you forwards or backward if you lean too far in one particular direction. And while we mention leaning in a particular direction, it is steered and powered simply by leaning. If you want to go forward just lean forward, and if you want to go faster than lean a little harder; until the kickback system pushes in of course that keeps you upright and balanced.

The same can be said for going backward as well; when you lean back it slows down and brakes; that’s when the regenerative braking kicks in by the way. This thing is very simple to use indeed! The V3 learns your specific body movements and motions so it slowly grows more accustomed to you and helps you balance even better, not only that but it does many calculations as well.

The V3 is very safe as well because if it senses any crash it automatically shuts down slowly to not hurt the rider. And of course as we mentioned before it is self-balancing so you don’t have to fear falling. However just for safety’s sake you may still want to wear a helmet. Even when your battery runs out just so you don’t fall off in a heap the machine slowly shuts off and comes to a rolling stop so that the rider doesn’t get injured. 

It can also carry over 325 pounds so it is very sturdy and of high quality so you won’t need to worry about it breaking after a couple of weeks or months – this unit will last for years to come!


All of the good stuff being said there are of course some downsides to the SBU V3. Let’s get this out of the way quickly because there isn’t too much bad stuff that needs to be said.

One of the little problems that the SBU V3 unicycle has is that while it is very ecofriendly the range it has isn’t too great. I guess it does depend on the weight of the rider it can go a maximum of 10 miles or about 15 km. It’s not fantastic but it’s not too bad either I suppose; anyway if you brake a lot then the regenerative braking will recharge your battery more and more!

This is a minor detail but it is a unicycle and people won’t take you seriously. Then again this is meant for quick little trips or having fun, and not going into a business meeting. But do keep in mind, you might not want to ride into your next job interview on an electric unicycle.


The SBU electric self-balancing unicycle is indeed a really neat thing. It’s like a 3 in one tool because it’s a toy, a personal transportation device, and a professional stunt vehicle! It can go pretty far, it won’t let you fall unless you’re trying to fall, it can hold a massive amount of weight for its size, and best of all it is green. And in today’s world it is pretty important to be eco-friendly because we only have one world to live on.

Anyway, for all of the people who enjoy a good unicycle or are just looking to try something new then the SBU V3 Unicycle is a great investment to make. If you are looking for a cool Christmas gift or even a good birthday gift for anybody that likes to take up something new and something fun.

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