Tips For Dealing With A Hoverboard

Since riding a hoverboard is not easy at first, we’ve written some tips for you that will hopefully help you on your first trip.

Tip 1: Preparation

Mini Segways are powered by a rechargeable battery. It is recommended to fully charge this battery before driving for the first time. This is good for the life of the battery and so you get to the maximum range. It is also recommended to wear protective clothing. We recommend at least wearing a helmet that protects against head injuries. In addition, but not necessarily, we recommend to wear knee and elbow pads, which can catch the fall. Especially as a beginner, you will very often lose your balance and you can get serious injuries.

Tip 2: Find a suitable place to practice

Especially at the beginning you still stand with shaky knees on a hoverboard. For that reason you should have enough space to practice. Here are large rooms where there are no objects in the vicinity. When getting on and off the walls can help. The most space is found in public places. Parking is especially suitable on weekends. During the week many vehicles are traveling there. If you own a farm, this too can be a very good place to practice. The practice site should be free of potholes and bumps and there should be none, or few cars want to be there. In public places, a second person can help.

Tip 3: The upgrade

The trick here is to put one foot on the floor while the other stays on the floor. The foot on the stand must be as straight as possible on the board. Only then should you put the second foot on the stand. At first you try to find the balance. However, this already makes the hoverboard for one. Therefore, you should just put it easily. As a help, you can also consult a second person, or lean on walls.

It should be noted that it is difficult to correct the foot position while driving. It also does not matter from which side you ascend.

Tip 4: Brakes and accelerate

The hoverboard accelerates according to the center of gravity of the body weight. If you want to drive to the front, you lean forward very easily. The more you lean forward, the faster you drive. To brake, or to drive backwards, you lean backwards.

At first, it is relatively difficult to figure out how far you need to lean forward, but with a little practice, you can quickly figure it out.

Tip 5: The steering

Again, the hoverboard is controlled by body weight. If you want to steer to the left, you have to burden the right foot. To go to the right – the left foot. The control is very precise and direct.

Tip 6: The descent

As well as ascending, descending requires a little practice. It is important to bring the hoverboard to a standstill. Now you can set foot on the ground. The other foot should stand on the floor area without tilting as much as possible. You can now take this from the stand area as well.


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