Top 5 Best Hoverboards With Bluetooth Speakers and Lights in 2019

A little While back the list of  self-balancing scooters have been let out that featuring with bluetooth speakers and led lights. Many people are looking for hoverboards with bluetooth speakers for listen to some music and led headlights for to rides on the night.If you are looking for hoverboard with bluetooth and light then you is in right in this article, you will find the more advanced and latest hoverboards with bluetooth speakers and lights, Will introduce you to updated list of 2016. you can easily connect the bluetooth speakers to your android and I-phone devices.  Simply turn on your hoverboard and then go to your smartphone  Setting > bluetooth > turn on and search for your hoverboards bluetooth name > connect and enjoy your choice. The top 5 best hoverboards with bluetooth speakers and lights list are given below.

best hoverboards with bluetooth speakers and lights

1: Hoverzon Xls Hoverboard With Bluetooth Speakers and lights

hoverzon xls with bluetooth speakers and light


The hoverzon manufacturing company introduce hoverzon Xls to the market, one of the more advanced and unique hoverboards in the planet. It is the updated version of Hoverzon type S. it looks like the Swagtron T series in shape and design but few features make it different from each other. The hoverzon xls has 2-speed modes, normal speed mode which is best for newbies while the advance mode is best and perfect for experts. the inventor added movement indicators and 5 level led indicators for battery status which are the more advanced and unique features than other hoverboards.


  • Device weight = 22 lbs
  • Supported weight = 220 lbs
  • Max speed = 8 miles p/h
  • Long range = 12 miles per/charge
  • Battery power = 32 v
  • Battery type = lithium-ion
  • Charging duration = 2-3 hours
  • Climbing capability = 30 degrees
  • Battery indicators = 5 level led-light cautions
  • Movement indicators = yes
  • led lights = yes
  • Speakers and bluetooth connectivity = yes
  • Beginner speed mode = yes
  • Advance speed mode = yes
  • Feet pad = anti-slip
  • Ul certified = yes


2: Koogo X1 Hoverboard With Bluetooth and Dual Speakers

koogo x1 hoverboard with bluetooth and dual speakers                                                   Not available on amazon

The  amazing brand on the hoverboard history. It is the best one for those who tried from others. This self-balancing scooter was the dreams of many peoples. You can easily use the scooter on slopes, snows, grasses ,dirty ways,mud,sand and rough floor. The manufactured company added the dual 350W motors to the board to make it more powerful and easy to use. Included dual speakers with HD sound and 4.0 version bluetooth , the more attractive and popular board on the market.


  • device weight = 25 lbs
  • supported weight = 220 lbs
  • max speed = 8 mile p/hr
  • battery power = 4.4 Ah
  • battery type = Samsung Li-on
  • dual motors = 350W (700w)
  • climbing capability = 15 degree
  • dual speaker = yes
  • Hd sound = yes
  • Bluetooth version = 4.0

3: Swagtron T3 Hoverboard With Bluetooth speakers and lights


swatron t3 hoverboard with bluetooth speakers and light


The swagtron T3 are introduced by swagway which is now renamed to swagtron. The world first highly certified self-balancing scooter on the market. The swagtron T3 make a big impact in the evaluation of self-balancing transportation devices. The inventor added multi features and unique design to make it more advance and powerful than other hoverboards. Swagtron T3 has consisted of many features,but its high certification and best battery management system make it professional and more attractive on the market. Available in 6 colors.


  • Device weight = 22 lbs
  • Supported weight = 220 lbs
  • Max speed = 8 mph
  • 3-speed modes = yes
  • Hyper speed = for newbies
  • Advance speed = for olds and kids
  • Pro mode = for experts
  • Long range = 12 miles per/charge
  • Battery type = lithium-ion
  • Charging duration = 2-3 hours
  • Dual motors power = 300w
  • Climbing capability = 15 degrees
  • Gear stabilization = yes
  • Led highlights = yes
  • Lightweight shell = yes
  • Dual speakers with bluetooth = yes
  • Anti-flam coated cover = yes
  • Ul certified = yes

4: Jetson v6 Hoverboard with Bluetooth and Remote control system


jetson v6 with bluetooth speakers and dual motors


This 2 wheels self-balancing scooter has 3-speed modes  which make it unique and professional. jetson v6 hoverboard can easily control by a mobile app which is the best achievement of the inventor. the mobile app control system enables you to track your long distance and speed. the app also enables you to share your riding fun with social media friends.


  • device weight = 22 lbs
  • supported weight = 300 lbs
  • max speed = 10 miles p/h
  • battery life = 15 miles on single charge
  • charging duration= 2-3 hours
  • battery type = Samsung lithium-ion
  • dual motor powers = 700w
  • normal speed mode = yes
  • hyper speed mode = yes
  • advance speed mode = yes
  • water and fire resistance = yes
  • Bluetooth speakers = yes

5: Skque X1L8 – UL2272 Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers and Led Lights – USA BRAND


skque hoverboard with bluetooth speakers and light usa brand


This Ul certified 2 wheels electric self-balancing scooter comes with Bluetooth speakers and led lights. Skque hoverboard is one of the more advanced and certified hoverboard on the market.It came in built with dual hub 350*2 watt powerful motor which makes it more attractive than others.



  • device weight = 30 lbs
  • supported weight = 264 lbs
  • max speed = 6.2 mph
  • long distance = 10-15 miles on single charge
  • battery power = 4.4 Ah
  • charging duration = 1-2 hours
  • motor power = 350*2 W
  • wheel size = 8 inch
  • led lights = yes
  • bluetooth speakers = yes
  • Ul certified = yes

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