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swagtron T3 self-balancing scooter review

The hoverboards manufacture industries are very rapidly introducing their products to the market. Now it is a hot  decision to find best and safe hoverboards. The big issue in hoverboards is its safety because many hoverboards may cause of fire and other unwanted manners. Due to this the Us government take action and warned to hoverboard manufacturing industries to certify their products under ul 2272. Many industries certified their products under ul 2272 electrical certification of self-balancing scooter system. Swagtron 3 is one of them which are highly certified under ul 2272. Swagtron 3 is the elder brother of swagtron 1. These two series and their batteries , chargers, and other accessories are also highly certified, so swagtron 3 is safest and easy to use.

Product review

The swagtron T3 introduce by swagway which is now renamed to swagtron. The world first highly certified self-balancing scooter on the market. The swagtron t3 make a big impact in the evaluation of self-balancing transportation devices. The inventor added multi features and unique design to make it more advance and powerful than other hoverboards. Swagtron T3 has consisted of many features,but its high certification and best battery management system make it professional and more attractive on the market. Here the specifications are given below.


Product specification

The swagtron T3 has three-speed modes,which are normal speed mode for beginners and kids, hyper speed mode for those who actually know about hoverboard’s riding but very little and advance or expert mode for those who are experts in running a self-balancing scooter. The swag T3 can run with a max speed up to 8 miles per hour and 12 miles of long distance. The device weight is about 22 lbs and can carry a max load up to 220 lbs. The Swagtron inventors added a lithium-ion powerful battery which is certified under ul 2272, the charging duration of the battery is about 2-3 hours and can never upload during the charge which is the greatest specification of Swagtron T3. The swag t3 is run with dual hub 300w powerful motor which gave a potential energy to the dual wheels. If you are riding and want to  listen  some music, so don’t worry the Swag T3 true your dreams, the swag t3 also comes with dual speakers and bluetooth connectivity, where you can easily enjoy your choice. Led highlights, lightweight shell,  and fire-proof unique design are also its best specifications.


  • Device weight = 22 lbs
  • Supported weight = 220 lbs
  • Max speed = 8 mph
  • Long range = 12 miles
  • Battery type = lithium-ion
  • Charging duration = 2-3 hours
  • Dual motors power = 300w
  • Climbing capability = 15 degrees
  • Led highlights
  • Lightweight shell
  • Dual speakers with bluetooth
  • Anti-flam coated cover

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