SquareTrade Protection Plan Review

So, you have just ordered your electric scooter or bike from Amazon. Everything looks perfect and life with your new items is almost beginning with the products arriving safely. You check for the manufacturer’s warranty period and everything looks perfect too—your device is covered for a period of one year as most devices do. But then what happens after the one year warranty period elapses? What happens after your manufacturer’s cover ends and your products becomes vulnerable to damages? Wouldn’t it be better if you had a protection cover that will ensure you never have to worry even after the manufacturer’s warranty period elapses? Well, this is exactly what Amazon’s Squaretrade 2 year protection plan does for you.

So, what is squaretrade protection plan? This is an insurance cover that protects your device after the manufacturer’s warranty wears out. Amazon has a great squaretrade protection plan for your bike or scooter that you purchased from them. This warranty is awesomely good and comes in handy when the manufacturer can no longer cater for damages that may be incurred by your device. It does a lot of good to you including saving you the repair or replacement costs. You never actually get a cover that comes close to this one. Many customers have given their account of just how awesome this program can be through the squaretrade warranty reviews on Amazon.

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Square Trade Protection Plan Features

Amazon’s squaretrade protection plan lines up in a certain way. This is how things happen once you decide to get one of your scooters or bike covered. First, you can order your cover electronically through your mail. Then you need to have purchased the item from Amazon within the last 30 days (Don’t worry about the manufacturer’s warranty, your cover will only be effective after the manufacturer’s wears out or expires). The squaretrade protection plan has a customer support line that will always be available to answer some of your pressing questions so always feel free to communicate with them. If you sell or gift your scooter or bike to a friend, you can easily transfer the cover t them for free. If you hand over your product to be repaired, it will be shipped back to you for free—no extra or hidden charges.


Amazon’s squaretrade protection plan is an awesome product cover that will ensure you keep your ride alive even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. You actually never get to have any other plan that is as good as this particular one. A scooter is a great device that will stay with you for as long as you can keep it in a good condition. However, sometimes we just can’t be too careful to prevent inevitable damages. This is where a protection warranty comes in. however, some of these devices as you might already only have a single warranty year. This makes it necessary to have a cover plan that takes care of your scooter even after the single year elapses.

Another advantage with this protection plan as many squaretrade protection plan reviews from satisfied customers seem to suggest, is the fact that it’s extremely affordable. You’ll actually not believe how easy this cover comes. As a matter of fact, you may just be getting the product at an almost free rate. There are no hidden charges and you only get it with the price that you’ll see at Amazon. Of course there are different plans for different products but that shouldn’t worry you everything—at least for your hoverboard—is covered well and doesn’t cost anything you can’t afford.

Another thing that makes this product awesome is the fact that you actually get to have yourself a replacement of your product—one that has the same features as the original—if for one reason or the other your item can’t be repaired. How awesome? Think about it, some products get spoiled to the point of not being able to get repaired and times you are forced dig into your pocket for a new gadget that you didn’t actually plan on buying at that particular time. This protection plan actually saves you so much hassle and more than a few hundred bucks.

The Amazon protection plan for your hoverboard will be with you as soon as you have accepted to buy it from Amazon. It takes about two hours after which you’ll be able to receive it through your mail electronically. Really easy and as fast as you’ve never imagined. Something else is that when your product gets damaged before the manufacturer’s warranty expires, your product will taken straight to the manufacturer. The squaretrade protection plan only becomes active once your product’s original warranty wears out. You can therefore rest easy knowing that you are covered even at later stages of staying with the product.


So, does this product have any downside to it? Are there any disadvantages? Well, unfortunately this product as awesome as it sounds, still comes with its downside. I actually figured out that you can only cover one product at a time. One cover will not for instance take care of two items at the same time. This makes it really unreliable and somehow ambiguous if you are going to purchase multiple products. But still you can always keep a record of what products are covered by the dates or their specifications. Also, you are only covered for two years—which actually sounds awesome—but what happens after two years? This somehow leaves more question marks to the product’s greatness. But even if that is the case as it appears to be, this can be a great way to keep your scooter or bike especially when the manufacturer’s warranty is lengthy.


So, there you have it, the squaretrade insurance review. this cover is great especially when you have just purchased your scooter via Amazon. The double warranty gives you a double sense of security and peace of mind. You’ll never have to worry about losing your scooter and replacing it with a new one. Plus, you also get the extra cover at an extremely affordable prize. You can purchase the cover through our Amazon affiliate site to get some really amazing deals and prices.

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