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SPADGER Hoverboard – Review

SPADGER Self-Balancing Scooter – Best For Beginners/newbies

The SPADGER G1 Premimium hoverboard is a welcome exception to the rule. That’s why it is one of the most gorgeous hoverboard in the market right now.

The exterior styling is so elegant and attractive that of almost any comparable hoverboard. The layout of the LED light is fantastic, as is the general of the deck and those high-quality wheels. It also has Bluetooth connectivity and a free smartphone app to control the hoverboard

Functions of Spadger G1 Premium:

Spadger hoverboard under $200 is a carefully designed hoverboard that ensures riders have an exciting experience.


With the hoverboards still being new, so there are many misconceptions and fear about using this hoverboard. The UL 2272 certification puts all these to rest as the certification involves performing several electrical and safety tests.

With UL 2272 certification, you can be assured that the hoverboard is safe to ride.

Balance riding:

Spadger construction is focused on providing a stable footing while using it. The foot-pads prevent you from slipping. The auto self-balancing feature is exclusive to spadger hoverboards enabled by gyro sensors that help the rider to balance on a hoverboard.



The Spadger G1 provides you a max speed of up to 7 mph, which is perfect for beginners and newbies. This speed is ideal for children and older people as it is a standard safe speed for a hoverboard. The dual 250W motors make it easy for the board to achieve this speed.  The motor power allows climbing slopes up to 15 degrees or below the level. The hoverboard battery is rechargeable and just takes one or one-half hour to charge. The hoverboard has a max trave range of 8 miles per hour when fully charged.

UL2272 certification:

With safety being the first preority of every user, it is important for hoverboard to pass the neccasry test and standards. The UL 227 certifiaction asures that Spadger G1 hoverboard perfectly safe to ride.


  • UL approved.
  • d Light-weight.
  • Attractive design.
  • LED indicators.
  • Fast battery charging.
  • Self-balancing technology.
  • App enabled.
  • Built-in bluetooth..


  • Speed is not siutalbe for professionals riders.
  • Covers small distance on single charge.