Tips For Having A Fun And Safe Self-Balancing Scooter Ride

The self-balancing scooter has made a huge impact on the market and they have really made a big splash in the pond. There are very many celebrities who have not only endorsed these new pieces of portability but they are actually having fun riding these things around, real fun! The reason that celebrities and people alike are so interested in getting one of these two wheeled self-balancing scooters is because they are not only really fun to use but they are also extremely practical; not only that but these machines are very affordable too. There are a few tips and rules that you should be familiar with before you ride one of these scooters because it’s not quite as easy as it looks. Keep reading for some tips on how to safely ride a self-balancing scooter and have fun while doing it.

Try Not To Ride Outdoors In Poor Weather

Now, these self-balancing scooters are very sturdy and they are definitely built to last however they can only go so far; they are not meant for any kind of extreme weather like rain or snow and they are definitely not waterproof. You should avoid the rain because it can severely damage your scooter and you also want to avoid wet surfaces and streets because it can be easy to lose control; also the splashing from wet roads could get moisture into the machine.

Be Careful Of Fragile Items When Riding Indoors

These self-balancing scooters can be ridden indoors however people do really need to be careful because they aren’t the easiest to control. Be careful to move all fragile items out of the way when riding your self-balancing scooter indoors; move items out of the way and be careful not to ride near hard or sharp edges as they can cause injury, this is especially the case when you are just first beginning to use the self-balancing scooter and you don’t really know how to ride it yet.

Read The Instruction Manual

This may sound quite unimportant because who actually reads instruction manuals?! Well, you should definitely read the manual for your self-balancing scooter because while they may seem quite foolproof, they are actually much harder to ride than it looks.

Try To Avoid Riding It On Wet And Slippery Surfaces As Well As Carpets

Something that needs to be noted is that carpets, especially thick carpets and rugs can make it really hard to ride the self-balancing scooter because they add much traction and friction. This can make the rider become unbalanced and make it far harder to maneuver; tilting the body to control it can become very challenging on something like a carpet. As for thinner carpets and floor mats, these can easily move around and slip in on the floor; this can cause a rider to fall and injure themselves. As well, any wet surfaces can cause the wheels to lose traction and cause the rider to fall. Be sure to avoid wet and slippery surfaces as well as carpeting.

Don’t Ever Ride Your Self Balancing Scooter On The Road Or In Traffic

You should never ride your self-balancing scooter on the road and especially not in traffic; these machines were simply not built to be ridden on the streets and there are several reasons for this. The reasons include that you are completely unprotected and open to injury by crash. Also it is very hard for car drivers to see someone on a self-balancing scooter becasue they are not lit up well. There is also the fact that speed limits prevent these items from riding on the road; not, they aren’t too fast for the road but quite the opposite, they just aren’t fast enough to compete with real traffic. Finally self-balancing scooters can only be ridden for an hour or two before they need to be recharged which means that it could potentially run out of battery life on the middle of the street, something that would be very dangerous. The best recommendation is that people with self-balancing scooters tick to riding in their house, on their n property, on sidewalks and bike trails too but stay off of the roads!

Know The Laws

Something that should be noted is that in many countries it is actually illegal to ride Segways and self-balancing scooters on the road and even on sidewalks too; they are not street legal anywhere and in most places they are banned on sidewalks and foot paths.

You Should Probably Wear A Helmet As Well As Protective Gear

Self-balancing scooters are actually very fast as they can reach speeds of up to 30 km per hour so they are significantly faster than walking or even jogging. Yet, even though they do go quite fast it isn’t really a high enough speed to risk serious bodily harm when riding it. Keeping in mind however that things can and do go wrong and therefore it is recommended that people wear some protection. No, you don’t need to wear biker gear such as full leather garb and a specialized helmet but you should wear something like a bicycle or skateboard helmet to protect your head; it doesn’t take much to seriously injure your head. As well, it is highly recommended that a person wear elbow and knee pads as to avoid scrapes and cuts when falling. Not only that but it is probably best to wear long pants and long sleeves as to avoid scraping on the pavement in case of a fall. There are no laws about this but you should be aware that injury while riding a self-balancing scooter is definitely possible so you might want to wear some protection.

Be Prepared For The Outdoors: Water & Sunscreen

People will spend hours and hours outside riding their self-balancing scooter it is just so fun; people often forget how long they stay outside for and even worse people tend to forget that the sun can have some serious health effects on people. You don’t want to get burned in the sun so sunscreen is essential. As well, when you’re out in the sun dehydration is often an issue so always make sure to have some water with you. These are things that you should have ready in a backpack or some other bag so that you can have them on hand right when you need them.

Final Thoughts

Self-balancing scooters are very fun and convenient to use but they can be somewhat dangerous too. It isn’t like riding on a motorcycle or in a race car so the chances of death are quite minimal, however there is always a chance of injury so just be aware and take the proper precautions.

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